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How I Built the Number One Content Repurposing Service

How I built the number one content repurposing service in less than three years

Today marks three years since I started the Content 10x podcast, and what a fantastic journey it's been! It's crazy to think back through how I built the number one content repurposing service...in less than three years!

I can't believe how far my business has come in the last three years… and creating content has played a big role from the start.

At the three year anniversary of the podcast I’ve been reflecting on my journey. From the day I decided to launch the podcast, to becoming a best-selling author, international speaker, recognized thought leader, and Founder of the number one content repurposing service (even if I do say so myself, and according to Google at the time of typing too!)

It's been an incredible journey, and on this anniversary for Content 10x, I'm sharing how I've achieved all of this… and the vital role that content has played in it.

Not only is it three years since I recorded my first podcast episode, but it's also the first anniversary of the publication of my book: Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results. Something that I don’t think would have happened without my dedication to consistently creating and repurposing content.

Thank you so much to everyone who has listened to my podcast, read my book, or both. I really do appreciate it.

I want to show you how it's possible to grow an internationally recognized business and personal brand powered by consistent, quality content.

Hit play to listen to the episode below.

Or...hit play to watch the video.

Or you can read on to discover how content has helped shape my business's journey!

How a podcast started my content journey

I was a little hesitant about creating this content solely about my own journey. It seemed far too self-indulgent, which really isn’t my style at all. But I decided that I do have an interesting story about the role that content has played in my business, so here goes...

Since October 2017, I've published a podcast episode every single week. That's more than 150 episodes in three years!

But if it wasn't for my friend and mentor, Chris Ducker, encouraging me to start a podcast, it may never have happened…

When I first started my content repurposing service, I knew I wanted to start creating weekly, episodic content to embrace content marketing, practice what I preach by repurposing, and learn what it’s like to be in the same position as my clients. Plus, to also show my clients and audience how content can help you to become recognized as a thought leader and grow your business.

But I couldn't decide what long-form content to create. Should I start a weekly video or a weekly podcast? It was a tough choice, and I kept weighing up the benefits of both. I was trying to decide which content type would be right for the business and suit me as a presenter.

Chris Ducker, Founder of Youpreneur, gave me the advice and encouragement I needed, and with it, I launched the Content 10x podcast!

How I built the number one content repurposing service in less than three years

Amy & Chris at Chris' Round Table Mastermind Retreat 2018

It made perfect sense. Many of my first clients were podcasters themselves (and still are), and I wanted to empathize and understand their challenges better. And, at the time, the thought of doing a weekly video was just a little too overwhelming (how times have changed!). I decided to play to my strengths, and what a great decision it was.

If you’re trying to decide what content is best for you to create, I really recommend checking out Is There a Best Type of Content to Repurpose.

Starting a Podcast

Launching a podcast can be a challenge. At Content 10x we’re experts in launching podcasts. We’ve supported many clients with a full podcast launch and pride ourselves in taking clients from zero to a fully launched podcast in three weeks.

Three Top Tips for Content Creators

After three years of podcasting, creating content, and A LOT of repurposing, here are my top three pieces of advice for anyone creating content for their business.

Be consistent with your message

To be an authority in your industry, you need to consistently create content, and you need to be consistent with your messaging.

If your content is too general, you'll get lost amongst all the other people doing a similar thing.

If you’re not consistent with your messaging, e.g. you create content on really varied topics, you won’t become ‘known’ for anything. We don’t want this.

I knew that there were many people creating content about content marketing (of course, if there’s one thing content marketers do, it’s create content!), but nobody talked solely about content repurposing.

I wanted to become known as the expert in content repurposing so I stayed on-track and consistent with my messaging. My podcast episodes, blog posts, videos... are always about content repurposing!

Be patient

Content marketing is a long game.

You have to be patient; your audience won’t become huge overnight.

Podcast downloads won’t go from zero to 10,000 per episode in a month (with obvious exceptions, e.g. if you’re Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama).

YouTube is a long game. Even with consistent quality videos, YouTube channels can easily take over a year to gain significant traction.

It can take a while for search engines to index your content and even longer for your content to rank on the first page of Google, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s taken me three years, but now Content 10x ranks on Google in the number one spot for “content repurposing service” (so I guess I can say we are the number one content repurposing service, right?!). As I publish this, I may well jinx that because SEO and rankings change all the time.

Each time you create a new piece of content, you'll edge closer to your business goals, so be patient and keep going.

Repurpose your content

Maximize your content's potential by repurposing it.

I know it's obvious advice coming from me, but content repurposing really is a game-changer! I know that there's no way my business would be where it is today if we hadn’t treated our content as we do our clients’ content and repurposed it every week.

Check out:

How I became recognized as a content repurposing expert

I knew that by producing weekly content and repurposing that content into even more content, I would gain more exposure. That was the reason I'd started a podcast!

But what I didn't realize is that I would start building so many fantastic relationships with businesses and other podcasters.

