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How to Build Your Personal Brand with Chris Ducker

How to Build Your Personal Brand with Chris Ducker

How can you build your personal brand to grow your business?

It takes a lot of hard work to build your personal brand – especially when there’s so much competition and noise out there. However, creating content is a very effective way to stand out from the crowd. But how?

To discuss this further, I interviewed someone who’s made an incredibly successful career out of business and personal brand mentoring – entrepreneur and founder of Youpreneur.com, Chris Ducker.

Chris has built several businesses, he’s a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and respected business coach. He’s highly regarded as a leading authority on building a business based on a personal brand – as Chris calls is “the business of YOU”.

His entrepreneurial mastermind community, Youpreneur, helps experts become the go-to leader in their industry. Is there anyone better to talk to about growing a personal brand in 2021? I think not!

In this episode, Chris and I dive deep into how to build your personal brand and how to create content that helps you to become a thought leader in your industry.

This isn’t Chris’ first time on the podcast, I’ve interviewed him before. In fact, long-time listeners will know that Chris is a good friend and mentor of mine. I’ve got a lot to thank Chris for, from supporting Content 10x from day one to encouraging me to write my book – and writing the foreword in my book too.

It’s always a pleasure to speak to Chris, and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have as my first podcast guest for 2021.

Hit play to listen to the interview.

Or watch the video below to find out more about the episode.

Why you should build your personal brand

Chris explained that building a personal brand is just the first step to growing your business. The next step is finding ways to monetize your brand and make money from your expertise.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, who your customers are, what your products is, or what services you offer. Chris believes that what matters is you realizing how you’re unique in your industry. What sets you apart?

How to Build Your Personal Brand with Chris Ducker

In Chris’s experience, business owners and entrepreneurs who build their personal brand based on their expertise and uniqueness are the most successful.

How to build your personal brand – and make it stand out

When the pandemic hit, Chris decided his role should be that of a guide, for those who needed it. He compared his approach to Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. He didn’t want to be the hero of the story, instead, he wanted to be the guiding light, helping others succeed.

It was also a great way for him to step outside of the noise. Many industries, like health and fitness, for example, make a lot of noise online and it can be hard to differentiate who’s bringing value to the space, and who’s simply looking for attention.

Chris also encouraged his clients to take a guiding approach to their content and personal brand to provide true value to their audience and help them stand out from the chaos. Don’t focus on being the hero, focus on helping others (and in many ways you will become the hero!).

Why Chris takes a “zero-fluff” content approach

How has Chris’s approach to content changed during the pandemic? The biggest change has been reducing “fluff”.

Chris now takes a “zero-fluff” approach to creating content. Whether it’s a podcast, blog, video, or even internal communications between him and his team, Chris is committed to producing content that’s 100% value.

He sees it as a way to provide more value to his audience, customers and team than ever before, and it’s what people are calling out for.

Build your personal brand in 3 steps

If you haven’t focused on your personal brand yet, it can be difficult to know where to start, but Chris shared his three tips for what to do if you’re just starting out.

1. Figure out what you want to be known for

What’s unique about you? Where is your expertise?

Chris advises to first understand what you want to build before you start laying the bricks of your personal brand.

If someone had to explain who you are in one sentence, what would they say? Or rather, want do you want them to say? Your job is to build a personal brand that ensures people recognize you for what you want to be known for.

2. Look for successful people within your industry

Once you know what you want to be known for, Chris believes that you can reverse engineer your journey by looking at people who are already where you want to be. Following and working with others doing what you want to do will help to develop your skills and find your niche.

3. Learn the fundamentals

Education is a must if you want to elevate yourself and your brand. You don’t need to make it up as you go along with so many resources available to help you. Take courses, research your industry, and invest in your learning so that you can bring truly great value to your audience and clients.

A starting point would be getting a copy of Chris’s bestselling book Rise of the Youpreneur.

Chris explains that just by keeping these three tips in mind and consistently referring to them to further your brand, you’ll be on the path to success. As your brand and business grow, you can then look into new ways to invest back into yourself, for example hire a mentor, coach, or mastermind group – like Chris’s Youpreneur Incubator program.

How to convert personal brand success into business growth 

One of the big mistakes that we all see with many businesses, particularly online businesses, is that people can invest too much in their personal brand.

Why is this a bad thing?

Having a great personal brand on its own isn’t enough to drive business success – you have to find ways to convert that audience into paying clients.

Finding ways to monetize your personal brand is how you’re really going to grow your business.

For Chris, that means using platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and then directing his audience to his website or email list.

These platforms are fantastic for growing your audience – they provide a great vehicle for spreading your message and showing your expertise, but they’re not your turf. They’re someone else’s!

To really grow your business, you need to take your audience from these platforms and get them to your home. That’s your website and your email list. The people that consistently visit your website and sign up to read your emails are your potential customers.

Chris believes that you should have a balance between both your personal brand and your business efforts. Utilizing other platforms is brilliant for bringing people to your business, but don’t neglect to act on that. One way Chris does this is by embedding his YouTube videos into his own website, and linking people back to those, instead of directing them to YouTube (something I am a BIG believer in!)

Remember, your goal as a business owner isn’t likely to become a famous YouTuber (although that might be a nice bonus) it’s to generate revenue and have a profitable, sustainable business. While it’s incredibly important to provide value, Chris stresses that you shouldn’t put all of your time and efforts into creating content for your personal brand if it’s not making you any money. Wise words.

Where Chris is focusing his content efforts in 2021

While Chris has experimented and succeeded with many different content types in the past, he’s focusing on one type more than any other in 2021 – video.

Chris explained that his content strategy is going to focus heavily on both pre-recorded and live video. However, you won’t catch him hosting a weekly Instagram-live anytime soon. Instead, Chris wants to create live training video content for non-clients (in order to convert them to paying ones). He sees live video as an incredibly powerful tool, but only when it’s used for the right reasons.

Live video was certainly over-used in 2020, and Chris believes that it’s more beneficial to take a refined approach to it. In his opinion, going live should be reserved for high-value, game-changing content rather than more frequent filler content.

Chris’ final words of advice to help build your personal brand

To end the interview, Chris shared some final words of wisdom with me: don’t be scared to be you.

He encouraged everyone to lean into what makes them unique and be unapologetic for it. He strongly believes that by doing that, you’ll not only attract the right clients but also repel the wrong ones. And, if you stay consistent with your approach, you’ll build a very fruitful business over time.

To learn more about Chris, visit his website.

Creating lots of high-quality content is a great way to grow as a thought leader in your industry, but it takes a lot of time and effort. To find out how our services can help you reach more people, and build your personal brand, check out our services.


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