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How to Get Started with LinkedIn Live with Ian Anderson Gray

How to Get Started with LinkedIn Live with Ian Anderson Gray

Guess who’s back on the podcast? None other than Ian Anderson Gray, who returns to share more of his infinite wisdom when it comes to utilising live video for business.

Last time we had Ian on the show, we talked about how you can repurpose Facebook Live videos to help maximise reach. Now, it’s time to dive into the exciting era of LinkedIn Live, answering the question we’re all asking ourselves - how can you broadcast live to LinkedIn and will it be a success?

But first, a little backstory on Ian

Ian is a good friend on mine. He is fluent in the language of social media and marketing with a passion for live video marketing. He is the founder of Seriously Social and the co-founder of the internet solutions company, Select Performers. In addition, he has a long line of credits to his name with coach, speaker, consultant and web developer being just a few. Ian travels all over to coach and train others how to effectively use live video to level up their impact, authority and ultimately their profits.

We’re proud sponsors of Ian’s new podcast, The Confident Live Marketing Podcast. Ian's podcast targets established entrepreneurs who want to maximise the big three - impact, authority, and profits - through live video, webinars, and podcasts.

Ian is a huge content repurposing advocate and begins his podcast as a Facebook and LinkedIn Live video. Then it's repurposed into a podcast followed by a stream of content such as blog posts, social media posts and lots more. When it comes to live streaming to your audience, Ian is the expert.

Whereas other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have offered live video for years. LinkedIn, however, took their time rolling out their own live video offering – LinkedIn Live. In this exciting episode Ian discusses LinkedIn's foray into live video!

How to Get Started with LinkedIn Live with Ian Anderson Gray

To listen to this podcast episode, hit play below or read on for more…

So, how does it all work? Is LinkedIn Live the ‘next big thing’ in social? And, how does it differ from Facebook and Instagram Live, etc. or, is it pretty much the same?

Here are the top takeaways on LinkedIn Live that Ian shared:

It’s invite only (for now)

  • LinkedIn Live is still in its infancy and is being rolled out gradually. For now, it’s invite only.
  • This means that you have to request it, fill out a form and then you can start broadcasting live on LinkedIn.
  • But don’t worry, Ian predicts it’ll be available for everyone very soon.

The video quality is impressive

  • Although it’s a new service, the quality of the video for LinkedIn Live is miles better than what Facebook Live released when it first came out.
  • It’s more robust and you can easily engage with your audience via comments, likes, and shares.

Your audience will be notified when you’re live 

  • LinkedIn is doing a great job at promoting their new live video service.
  • When you go live, your audience will receive a prompt to go watch it right at the top of their notifications (like the old days on Facebook!).
  • So, getting a high number of viewers on your LinkedIn Live videos is already easier on LinkedIn than somewhere like Facebook.

You can go live from your personal profile or your business page

  • When you receive the invitation to go live, you need to choose whether you want to go live from your profile or your business page.
  • At the moment, you can’t go live from both your personal and business profile.

You need special software to use LinkedIn Live

  • Unfortunately, you need to get special software to use LinkedIn Live.
  • You can’t go live from the website or the mobile app. You have to use a third-party streaming tool.

       Here’s a few choices:

-        Restream

-        Telestream Wirecast 

-        Socialive

-        SwitcherStudio 

-        Wowza 

       …. But don’t worry, a native solution is coming soon! (we think)

Unfortunately, you can’t schedule a LinkedIn Live video

  • I know it’s a bit of a pain, but you can’t schedule your LinkedIn Live broadcast.
  • This also means that your post that goes along with your video won’t appear on your profile until you go live. Hopefully, a scheduling feature will be added soon!

There is no Real Time Messaging 

  • This means that you have to use one of the streaming tools to authenticate with LinkedIn Live.
  • The bad news is that since there’s no Real Time Messaging Protocol, you can’t use an app like Restream to stream to various platforms at the same time.

But you can repurpose the audio from LinkedIn Live into a podcast 

  • Using a third-party tool, you can click the option that gives you high-quality audio so that when you save the audio. And, it can be easily converted into a great podcast episode.
  •  Or, if you’re more tech savvy, you can use something like Adobe Audition to record the audio as well as stream live.
How to Get Started with LinkedIn Live with Ian Anderson Gray

Tips on getting started with LinkedIn Live

You can leverage LinkedIn Live to help demonstrate your expertise to your ideal audience.

Since LinkedIn is a professional social platform connecting businesses and giving people the opportunity to connect with potential employers, candidates and clients etc it’s a great way to target your perfect audience.

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Here’s a few of Ian’s top tips to help get you started with LinkedIn Live:

1. Keep your LinkedIn Live videos fairly short – around eight to 20 minutes is ideal.

2. Before you hit record, make sure you’ve got a plan in place and have a good idea about what kind of content you want to create.

3. You can create a live video show and use that as your pillar content to repurpose into more marketing material. For example, you can repurpose your live video into a blog, a podcast episode, social media content and so on.

4. Show people ‘behind the scenes’ and let them know more about you, your business, and how you work. You can do this using your phone and make it even more personal and authentic.

5. Use LinkedIn analytics to see who’s watching your live videos and how long they’re watching for.  Then, you can use this data to test the performance of your videos and make adjustments to help improve the retention rates of your next video.

6. Finally, if you’re a little apprehensive about going live, just practice! The first few probably won’t be perfect, but the more you do it, the more they’ll improve.

Bonus Tip!

If you’re new to creating live videos, Ian suggests getting a lot of practice in and looking back at your video. Write down three things that you did really well (and pat yourself on the back), and three things that you can improve for next time.

Don’t forget to create a plan for your live video. It doesn’t have to be a full script, just three points that you want to share with your audience should be more than enough in the beginning stages.

Connect with Ian

If you’d like to learn more about Ian and live video, you can check out Ian’s website and find him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t forget to go check out The Confident Live Marketing Podcast. We are so proud to sponsor the podcast and show our support for Ian and the amazing work he’s doing. Make sure to have a listen and subscribe!


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