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How to Create Winning Content on LinkedIn with Mark Williams

How to Create Winning Content on LinkedIn with Mark Williams

If LinkedIn isn’t at the top of your mind and content strategy, you might be surprised to learn what a powerful platform it can be for growing your personal brand and your business.

But it’s not a case of just posting any old thing on the platform – and definitely not cross-posting from your Facebook page or elsewhere.

If you do want to know how to create content for LinkedIn, there aren’t many people you’d be better off learning from than Mark Williams.

Mark is one of the world’s best-known LinkedIn trainers, the host of the LinkedInformed podcast, and is known as ‘Mr LinkedIn’!

He joined me on The Content 10x Podcast to talk about how you can create content for LinkedIn that is great for you, your followers, and the platform itself.

Here’s a short video about this week’s episode:

Read on to hear some of Mark’s top tips for creating great LinkedIn content.

LinkedIn myth busting

Mark really did share so many useful tips and tactics in the show that there’s no way I can get them all into one blog post, but there are some myths he busted that I think everyone should know about:

Myth: LinkedIn punishes you for including links in your posts

The LinkedIn algorithm won’t suppress your posts if you include a link… but the fact people will click the link, consume your content, and move in means you won’t get many reactions, comments, or shares. Now that is what will suppress your posts’ performance.

Myth: Some types of content perform are better to share than others (e.g. videos)

The type of content you share isn’t the important part of your LinkedIn strategy. Mark believes that the words you write that go with your content matter far more than the format you choose… but even more important is that you engage with other people’s content!

Myth: Trending on a hashtag is big news

It’s not that this is a bad thing… but it doesn’t mean a whole lot. The logic behind what makes a post ‘trending’ seems shaky at best and Mark hasn’t seen any indication that a trending post does much for ongoing engagement with your content.

Myth: Hashtags don’t do anything

Hashtags are an effective tool on LinkedIn, but they do have their limitations. Mark believes that the majority of people don’t understand the value of hashtags – either in their use or interacting with them. Despite this, many people do follow hashtags (even if they don’t understand them), and posting with the right hashtag will make your post show up in more people’s feeds.

Mark has found, with the right hashtags, views of his posts have gone up by 40%. Engagement, though, does not increase at the same rate.

So hashtags are good, but they aren’t going to transform your LinkedIn experience!

Three tips for creating better LinkedIn content

1. Focus on the words you write

All content types work on LinkedIn. The top post in 2019 was an image post, but there is no pattern to follow, no secret formula for creating the perfect combination of content.

Posts of all types do well – the main deciding factor in how your content performs is whether you have written an engaging post that is of interest to your followers.

A video posted with bad copy will likely perform worse than a well-written text-only post.

A text-only post with bad copy will likely perform worse than a video with great copy.

The deciding factor isn’t the video – it’s your words. Focus on them before your focus on the specifics of your content.

2. Engagement comes first

For every client that Mark works with, the first thing they focus on is engagement – before content creation, before enhancing their profile, before anything else. Engagement.

Mark recommends you do the same by following the topics that are of interest to you and just jumping in and engaging with it!

It’s also important to keep the momentum in your engagement with other people’s content.

If you consistently engage with other people’s content based around your areas of interest, you build ‘relevancy’. Relevancy tells the LinkedIn algorithm that you are interested and of interest in those topics.

If the people who follow you show the same interests as you, LinkedIn is going to show them your content.

3. Engagement drives engagement

When you get those first two steps right, good things follow.

You create engaging content and you have built (and maintained) relevancy in your areas of interest.

As a result, your followers will be engaging with your content and, as a result, it will be shown to their followers too.

Think about it – if you scroll down your LinkedIn news feed right now, you’ll see some posts directly from your followers and other posts that they have liked, commented on, or shared.

That can be your posts – but only if you focus on that quality and engagement first.

How to Create Winning Content on LinkedIn with Mark Williams

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Levelling up on LinkedIn

If this has got you eager to learn more about taking your LinkedIn content to the next level, there are a few things you can do…

Scroll up to the top of this page and listen to the full interview with Mark!

Listen to Mark’s own podcast, LinkedInformed.

Follow Mark on LinkedIn!

And, of course, grab a copy of The Simple Guide to Getting Started with Video on LinkedIn. Check it out below.


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