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How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

Walking off stage after delivering a speech – whether it’s your first or 1000th – is one of the best feelings. That mixture of excitement, adrenaline, and pride is something that all speakers want to experience all the time.

Hopefully, you then receive video footage and photographs from your moment in the spotlight! (Find out beforehand if this will be done through the event, or whether you need to organize your own.)

Then, the question is what do you do with this content? 

You repurpose it, of course!

You give it a life of it's own and transform it into a set of powerful content marketing assets to grow your audience, reach and impact....

No pressure!

Stick around and you’ll discover how to create quality, platform-specific content by repurposing your speech. If you do this right, it will help you to grow your online audience, enhance your authority, prove your ability as a speaker, and grow your business. 

Listen to the podcast on the player below:

You are a creator, you just don't know it yet

As a speaker, you might see video footage from your talk as the perfect tool for perfecting your delivery and pacing.

As content repurposing experts, we see video footage from your talk as a goldmine of digital content.

Guess what? We’re both right!

When you get a video of your speech, of course, watch it back, do some ‘post-speech analysis’ and see where you can make changes for the future.

But if want to turn your speech into content, you might not know what to do with it… and even if you are brimming with ideas, let’s not get started on finding the time to do it all!

Publishing the video on your website or YouTube and tweeting the link once or twice is something… but it’s leaving so much quality content on the table.

There is so much more you can do!

Repurpose your speech - nobody has your memory

Even the most jaw-dropping, eye-opening, brain-busting speech will fade in people’s memories. And everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to be in the room has been left untouched by your oratory awesomeness.

If you want people to be introduced to or reminded of what a great speaker you are in your area of expertise, then you need to put yourself front of mind all the time. Thankfully there’s this thing called social media for this!

As great as it is, maintaining your presence on social media is another job on your list. Coming up with great content, finding a way to bring your stage presence to the different platforms, and doing it all consistently is no quick job…

…But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How do you repurpose your speech?

In recent years, Content 10x founder Amy has been fortunate to speak on stages around the world about content repurposing – including Content Marketing World, Digital Marketing World Forum, Podcast Movement, Podfest, Youpreneur Summit and RadioDays Europe, to name a few. 

Whenever she knows she's going to be provided with videos and photos of her talks the team gear up to do some EPIC repurposing.

For example, we worked together to turn the footage of her talk at the Youpreneur Summit 2019 into, well… a lot of new content! Take a look at some of what we came up with:

This is a video trailer of highlights of her 30-minute talk condensed down to 5 minutes. This video trailer was published on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

We also repurposed the video trailer into a vertical video.

How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

We repurposed the video into lots of short teaser videos for social media, for sharing on all of the social media platforms in landscape, square and portrait format.

How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact
How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

We also created lots of different quote images for all of the social media platforms too.

When you have video footage and photographs of your speech, there are endless repurposing opportunities. For example:

We saw the impact this had on the business and on Amy's personal brand, and realized that we had something to offer other speakers that would really benefit them.

So, we launched our Talk 10x service just for speakers.

Talk 10x is a very, VERY high quality, customized service, and it's priced right. I use Content 10x to create content from my keynotes. I recommend them to EVERY speaker.

Jay Baer

Founder of Convince & Convert

How you can repurpose your speech

You might not have a team of creatives behind you, but there is still a lot you can do.

The guiding principle of repurposing your speech, if you have a video of it, is to turn your highlights into standalone content that you can share in different formats and online locations.

That means taking some of your most killer insights and sharing them in videos, text posts, quote images, and more. Before long, one talk will become 15 or 20 pieces of content!

Caveat: You must check with the event organizer what rights you have to share the content/if there are any restrictions. 

Here are a few ideas of how you can repurpose your talk into great content, with examples from Amy's own catalog!

Create a video trailer

Look for sections of your talk which either tease at a solution you are offering the audience or cover your key points.

Ideally, you want 3-5 clips that total around 3-4 minutes in duration.

Stitch them together using video editing software like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Filmora or Adobe Premiere and create a closing image with your call to action and social media handles (if you wish). To create this use an online graphic site like PicMonkey or Canva.

How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

Here is a closing video image we created for our client Jay Baer

Export your finished video to the correct dimensions and resolution for YouTube. If you are creating a vertical video, then check out our post on how to turn your horizontal video into a vertical video here.

 How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

A portrait video teaser we created for our client Erin King

Create a custom thumbnail

Having a custom thumbnail to post with your video trailer on YouTube could makes all the difference.

