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How to Repurpose Content Like A Pro with Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a Hall of Fame speaker and emcee, a New York Times best-selling author of six books and the founder of five, multi-million dollar companies including the digital strategy consulting firm, Convince & Convert.

Furthermore, he’s the world’s most inspirational marketing, customer experience, and customer service keynote speaker.

When providing an example of super smart and strategic content repurposing, it doesn’t get much better than Jay’s Talk Triggers content!

Jay has truly leveraged the power of repurposing  - proving that when you have great messages to share, repurposing allows you to amplify your ideas and delight both old and new audiences.

Jay Baer is a client of Content 10x. We currently work on his Social Pros podcast and we worked with Jay and his team on Season 1 of Talk Triggers.  

For Talk Triggers we provided a comprehensive video repurposing service but it didn’t begin there. It all started with Jay’s research, which led to a keynote talk and a book, which led to a weekly video show...which was repurposed into a weekly podcast, blog post, video and visual content for all social media platforms. Epic repurposing!

You can listen to the podcast below, or keep reading…

Jay’s content repurposing cycle

Amy first met Jay at Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur Summit in November 2018. He delivered the closing keynote titled Talk Triggers: Turn Your Customers Into Volunteer Marketers.

In Jay’s inspirational keynote, he taught the audience that the best way to grow any business is for your customers to grow it for you. How? Create an unforgettable experience that your customers share called a talk trigger. His talk included dozens of examples from his research.

Wow, all of that research for a talk? Well no, because Jay also has the book he co-authored with Daniel Lemin - Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth. The book contains proprietary research and more than 30 case studies. The case studies and research findings went into the book AND the keynote. Smart.

For Jay, it all starts with research.

Before he begins to write one of his renowned speeches, he conducts research into what his audience actually wants to hear from him. His consulting firm Convince & Convert, receives lots of questions from brands and marketing directors. He found that most of his clients know how social media works but when it came to knowing what to put on each channel, that’s when their understanding started to break down.

Jay set out on a mission of sorts to teach brands that the best person to tell your story is not you. The best person to tell your story is your customer.

He began his content repurposing cycle with questions for research, that got repurposed into a speech, and then he expanded the speech into a book. Genius!

But the repurposing didn’t stop there...

Repurposing a book into a podcast and beyond

We worked with Jay and his team to launch The Talk Triggers Show. A video show and podcast, where Jay shares a fascinating story of word-of-mouth marketing in every episode. Where do the stories come from? The research for the talk and book, of course!

A video AND a podcast you say? Yes, but the video is repurposed into each podcast episode - Jay does not need to record both separately.

The video and podcast content are then repurposed into lots of short video teasers and graphics for social media platforms. All of the content is published on Jay’s website too, providing weekly, fresh content for his site.

What starts as one episode of a short video show becomes multiple pieces of content, reaching more people in different places. Thanks to repurposing, his Talk Triggers stories are being communicated on YouTube, all podcast apps, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Since the release of The Talk Triggers Show went so well, Jay has decided to re-release the entire show to reach people who didn’t catch it the first time. Re-running content doesn’t work for everyone, but if your content provides value and entertainment, repurposing it by re-releasing it again can bring in a tidal wave of new followers.

Repurposing video content 

Video is a key marketing asset for many brands and marketers, including Jay. Although he began his career as a writer turned podcaster, he knows better than anyone that video content is one of the best ways to connect and engage with audiences.

That's why we created the video trailer below for this podcast episode that we will share on social and on our YouTube channel!

If you want to get into repurposing but you have no idea where to start, go with video.

From a single video, you’ll have content to repurpose into shorter clips to post on social, audio to repurpose into a podcast, a transcription to repurpose into a blog post and other forms of written content and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Jay also created a 52-episode video project called “On The Fly” which features a new guest on each episode offering two or three minutes of expert marketing advice.

But the show is called On The Fly for a reason – each episode is shot on the fly! As in...you could be on a plane to Fiji when you get your phone out and record a quick episode packed with great tips and advice in a concise amount of time.

On The Fly started as a video but is also a podcast. The best of both worlds!

With Talk Tiggers, Social Pros Podcast, and On The Fly the beauty of the content is that it's repurposed so that watchers and listeners are given a choice of how they access the stories shared.

Clearly, Jay knows a thing or two about spreading a message!

Connect with Jay

We were thrilled to have our client, Jay Baer, as a special guest on the podcast, but there’s still plenty more that you can learn from Jay when it comes to mastering social media and getting your customers to grow your business for you.

To find out more about Jay, head to his personal website or to Convince & Convert to learn more about implanting effective strategies for customer acquisition and retention.


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