Once I started to get recognized as a content repurposing expert, the ball really started rolling.

How I built the number one content repurposing service in less than three years

Janet Murray was the first person to invite me onto her podcast for an interview. I was so grateful for this amazing experience, and I've been back onto the show a few times since. And Janet and I have become close friends.

From then on, I started getting invited onto other people’s Facebook lives, and LinkedIn lives, webinars, memberships, and more! I talked about content repurposing in front of new, different audiences and made so many great friendships and business relationships along the way.

Many doors had started to open before my podcast was even a year old, and I established so many new connections. I was starting to become recognized as the leading content repurposing authority.

I wrote a blog post sharing my tips for how to make this happen for you.

How I repurposed content from the page to the stage

At Content 10x we treated the Content 10x podcast like a client’s podcast – and repurposed every weekly podcast episode into lots of new content, including a blog post and social media content.

By writing with SEO in mind, my website traffic was constantly increasing. Meanwhile, I was getting more and more attention and encouragement across social platforms – by the simple fact that we were posting a lot of quality content.

I decided to repurpose my content into a new format… public speaking.

In August 2018 (still less than one year after I'd launched the podcast!) I landed my first speaking opportunity at Podcast Movement, Philadelphia.

Amy talking at Podcast Movement

I loved this experience, standing on the stage, and being introduced as the Founder of the number one content repurposing service!

I shared this experience in more detail here.

Then, we did something we'd never done before – we repurposed my speaking slides into a comic book! Check out the podcast episode to find out why this worked so well.

Content 10x Comic

By maximizing my content's reach through repurposing, the word spread about my position as a content repurposing thought leader. Before I knew it, I was speaking at a whole host of events, including Podcast Movement, Podfest, Content Live, Retain, Agency Transformation Live, and the highlight of my career so far, Youpreneur Summit 2019.

I had been attending the Youpreneur Summit since 2017 when I was first brought up onto the stage to highlight my efforts as an “action taker” with a new business.

I was then invited to be part of an expert panel in 2018, and finally as a main speaker in 2019.

All of this didn't happen overnight. These speaking opportunities resulted from believing in my content, consistently creating and repurposing, and staying true to and consistent with my message. Plus, a lot of hard work and building solid relationships.

How content repurposing helped me become an author

Many people knew me as an authority on content repurposing, but I wanted to keep taking it further. How could I reinforce this? What hadn't I done yet?

In October 2019, exactly one year ago, I published my book: Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results.

The book took me well over a year to write, but it would have taken me so much longer and been much more challenging if I didn't already have so much great content to refer to. My years of repurposed podcast content helped, and the book became my biggest repurposing project to date.

How I built the number one content repurposing service in less than three years

I have Chris Ducker, yet again to thank for this. Chris encouraged me to write the book and was so kind to write the Foreword for the book too.

This was a huge career highlight for me, and I am still so proud that I'm an author! Find out more about how I did it and the advice I'd give to anyone who wants to repurpose their way to being an author.

Then I thought, how could I repurpose the book further? Firstly, I recorded an audiobook.

I then took the opportunity to repurpose a chapter of the audiobook into a podcast episode!

How content repurposing helped me rank number one on Google

The content repurposing doesn't stop there!

I am still recording weekly podcasts and repurposing them across social media, my website, and at Content 10x we’re always thinking of new ways to maximize our content's reach. I create and repurpose weekly videos now too.

I hope this post makes it clear that there is no such thing as an overnight success. This is the result of three years of consistent hard work and patience.

Content 10x is now recognized as a content repurposing expert service and ranks as the number one content repurposing service on Google!

Content Repurposing Service on Google

So what's next for Content 10x? 

We're going to keep creating new content, keep repurposing, and stay laser-focused on our audience and our clients.

Nothing is more important to us than continuing to serve our clients with the best content repurposing service there is. And, to understand what works and what doesn’t work, we will never stop creating our own content.

Content 10x started out helping podcasters (and still does)… so I started a podcast… now our LinkedIn 10x video repurposing service is our flagship service… so now, I'm dedicated to elevating our video content on LinkedIn!

I improved the reach, positioning, and impact of Content 10x with weekly podcast and video content, and I want to bring all of these incredible benefits to my clients too.

How can the number one content repurposing service help you?

If these last three years have taught me anything, it's that you can't hesitate when it comes to creating content and content repurposing – you just have to get started.

But remember to be consistent and repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

And if you need any help or simply don't have the time, then talk to us, and we can help your content generate more business opportunities and growth.

Creating content and repurposing has played such an essential part in giving me so many career opportunities and helped to grow Content 10x... if I started sooner, I wonder where I'd be now?

So if you haven't already, check out what all the fuss is about and help us celebrate the third birthday of the Content 10x podcast by listening to an episode!

And if you want to learn more about how content repurposing could transform your business, click here to order a copy of my book – in Kindle format, audiobook or paperback!


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