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How Much Does a B2B Marketing Agency Cost?

How Much Does a B2B Marketing Agency Cost

There are so many facets and moving parts when it comes to B2B marketing, in-house teams simply can’t do all the things! That’s why outsourcing to a B2B marketing agency (like us) is a game changer for many businesses. 

There are different types of B2B marketing agencies so it’s about identifying where you have skills, knowledge or capacity constraints making working with external experts the perfect solution.  

On our podcast, B2B Content Strategist, we discuss with industry leaders outsourcing marketing. It’s interesting to hear the different projects and roles they are keen to outsource, the areas that are kept strictly in-house, and their reasons for these decisions.  

There is, of course, no specific answer to the question - how much does a B2B marketing agency cost? So if you’re intention is to skip to the answer, we’re sorry to disappoint!  

The price range for investing in a B2B marketing agency isn’t black and white. It depends on many factors. 

But first, let’s look at what the right B2B marketing agency could do for you and your brand 

The role of a B2B Marketing Agency

Full-service agencies offer a wide variety of services and have access to a litany of specialists, tools and resources. 

Specialist agencies on the other hand are more tailored in their approach, focusing on specific industries or particular types of marketing.  

For example, we at Content 10x are a specialist content agency, providing end-to-end content repurposing services for B2B tech and professional service companies.  Interestingly we were the first content repurposing agency, and remain the longest running, so you could say we created a new category! 

Other types of services a marketing agency may provide include: 

  • Strategy development 

  • Social media marketing – including organic and paid  

  • SEO support 

  • Advertising – including Google Ads  

  • Influencer marketing 

  • Email marketing  

  • Performance marketing 

  • ....and many more

What affects B2B marketing agency prices?

  • The service

A very obvious statement, but services will often be priced based on time, expertise and complexity. For example, at Content 10x, a full-service weekly video repurposing service may involve 25 hours per week of different experts in the team to deliver Vs. a monthly webinar repurpose which may involve 20 per month instead.  The price would differ considerably.  

  • The reputation of the agency 

If the agency is renowned for delivering results, is recognized as a leader and has lots of social proof and positive testimonials, they will likely charge more than a new entrant to the marketplace.  This makes sense since working with a leading agency with a great reputation presents less risk.  

  • The type of contract 

Do you want to: 

  • Have a weekly service and long-term partnership? 
  • Ask for a monthly service? 
  • Approach an agency with sporadic marketing projects? 

Agencies will often have a different (lower priced) rate-card for their long-term retainer clients vs. projects and low frequency clients.  

  • Different pricing models 

Agencies have different ways of working out their pricing. For example, some will do value-based pricing where their pricing is based on the value their client receives, and some may follow a cost-plus pricing strategy (where the cost of delivering the service is worked out, and then a mark-up % is added). 

B2B marketing agency pricing – a rough breakdown

Based on our research, being a full-service retainer client of a B2B marketing agency in 2023 costs anything between $7000 and $14,000 a month. 

Here’s a breakdown of estimates for specific services: 

  • Content strategy - $4000 and $20,000 per project 

  • Content creation - $5000 and $15,000 per month 

  • Content distribution - $4000 and $20,000 per post 

Additional services such as optimization, SEO and advertising support (as mentioned earlier) would inflate costs further. 

Outsourcing to a B2B marketing agency is an investment – not a cost 

Working with an agency should help you maintain your reputation, build trust and take big steps toward your company goals. The right agency is an extension of your business - that’s what we aim for with our clients!  

Outsourcing can also provide the same value (or hopefully more...) as hiring a member of staff, without paying salaries and providing training, healthcare and other costly employment payments and benefits. 

Check out the benefits of outsourcing your creative needs here! 

In conclusion 

The price of working with a B2B marketing agency can vary greatly.  

This makes it super-important to be clear on what you require and find the agency that can bring the expertise, skills and resources to the tableall while providing a positive ROI. 

When you find the right team, outsourcing to a B2B marketing agency could be one of your greatest investments – just take your time, map out your goals, then make a considered decision! 

If you want to find out more about content repurposing and how it could benefit your brand, contact us! Our bespoke repurposing services fit in with your existing marketing strategy to help you get the best out of your content. Discover more about our services. 


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