Use this valuable real estate by selecting a great still image of you on stage and include a short, snappy title that will grab viewers’ attention.

We advise adding a few words (don’t overdo it!) in a standout font to your thumbnail, so that the first thing people see is a great picture from your speech and a quick and easy summary of what that clip is about. We think it’s better to choose a different phrase to the title of the video – and you can really load up the excitement with your thumbnail!

Best practice with thumbnails includes: large enough text (remember your thumbnail will display much smaller than the actual image size), catchy/enticing language and a great quality image.

How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

Example of a YouTube thumbnail we created for our client Jenny Flintoft

Create short video teasers

Select clips which are entertaining, enlightening or interesting, ideally under 60 seconds so they’re optimized for sharing on social media.

When creating square (for Instagram) and vertical (for Stories) video teasers, consider creating graphic frames using Canva that can sit around the video. You can include a title that emphasizes the main point in the clip, as well as brand colors and logos.

Add captions/subtitles to your videos. You can order them from Rev and then burn the captions file (.srt file) onto your video, or you can use a tool like Descript or Veed. Subtitles make all the difference for hearing-impaired viewers and don’t forget that most people watch videos on social media with no sound anyway.

A square teaser video we created for our client Jay Baer

Create images

The photos from your talk are great content to post on social media – resize them for each platform.

If you want to take it a step further, you can take key quotes from your talk and overlay them on your photos to create ‘quote graphics’.

These are a brilliant way to capture a highlight  in a static image, rather than asking someone to watch a longer video. Quote graphics are perfect for sharing on social media and you can also share them with clients and your agent, if you have one.

Tools/sites like PicMonkey and Canva can help you create social posts that are correctly sized for every platform.

Select quotes that highlight your key points or are memorable or entertaining.

When creating your images, use photos from your talk, or take a screenshot from your video. Use your brand colors and make the text stand out!

How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

A title visual we created for our client Jay Baer

 How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

A quote visual we created for former client Erin King

Devise a publishing approach

Once you have created your new assets, work out how you are going to get them out there. Publishing is an entirely new podcast episode/blog post on its own, but here are a few tips:

  • Have a platform-focused approach – your approach to LinkedIn should be different from TikTok. Take time to understand your audience on each platform, why they're there, what kind of content they want and will engage with
  • Write engaging copy – when you share videos and images on social media they need to be accompanied by words! Craft copy carefully, and make it engaging. Try to hook your audience in the first line. Entice them into reading more, pressing play on your video, liking, commenting and sharing

Tease your audience with what they can learn from your talk, what information or solution they can discover – but don’t give too much away. Avoid sharing your punchlines!

And don’t forget to ask them to engage! Ask a question that ties into your clip or quote graphic.

The Ultimate Checklist to Repurpose Your Speech for Social Media

If you’re getting excited (or overwhelmed!) by all the possibilities, that’s great! You’re starting to see the power of repurposing for growing your audience and brand.

Good news! We’ve created The Ultimate Checklist to Repurpose Your Speech for Social Media - click here.

It covers loads of creative ways you can use videos, photos, and other assets to repurpose your speech. From content for your website to a suite of social media posts, The Ultimate Checklist to Repurpose Your Speech for Social Media will help you reach more people than you ever imagined possible with your speech!

Dos and don'ts for repurposing your speech to social media



Choose clips that have appropriate content and formatting for each platform (LinkedIn and TikTok are very different worlds!)

Choose clips in which you are interacting with the audience if viewers will not be able to see the audience member or hear the full conversation

Choose clips that hint at the solution you offer the audience – but be careful not to reveal all your tips. 

Choose clips that give away your punchlines or ending to a signature story!

Choose clips that will help your audience empathize with you and show your personality

Choose clips where you move around stage too quickly – this will make it harder to edit and harder to follow if you use your video in vertical format.

Choose interesting/compelling standalone clips that showcase aspects of your talk

Choose clips that require a lot of context to be understood

Repurpose your speech: Talk the talk, walk the walk (with a little help from Content 10x)

We get that you're busy and effectively repurposing your speech requires a significant time investment, as well as video editing and graphic design skills. It’s not for everyone.

The fact is, even if you do have the skills, and you can carve out the time from your busy schedule, it’s not the best way to spend your time. What’s an hour of your time worth and should you be doing this work, or should you outsource to someone else?

If you can relate, then our Talk 10x service exists for you!

We can help you walk the walk, while you talk the talk. It’s what we both do best!

Contact us today and we can start working on getting you more of that just-off-stage feeling every day!


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