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How to Create Content that Sells with Jess Lorimer

How to Create Content that Sells with Jess Lorimer

Generating quality content is a great way to position yourself as a leader in your niche, enhance brand awareness and grow your audience. But, that’s only the beginning of what your content can really do for the growth of your business. You have to create content that sells.

If you’re willing to put the work into creating content, your content marketing and repurposing strategy must align with generating leads and sales.

But, how can you turn your content into a giant sales machine that churns leads into paying customers?

If you want your content to produce long-term traffic and drive sales, you’ve got to learn how to create and repurpose content that sells.

However, how can you create content that sells? And, how can you tell if a piece of content is persuasive enough to convert a customer?

Well…it just so happens that my guest on the podcast, Jessica Lorimer, knows how you can do exactly that with your content.

Jess is an extremely successful Sales Coach and not your everyday Sales Coach either, she likes to keep things simple, yet effective. With her seemingly infinite knowledge of selling consistently and effectively, Jess doesn’t hold back in our discussion. She reveals the roadmap to help you become an unapologetic wealth creator by creating content that sells.

So, are you ready to create content that will jumpstart your bottom line?

Hit play below to listen to the podcast episode or read on for a detailed overview.

Meet Jess 

You’re probably tired of meeting people who promise they can help you drive more sales in your business. The same old elevator pitch rolls off their tongues and you have to use every ounce of will-power to prevent your eyes from rolling.

But I can promise you that with Jess Lorimer, you won’t feel that way. She’s a breath of fresh air in the sales coaching industry with her simple sales strategies that aren’t sleazy. Instead, they’re simple sales strategies that actually work.

Jess has a corporate sales background and one day she decided enough was enough. She was unfortunately diagnosed with a chronic illness and decided to start up a business. The flexible hours meant that she was in control of how and where her time was spent.

Now she is a successful sales coach and the Founder of Smart Leaders SellHer business focuses on helping entrepreneurs and service-based business owners increase their profit using super simple sales strategies.

How to Create Content that Sells with Jess Lorimer

Planning to create content that converts

You can spend so much time creating content, it’s simply imperative that you have a strategy behind it. As a business, that strategy must lead to sales.

Since Jess is a sales mastermind, I was curious to learn about her content planning process. What goes into creating content with the purpose of driving sales? Is there a secret strategy to it?

There are two things you can do to plan your content.

The first one is reverse engineering from the goal you want to achieve.

You can break this down on a quarterly basis and look at things as they currently stand. For example, you might want to look at how your content is performing in terms of open rates and click-through rates.

You can do an analysis of this each quarter and reverse engineer the journey from your goal to where you are now. If you have a live launch coming up with a date in mind, you can work backward to make sure all of your content is cohesive and giving people lots of value on the run-up to the launch. If it doesn’t, then people won’t buy your product or service when it launches.

The second thing to help you plan your content is focusing on the purpose of the content. What is it designed to do?

Sales can be broken down into two parts:

  1.  How many eyeballs you have on your content.
  2. Whether you have an offer that matches the problem your prospects are currently facing.

So, if you want to create content that sells, you need to make sure your content is crafted with the purpose of converting someone into a paying customer.

Define the purpose of your content and reverse engineer it from the goal to where you are now. This is a great way to plan content with the intention of selling.

How to Create Content that Sells with Jess Lorimer

What content methods work best?

With so much content to choose from including blog posts, video content, live streams, and podcasts, etc., it’s difficult to know which type of content will be the most effective at actually selling.

If your goal is to bring more people through your sales funnel, where should you focus your time?

Jess attributes a lot of her sales via content to her podcast, The Smart Leaders Sell Podcast, which is usually the first point of contact with her for most people. She then maximizes the impact of her podcast content by repurposing the audio into a blog post.

On a side note, if you’d like to learn more about repurposing audio content to written content check out:

Another way that Jess makes the most from her content is repurposing her email marketing content onto social media.

This helps her reach more people with her content and share her message with people who are more likely to actually want to buy and invest in what she’s selling.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what the best content medium is for you, then play to your strengths. 

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With so many options available to you from podcasts to video, blogs, social and so on, it’s easy to get decision fatigue.

The truth is that there isn’t one platform or content medium that works better than others.

What works for you depends on your preferences and how your audience prefers to engage with your brand. Experiment with different mediums and you’ll eventually discover what works for you and your business.

How to create content without being too ‘sales-y’

When people think of creating content with the intention to sell, the fear of being “too sales-y” can be enough to put someone off the idea altogether.

But there is a way to craft content that doesn’t make your audience feel like you’re pressuring them into a sale. You just need to know how to sell with confidence, ease, and integrity.  

One of the most important things when it comes to creating content that sells and converts is authenticity. As Jess pointed out, there’s nothing sleazier than going in with the intention of selling and pretending you don’t know anything about it.

The next time you want to sell something to your audience, don’t be afraid to make them aware that you’re selling something.

Here are some key tips on how to make your audience aware of a sale the RIGHT way:

  • If you don’t want to come across as being too sales-y, you need to be transparent 
  • Be open and honest with your audience
  • Get in the ‘transparent’ mindset with your content by talking to your audience as if you’re talking to a close friend
  • Think of your sales pitch in the same way as you would recommend a product or service you really love to a friend
  •  Let your audience know how your product or service is going to benefit them and what the next step is to actually close the sale or conversion

How to measure content in relation to sales

Market research is the most important part of the sales process. You can’t let what you’re selling be driven by your own ego. And, you can't base it on what you want to be seen selling. Instead, you need to base selling decisions on what your audience actually wants and needs from you.

Learn more about your audience from your audience. Ask them questions like, What’s your biggest problem right now?” and, What are you struggling with right now?”

Asking questions like this will help you identify common problems your target audience have. This will then  give you insights on what type of product or service you can sell that will actually help solve those problems.

Connect with Jess

I hope that my discussion with Jess inspires you to think about how you can create content that sells and that has a valuable place within your business.

When you start thinking about content and how it directly links to the growth of your business, you can revitalize your content marketing strategy. Then your new strategy can start to boost sales and help to move your business forward.

If you want to find out more about Jess and how she can help you become an unapologetic wealth creator, you can visit her website and tune into The Smart Leaders Sell Podcast. 


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