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How to Repurpose Digital Content into Physical Products with Nicola Semple

How to Repurpose Digital Content into Physical Products with Nicola Semple

If you think repurposing content is limited to the online world only…think again. You might be surprised at just how much potential to repurpose digital content into physical products there is…

Food for thought, isn’t it? I always speak to people about the power of content when it comes to reaching an online audience. However, do we neglect opportunities to connect with people outside of their screens too?

With some creative thought, your digital content could become physical products that complement and enhance your online brand. This in turn could become an extra revenue stream too.

One business owner and content creator who saw such an opportunity for her business is Nicola Semple.

Nicola is a Certified Mindset Coach, host of The Good Life Well Lived podcast, and now, creator of the You Are Enough Cards.

She joined me on this Content 10x Podcast Episode to share how she transformed her digital content library into a physical product and why it’s the perfect partner to her online brand.

Hit play to listen to the full interview with Nicola…

Check out the highlights of our conversation in this short video.

First, a little bit about Nicola

Nicola runs a mindset coaching business where she works specifically with female business owners and professionals struggling with self-doubt. Her motivation is to help clients move forward in their careers and their lives.

She’s also a content creator. She’s hosted three series of her podcast, The Good Life Well Lived, writes and publishes blog posts. She creates content for social media channels including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

But recently, Nicola found a way to merge her online presence with her in-person business. How? By repurposing her digital content into a physical product: the You Are Enough Cards.

You Are Enough Cards

How to repurpose digital content into a physical product

Nicola’s deck of 52 coaching cards each have a different message inspiring the owner to accept themselves as they are. They’re beautifully designed with the key message on the front and actionable exercises, tips, and further insight on the back.

Originally, Nicola had plans to repurpose her digital content into a physical book with a supplementary deck of coaching cards. However, with the challenges of homeschooling and lockdown, she simply didn’t have the time to write a book.

She did still want to create something physical that her clients and followers could keep in their homes as a reminder of their mindset journey. As the cards would be bite-size pieces of content, these would be far quicker and easier for her to create. And still keep her business moving in the direction she wanted.

So, Nicola started combing her digital content for her key messages. She trawled her previous blog posts, podcast episodes, social media content ­– even her Trello boards! – and pulled out all the common themes and phrases that she could repurpose for her coaching cards.

This is what makes Nicola’s physical product a truly epic repurposing project…as she used years of her online content to create something brand-new.

The key messages Nicola pulled out from her extensive content library became the 52 messages now included in the You Are Enough Cards ­– the first physical product available under Nicola’s coaching brand. They’re designed to be used alongside her other content and services – not as a replacement for them.

I absolutely love how Nicola’s approached this repurposing project. She’s used her existing content to create a brand-new product which sits nicely under her brand umbrella without taking anything away from her other offerings. In fact, there’s a uniqueness about them which is really quite enticing!

Reverse repurposing: from digital to physical…and back to digital

The other thing I took away from our conversation was how the repurposing doesn’t stop there. Now, Nicola’s using her social media to promote the You Are Enough Cards and share more thoughts and insights into each one…that’s a guaranteed 52 social media posts!

The idea behind the physical cards is that you can pull one each week and it’ll last you an entire year. But for Nicola, the deck of cards equates to 52 new blog posts, 52 podcast episodes, and potentially hundreds of social media posts…content that could last her far longer than just one year!

On the surface, Nicola’s repurposing project may look like a big job for one product. However, if you look deeper, this product has created hundreds of new content opportunities for Nicola’s brand and content marketing that she’s already seeing the benefits of.

“I’m finding that it's making my content creation and my social media so much easier. I've had content plans in the past, but this really feels like I've got something tangible that I can hang the whole structure of my content from.”

This was music to my ears! I really enjoy how much confidence her product has given Nicola with her content strategy. The cards have even given her blog post and podcast ideas too!

The surprising benefits to repurposing digital content into a physical product

While there are some obvious benefits to launching a physical product, Nicola’s noticed some others that have really taken her by surprise.

The first of which is that she’s got an incredible response from her friends. Many online business owners will know the struggle of getting their friends and family to properly comprehend what they do, but a physical product is something almost everyone can understand.

The second is that it’s shown she has an audience waiting to buy from her in unexpected places. Nicola had presumed that her Instagram audience would be most likely to engage with the bright and playful deck of cards…so imagine her surprise when the platform that really blew up was LinkedIn!

It’s so interesting how a physical product can give you this unique insight into where your message resonates the most. In this case, somewhere completely unexpected. Now, Nicola’s rethinking her strategy to figure out the most valuable online place to spend her time.

Finally, the other great benefit worth pointing out is that a physical product can capture an audience in new ways. In the future, Nicola hopes to hand out the cards at public speaking events to give people something to take away. But also as a way of converting that real audience into a digital one.

Each deck of cards comes with a free, downloadable meditation. All you need to do is enter your email address. This is another fantastic move from Nicola, as the physical product is a form of digital lead generation! It just goes to show how carefully Nicola has thought about this relationship between her digital brand and physical product.

Nicola’s final words of advice

Nicola shared some fantastic advice that I believe applies to business owners, content creators, or anyone out there that feels stuck on the way to achieving their goals…

“I'd like to share this message with anybody out there who is at a point where they're thinking, ‘I just don't know what to do next’. My advice to you is, just take the next step.”

This mantra has clearly been key to Nicola’s business success, keeping her moving even when a pandemic threatened to halt her plans! Now she’s got the perfect starting material for her book, and feels even more ready to nail her niche. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the physical copy of her future book.

You can find Nicola on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. To find out more about her business and get your hands on a pack of the You Are Enough Cards, check out her website.

If you’re inspired to diversify your repurposing strategy, we want to help! For the ultimate guide to repurposing your content online, take a look at the Content 10x book: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results. It’s guaranteed to give you lots of ideas and inspiration for reaching your audience in new ways.

Or, if you’re looking for expert help putting your repurposing strategy into practice, do visit our services page to find out how we can help your business.


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