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How Effective Podcast Repurposing Has Helped a Niche Offline Business Grow with Mike Richards

How Effective Podcast Repurposing Has Helped a Niche Offline Business Grow with Mike Richards

Have you ever wondered whether having a podcast may be more suited for online businesses vs. traditional brick and mortar businesses? Or, maybe you've considered starting a podcast but you're worried it won’t be worth the effort because you work in a niche industry where podcasts are not a 'thing'?

If so, think again. You're about to hear an inspiring story of how we have worked with a client to launch a podcast in a super-niche industry....and how he's absolutely crushing it!

My guest on the podcast is Mike Richards. Mike is a client, good friend and the CEO of the Treasury Recruitment Company, plus he's the host of the Treasury Career Corner Podcast.

In 2018 Mike started a podcast to grow his personal brand and position himself as an expert in his industry. Whilst he was really excited to launch his podcast and felt in good hands working with us, he also didn't have unrealistic expectations. He wasn't expecting to be the next Pat Flynn or John Lee Dumas - he knew that he faced a challenge when it came to finding listeners...and the challenge of people not even knowing what a podcast was!

Luckily we had his back! Mike has experienced HUGE success. With over 10,000 downloads globally in its first year, lots of new doors have opened, and business really is booming. By repurposing the podcast to expand his reach Mike has become known as the man in treasury...in fact he's somewhat of a celebrity in industry circles!

Here’s how we developed a content strategy to help Mike make his podcast a success and grow his business.

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Creating a podcast repurposing strategy

Mike and I first met when we were in a mastermind together. Mike’s goal was to establish a personal brand with consistent, quality content marketing for the Treasury Recruitment Company. He was keen to start a podcast instead of recording video content,  he had previously been recording YouTube videos but didn’t have the time to browse YouTube himself...so he didn’t think his audience would either!

Mike knew that he had so many wonderful stories from treasurers that he could bring to life and a podcast was the perfect medium. He knew that these conversations would provide real value for his audience and it would be top-quality content.

However, podcasts were virtually non-existent in the treasury industry. Therefore, repurposing was essential!

We knew it was important for us to devise an effective content repurposing strategy, to spread his content far and wide. In particular, Mike's audience were on LinkedIn, so we had to ensure his podcast content was repurposed appropriately for his LinkedIn audience.

For every podcast episode we:

  • Edit and produce the recording to provide the best quality audio possible
  • Write and publish SEO friendly show notes summarising the episode to help Mike’s ranking on search engines, so more people can discover the podcast
  • Create a short video trailer, showcasing the highlights of the podcast, which is then uploaded to YouTube
  • Design and create an audiogram that can be shared on all social media platforms - a short teaser of the episode
  • Create and publish social media visuals, making sure to respect the social platforms, picking out impactful quotes from Mike's guest (which can be shared with the guest so they can also share on their social media accounts)
  • Write engaging copy for the above content to encourage people to tune in. And, let them know what they will learn from the episode
  • Publish all content - to Mike's website, his podcast host, YouTube and his social media accounts

This is a service we provide for many of our clients with podcasts, saving them time and effort. It grows their presence online and encourages engagement with their audience and prospective clients.

As more and more people became aware of the show and the high-quality content, podcast download numbers increased.  As listeners became familiar with how passionate Mike is about the industry they wanted to find out more about the services he provides and how he can help them.

If you've ever worried that your audience is too small, too niche, and too 'old school' for a podcast...think again! @treasuryrecruit show us how it's done!

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How Effective Podcast Repurposing Has Helped a Niche Offline Business Grow with Mike Richards

How podcast repurposing helped to grow the business

Running and marketing a podcast requires an investment of time and money, therefore you have to see benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome benefits that Mike's business have seen from content repurposing:

  • The company has gained more clients due to strong, consistent marketing
  • Mike has developed and strengthened relationships
  • Each episode has a different guest, many very high-profile, demonstrating how well-connected and knowledgeable Mike is, which builds trust
  • The teasers and visuals on social media keep Mike at the forefront of people’s minds in the industry - when they want to recruit a treasurer, they know who to call!
  • Huge brands including Nike and Johnson Controls are now reaching out to Mike - to work with him and be on the show!
  • US business is now booming thanks to the global presence he has developed - especially on social media
  • Mike has even been stopped for ‘selfies’ by people who recognise him from the podcast – he is essentially a celebrity now! 

If Mike had recorded a podcast without a repurposing strategy, there wouldn’t be the same impact. At Content 10x we have been thrilled to see the huge level of success our services have brought Mike’s personal brand and business. And, it just goes to show that a podcast can benefit a more traditional business model.

On top of that, and very importantly, Mike feels like he is actually adding value to people in the industry as they can learn from his podcast. So, it’s nice to get that warm fuzzy feeling too!

How podcast repurposing can open new doors

I have seen first-hand with a number of our clients how quality content and an effective repurposing strategy can open up a huge number of doors for a business. And, Mike is definitely one of those cases.

Mike has been given many more speaking opportunities thanks to his podcast. In fact, at the Chicago Treasury Conference this year, his speech was entirely based on his podcast! We are so proud of Mike for doing his own bit of repurposing and actually picking out his favorite bits from his podcast episodes to create a fantastic speech.

The podcast has not only grown Mike’s business but it has helped to improve him as a business owner - his thinking and listening skills have improved and his confidence has skyrocketed.


I hope that Mike’s story has demonstrated how launching and repurposing a podcast can grow a business. Hopefully it might encourage those of you who had been holding off to give it a go!

Podcast repurposing is our most popular service here at Content 10x. And, it seems like more and more people are realising just how beneficial (and fun!) podcasts can be. 

Connect with Mike

If you want to find out more about Mike and his business, you can visit his website and tune into his podcast the Treasury Career Corner.


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