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How Professionals Can Create Great Content for Social Media with Mitch Jackson

How Professionals Can Create Great Content for Social Media with Mitch Jackson

Social media is great if you’re a zany creative, an adventurer, or a makeup guru… but what about accountants, lawyers, and consultants?

Not everyone can create great social media content, can they?

If that’s what you’ve ever thought, then you absolutely need to listen to Mitch Jackson, ‘The Livestreaming Lawyer’!

Mitch has as many awards for his social media presence as he does for his long career as a trial lawyer. He’s been profiled in best-selling marketing books and dozens of publications and platforms including Inc., Mashable, and The Wall Street Journal, he runs his own mastermind, and published his #1 bestselling book “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Business Owners, Professionals and Entrepreneurs” in 2018.

Mitch is proof that any and every professional can benefit from being active on social media.

He joined me on the podcast to discuss how you can get started, what makes for great content and communication, and shared plenty of tips for success.

I wanted to share a few of his best ideas in this blog post, but if you want to hear everything Mitch recommended, you can listen to the full episode using the player below:

Why it’s essential for professionals to embrace social media

If you scoff at the thought of getting personal on social media, that’s understandable. For a long time, social media was seen as a young person’s game and a place for silliness and throwaway content.

That’s changed a huge amount – especially in light of the current pandemic

“COVID-19 is a huge business pivot for all of us in how we communicate. I truly believe that communicating our messages on digital and social is not an option anymore. This is something you need to embrace and learn how to do the right way. If you don’t, you may not have a practice or business in the next five years.”

That might seem extreme, but Mitch makes a good argument.

“I honestly feel that professionals, business owners, and CEOs [must start] embracing digital and social and giving yourself permission to strategically share your human side – what you enjoy doing, your hobbies, interests, and passions [because] that’s what connects you on a human level to other people.”

We are in an age of empathy and emotional investment. Bringing your true self to your social media is great for business.

Sharing your human side, as Mitch puts it, “is going to make a difference to the world.”

“If you want to share your message, if you want to connect with other people who share the same principles, values, and interests, then social media is where you need to be as a professional.”

And this isn’t just pie-in-the-sky thinking. Mitch has been helping professionals embrace social media for years and consistently sees the positive results.

“Once I’ve watched professionals give themselves permission to jump on social and do social the right way, all I see are big smiles, two thumbs up, and success."

Don’t be afraid to show your colors

Social media and ‘real life’ aren’t so different, you know.

“You never have a second chance to make a good first impression,” says Mitch, but more important than making a good first impression is making a true first impression. “As long as you’re speaking from the heart, being real, and believe in what you’re posting – you can do no wrong.”

Mitch really wants professionals to share their honest and genuine selves with their audience and believes the fear of opening up is what stops many professionals from getting started on social media.

“So many people suffer from paralysis by analysis, worried about what other people are going to think. But if you follow me on social media, you’ll know exactly where I stand on all the big issues through to my hobbies… That’s me, that’s who you get. For every person that unfollows me, I’ll pick up a hundred people who support me.”

What does Mitch think is the solution?

“Once I gave myself permission to be myself and share my truth… Everything else came together on social media.”

And trust me, Mitch knows “it’s not easy! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to do that… but once you do, that’s when the magic happens.”

"Spontaneous content connects us as human beings"

Five steps to persuasion

These five steps have helped Mitch “negotiate multi-million-dollar settlements and to create content on social media that has brought in multi-million dollar cases” to his law firm.

In other words, these are well worth knowing!

Step 1) State the problem – be clear and concise in stating the problem/issue/thing you’re trying to fix. State it in a short story to make it unique, memorable, entertaining, and appropriate. I’ve written before about how storytelling can improve your case studies, and the same rules apply here. Take a look if you want to learn more!

Step 2) Agitate the problem – why is this problem going to interfere with/harm/hurt your audience? Whether it’s an audience of 1, 12, or 1,000, if they don’t take a certain action, how is the problem going to get worse for them?

Step 3) State a solution – now this doesn’t mean just plainly saying “do x, y, and z”, this means sharing the solution to the problem in a story format (just like in step one). Frame the solution through a relatable experience and story structure to make it easier to imagine and more interesting!

Step 4) How does it help – you need to show how your solution can help your audience specifically. This means framing it around their pain points – the things that really affect them – not just woolly generalities

Step 5) State a good next step – what do they need to do next? This is your Call To Action (CTA) moment. Mitch often offers the invitation for his audience to stay connected with him via his website and social media.

“Those five steps, whether you’re in the boardroom, the courtroom, or on social media, are key to connecting and building relationships,” believes Mitch, but he was keen to stress that “you have to have patience. The mistake most people make is jumping from step one to step five.”

Mitch’s parting words of advice

There are a million more brilliant moments from Mitch’s interview on the podcast that I could share, but this blog post is not the place for them. Please listen to the episode and hear from Mitch himself.

I really encourage you to listen to the whole episode with a pen and paper by your side, as Mitch really does share some transformative advice.

Before you go and listen, I think Mitch summed up his position perfectly with this sentence:

“There’s never been a better opportunity to connect, engage, build rapport, and help others like there is today by creating engaging, meaningful, emotional, unique, and memorable content.”

Get out there and start creating – you’ve got me and Mitch behind you all the way!

If you need more pointers or inspiration, browse through the Content 10x blog and podcast – I mean, you’re here already… why not stay a little longer?

Even better, if you’re thinking about sharing your story through videos… go you! I’ve got just the thing to help you kickstart the process:

The Simple Guide to Getting Started with Video on LinkedIn!

It’s a detailed guide that runs through everything from equipment to on-camera confidence to help you hit the ground running with your videos. It’s totally free… that’s how much I believe in the power of video – I want everyone to feel confident enough to try it out!

Good luck on your storytelling journey. Remember to tag me in your posts – I just love to see if my suggestions have helped people, so remember to @content10x wherever you’re posting!


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