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How to Repurpose A Year of LinkedIn Posts into an eBook with Liz Elfman

How to Repurpose A Year of LinkedIn Posts into an eBook with Liz Elfman

Have you ever experienced the frustration of seeing your brand’s most engaging social media content disappear far too quickly at the whim of the algorithms? We’ve all been there. As a marketer, you want to capture these fleeting moments of engagement and transform them into lasting assets. So, in this episode we spoke to a marketing leader who did just that! 

Liz Elfman, Director of Content Marketing at data.world joins The Content 10x Podcast to talk about how she repurposed a year’s worth of LinkedIn posts into an eBook. 

Host Amy Woods talks Liz through the process, from the initial moment she recognized that she had something of value that needed to be maximized, right through to how she organized the posts into a cohesive eBook, how AI helped with the process and why repurposing short-form content into long-form can be so effective… 

To listen to or watch the full episode click below, or keep reading for the top takeaways. 

Takeaway 1: Listen to what your audience is reacting to 

Content about data can often be quite dry. It generally doesn’t entice much of a reaction, so when Liz noticed that their chief scientist was having some great conversations via LinkedIn, her marketing brain kicked into gear! 

The conversations were about the dinners he was hosting around the world, where data leaders were gathered from different industries and backgrounds to have “honest no BS” conversations about what was going on in the data world, what was working, what other leaders are doing, what’s failing etc. 

After each dinner, the chief scientist would post some of the key takeaways, a few little notes, delivered in a lively, personal way that resonated with his very niche audience. 

For Liz, it was about recognizing that there was something valuable and unique happening that deserved to be taken further. So that is how the idea of taking a year’s worth of these LinkedIn posts and turning them into an ungated eBook was born. 

Takeaway 2: How to turn LinkedIn posts into an eBook 

The first step is to take all the copy and put it into a Google Doc or whatever you prefer to work in, and read it all through from beginning to end. Themes will jump out at you. For Liz, she noticed that across months and cities, similar conversations were being had. People had the same struggles and she found they would share similar issues and solutions, so that’s when the idea first landed to group them into themes, rather than chronologically because the result would ultimately be more sustainable and evergreen. 

When it came to design elements, this type of publication lent itself to lots of quote graphics, infographics and pulled out facts, stats and figures designed in an eye-catching way. 

Takeaway 3: Do you make it gated or ungated?  

There are many complex, technical products in B2B marketing and it’s not always easy to get your message out to your audience in a way that makes them care, or makes them understand it. 

This is the situation that Liz was in at data.world. So they had all this content from a lively, funny scientist who has a huge platform and really interesting insights to share, and they decided that the most important thing was to get as many eyes on it as possible. 

Their attitude was, in this day and age there is such a content mill, there is so much content everywhere let’s just focus on creating good content that’s useful without any expectation of receiving something in return. So they chose to publish it as ungated content and the response was extremely positive. 

Takeaway 4: Repurposing short-form content into longer-form

When people talk about content repurposing it’s often in the form of taking something long-form and breaking it down. And the repurposing doesn’t often go the other way. However, there are many ways that you can expand on short-from content or even long-form content and create something more substantial and evergreen. 

Whenever you see engagement with your content you have a great opportunity to try and do more with it. 


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