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How to Repurpose a TEDx Talk with Mark Asquith

How to Repurpose a TEDx Talk with Mark Asquith

Delivering a TEDx Talk is a highly sought-after accolade for many speakers.

Giving a TEDx Talk can have far reaching, positive outcomes. If you are a speaker it really raises the bar for you to call yourself a TEDx speaker. In many ways, it gives you that x-factor and brings some bling to your speaker reel!

The goal of delivering a TEDx Talk is to share “ideas worth spreading." Speakers have only 18 minutes to get their message across on this highly coveted stage. To do this well, as with any talk (TEDx or not), it takes time to plan and prepare. 

I sat down with my good friend, Mark Asquith, to talk all about his experiences in delivering a TEDx Talk. We also chatted about how he was able to repurpose many aspects of the experience. 

Mark, aka ‘that British podcast guy,' is the CEO of Rebel Base Media, a podcast technology company based in the UK. We recorded the podcast episode from his custom-built podcast recording studio – Rebel Base Studios, in Sheffield, UK. It was an awesome experience!

Mark shared so much about how he repurposed existing content for his TEDx Talk, and how he created additional content on the day. Then he repurposed content afterwards generating as many quality assets as possible. 

Hit play below to listen to the podcast episode, or read on for more… 

Choose Happiness, Choose Control: A TEDx Talk with a Difference 

Mark’s TEDx Talk explores how you can unlock the life you truly want. So many people always think that to be happy, they need to have more money, a bigger house and so on.  

But, as Mark explains in his TEDx Talk, true happiness isn’t about what you have. It’s about how you feel every single time you open your eyes. 

If you’d like to watch Mark’s inspirational TEDx Talk, you can check it out below: 

How to Prepare for a TEDx Talk

Preparing for a talk of any kind can be time-consuming and stressful for many people. I knowI’ve delivered a lot of talks this year and have more to come, and I always spend a lot of time preparing!

But, when you’re a natural storyteller like Mark, with lots of speaking experience behind you, the preparation can often come a lot easier. 

Mark knew the story he wanted to tell for his TEDx Talk, so he didn’t need to prepare weeks in advance. In fact, it was only a few days before hitting the stage that he began crafting his script (considerably more chilled than I would be!)When I spoke to Mark he explained that he knew his story so well, including all of the story beats and emotional triggers. This familiarity meant putting it all together was as easy as painting by numbers! 

Once he had it written down, he recorded himself telling the story and played it back at the gym and in his car until it sunk in. What a great tip for preparing for a talk, I’ll try this myself! 

How to Repurpose a TEDx Talk with Mark Asquith

Mark and I recording this podcast episode in Rebel Base Studios, Sheffield, UK

Repurposing Previous Talks for a TEDx Talk 

Mark talked about how he had repurposed a small piece of his TEDx Talk from previous talks. He calls it his ‘hot dog’ story and you’ll have to watch the talk to find out why! 

In many ways you could call this ‘story repurposing,' because the reason Mark knew his story so well and why he was confident he’d deliver it with ease, is because he'd shared the story many times on stage before. For his TEDx, he simply reframed the story to bring different context. 

How to Repurpose Content Before, During & After a TEDx Talk 

When you put on, attend or take part in any kind of live event, whether that’s a trade show, seminar, conferenceor a TEDx Talk, there are content opportunities EVERYWHERE!  

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On episode 23 of the podcast, I spoke with Janet Murray about how to repurpose live events. So make sure to tune into that episode if you want to learn more about repurposing content from live events! 

Before the event:

Before you attend an event, it’s a good idea to think about all the ways that you can repurpose content from it. If you were fortunate enough to grace the stage for a TEDx Talk like Mark, you should take a page from his book and actively think about getting assets from the event.

During the event:

Mark wanted to get some photographs of the day that he could reuse, so he asked the photographer covering the event to take some great photos while he was talking on stage.  He also provided some direction to the photographer as to how he wanted them to look to ensure he could reuse them as much as possible. 

All TEDx speakers get a video of their talk as well as photographs. Therefore Mark was able to publish the video on his own channels as well as having TEDx share it on their site. More on video repurposing in a moment

Mark took lots of behind the scenes photos and videos to share with his audience in the moment and afterwards too. For example lots of Instagram Stories, tweets…etc.

After the event:

Mark repurposed all that visual content from the event to create assets like promo videos and images, etc. for his social media channels. For example, his Facebook page header was a video extract from his TEDx talk for month afterwards.

But Mark’s repurposing journey didn’t stop there. Because he had typed out his script for his TEDx Talk, he was able to transform the written content into a detailed blog post.  

Since the whole TEDx Talk was recorded on video, Mark was also able to strip the audio from his talk and transform it into a fantastic podcast episode to share with his audience. The episode was very well received and got a lot of downloads and engagement. You can listen to this episode and to hear the audio version of Mark’s’ full TEDx Talk here..

How to Repurpose a TEDx Talk with Mark Asquith

Check out some of my top tips for repurposing your content from live events:

  • There are so many different things you can do to repurpose the content that you create for live events. And (surprise surprise!) we’ve got a whole podcast episode that you can listen to on this subject. Listen here - Why You Should Maximize The Content That You Create For Events
  • And, we’ve also got a great podcast episode and blog post that reveals “8 Ways To Create Content At Live Events." This is perfect for anyone who wants to make the most out of their next live event. 
  • I've mentioned it already, but don’t forget to tune into episode 23 of our podcast to hear Janet Murray’s top tips for repurposing content from live events! To listen to this episode, click here. 

How to Repurpose the Video Recording of a TEDx Talk 

When I interviewed Mark, I asked if he’d sliced and diced his main TEDx video into shorter teaser clips to share with his audience on social media, e.g. for Instagram Stories, Instagram post, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Mark said that was one thing he didn’t get around to. In particular, we talked about the struggle to create a vertical video, from a horizontal video, to post on Instagram Stories. He felt that with the horizontal footage of the TEDx Talk, he couldn’t get it to look the way he wanted because of the vertical restrictions on Instagram Stories. 

So…being the content repurposing superheroes that we are, we swooped in and offered to help Mark transform a few segments from his TEDx Talk. 

I said “hey, we can do that for you”…and when I say I’m going to do something for someone, I do it. So we did. Resulting in great social media videos in square and vertical format for all platforms! 

Check out an example for Insta Stories below:

(This might look a little strange in the video above but it's the perfect format for posting on Insta Stories!)

PLUS…we also repurposed Mark’s TEDx Talk into a longer-form vertical video for IGTV too! 

If you want to find out more about how to repurpose horizontal videos into vertical format for Stories and IGTV, check out A Simple Way To Post Horizontal Videos On IGTV And Instagram Stories.   

We then created a square teaser video that we could add captions to, that could be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (again...this looks a bit strange in the demo below but that's just how videos display here, it looks good when posted where it should be posted).

Let us 10x Your Talk!

Exciting news, at Content 10x we have a service just for speakers, called Talk 10x where we repurpose your talk into a plethora of new content for all platforms. Check it out!

Connect with Mark! 

If you want to find out more about Mark and Rebel Base Media you can check out their website here.  If you have a podcast, or you want to start one, Mark's a great person to follow!


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