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How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts on Quora

Imagine having the opportunity to connect with millions of potential clients and customers who are actively searching for information relevant to your area of expertise.

That’s the potential of Quora.

Quora is where you ‘ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers’.

It’s also a great place to put your content and your brand in front of the right people, i.e. those who want to learn from your expertise and get answers to their questions... after all 300 million people can’t be wrong!

According to DemandSage, Quora has over 300 million unique users every month. The report also states that over 400,000 topics are discussed on the site and between 3 000 and 5 000 questions are asked there every single day.

So, if you want to reach a new audience, target their pain points and answer their burning questions, Quora is the place to be.

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What is Quora and how do people use it?

You’re free to ask and answer as many questions as you like on Quora. You can use it for entertainment purposes (like quizzing yourself on your favorite shows) or leverage it for business, by sharing knowledge and offering practical solutions to people seeking help.

Have you noticed that when you ask a question on Google, a related Quora post is likely to be one of the first search results to appear on your screen? Spend a few minutes on the platform and you’ll discover that people use it for absolutely everything – from help writing an essay to relationship advice!

How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts on Quora

It’s easy to get started on Quora, here's how:

Begin by creating a user profile, complete with your name and bio. Keep in mind that, whenever you answer a question or post one, your profile image, name, and bio are visible, so use it to let people know more about you and your field of expertise.

When you’ve completed your profile, you’re ready to start looking for industry-related topics to engage with.

Use keywords to locate relevant questions and remember that users can upvote and downvote people’s answers to highlight the most popular.

So, unless you want your answer to sink into obscurity, you’ll want to make sure that you provide the best answer, so you get those all-important upvotes!

How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts on Quora

Answering relevant questions

Consider the topics that you want to be recognized for. There are 400,000+ to choose from, and each of these can potentially attract thousands of interested participants.

So, if you don’t think the full-length blog post will provide the most value to the individual asking the question, don’t use all of it! Rather choose key ideas and insights from your original blog post that will be useful.

Also, don't just post a link to your content. You won't gain any leads... just a lot of downvotes, which is not a good look! 

Add personal touches to your answer so that it doesn’t read like a generic post. Addressing the individual’s concerns, showing that you genuinely care, will encourage trust in you and what you have to say.

Useful content = more engagement!

Remember that when you answer a question on Quora, your content is not just shown to the person asking the question, but to others who are also looking at that same post.

How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts on Quora

Quora is a great place to repurpose a blog post into answers. Just make sure that you choose relevant topics and answer questions in your niche. Your answer must provide REAL value.

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Engage with potential clients using Quora Spaces

If you want to create an exclusive place online where you can curate collections and form communities around your field of expertise, Quora Spaces is perfect.

Spaces can be used in three different ways:

1. Organize your own thoughts and written content into different sections

2. Build a smaller community of people to work together to gather relevant answers and links about a topic

3. Create a space to have shared conversations with a group of people with similar interests

Anyone can create a Space by going to the Spaces page and clicking "Create a Space"!

How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts on Quora

How to repurpose a Quora Q&A into a blog post

You can also reverse gears and actually repurpose a Quora Q&A into a blog post.

It's a great place to source new content ideas. Just look at what questions keep being asked. If you find yourself answering a lot of your industry questions and writing in-depth answers, you can turn these into a blog post.

If your answer got a lot of upvotes, it gives you even more reason to repurpose it into a blog post that addresses the same points in more detail.

Then, you can always return to Quora later and repurpose that blog post into answers to similar questions.

3 Top Tips

  • Struggling to come up with ideas for a great Q&A session on Quora? Take a look at similar questions and other people’s answers from your industry for inspiration!
  • Regularly engage with other users. Don’t let yourself get lost in the crowd. Discuss industry-relevant topics and offer real solutions to people’s questions. If you do this, you’ll gain more engagement and people will be more likely to trust you.
  • The most popular answers on Quora are edited and formatted well. So invest a bit of time into editing your answers like you would a blog post. This makes a great impression on readers and helps to reinforce your knowledge and expertise. 

In Conclusion

There are many different ways to repurpose content for and from Quora. And, there’s no doubt that it’s a great platform for growing your audience, attracting high-quality traffic back to your site and boosting your authority online.

If you want to make the most out of the platform though, you need to stay active to help increase your credibility and keep the high-quality traffic coming!

If you use Quora and have found it to be useful for growing your audience and visibility, please comment below. I’d love to know!


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