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How Creating a Variety of Multimedia Content Has Transformed a Fitness Business with Chris Knott

How Creating a Variety of Multimedia Content Has Transformed a Fitness Business with Chris Knott

I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Chris Knott. Chris has completely changed his personal training business over the last few years and this can largely be attributed to creating online content, embracing a multimedia content approach and being consistent.

I find this really interesting because Chris had a ‘bricks and mortar’ offline business, in so much that he earned income through in-person personal training. But through creating online content, he not only improved his in-person business but he was also able to generate new income streams which were offline AND brand new online income streams too.

Chris' Journey

In my discussion with Chris he shares his journey from no online content to a very successful blog, podcast, online business partnerships, delivering seminars and a very engaged social media following.

Find out how he fills his content pipeline in advance, what kinds of multimedia content made the most difference to his business, the crazy unforeseeable benefits that come your way when you put yourself out there, and how to benefit from other people's credibility when you're starting out.

You can listen to the whole show below, or scroll further for a summary of Chris's most actionable takeaways and key insights.

I've known Chris for a couple of years now. He’s a brilliant personal trainer and coach, and very passionate about fitness and nutrition. The problem was, only his customers got a chance to find out what a great trainer he was.

Before implementing an online multimedia content strategy, all he had was his social media accounts (with a decent following but not substantial), a static website, plus some ebooks and articles that he’d written which, though they were fantastic, they stayed put on his computer!

You can probably imagine how I felt when I saw that. My cogs started whirling with ideas and I couldn't help but offer Chris some business advice. 

Now, most people react to business advice like a duck reacts to a water pistol, but Chris is not most people. He took action. That doesn't mean he jumped straight to producing multimedia content campaigns across multiple channels, like he does now.

He started small, and took it step-by-step.

Creating Multimedia Content…Step by Step

The first step Chris took was to start blogging consistently. He applies the same work ethic in his work and training as on his content strategy, so he wasn't half-hearted. He blogged prolifically and captured traffic by offering lead magnets and highly valuable content.

Chris really honed in on working out who he was talking to, what problems they had, and how he could create content to help those people.

He also focused on provided people with a way to interact with him - so they could read his blog articles, start to trust him, and then head over to Facebook or Instagram to engage with him personally.

How Creating a Variety of Multimedia Content Has Transformed a Fitness Business with Chris Knott

Along Came a Podcast

Chris then expanded his content repertoire by starting a podcast.

He explained when he spoke to me that he felt like he was a relative unknown in the fitness industry, so he started out by interviewing friends of his who were experts, and they had really interested discussions.

However, while he was doing that he was also sending requests to industry leaders and "big names" to come on his show. Every so often he got lucky, and this had a snowball effect. From then on he would use the fact of the biggest name so far to help convince the next big name on.

How Creating a Variety of Multimedia Content Has Transformed a Fitness Business with Chris Knott

Because of this, he hit an inflection point and suddenly found himself the host of a well-respected podcast that could gain access to almost the whole fitness industry.

This wasn’t just down to the high calibre of guests, it’s also down to Chris’ interview style, knowledge and preparation for each interview to ensure they were value packed.

Social Media Strategies for Different Platforms

While he was growing his notoriety with his blog and podcast, and attracting increasingly larger audiences, he learned the nuances of social media. He realised that each platform has a specific kind of culture. A post that works on Instagram won't necessarily get anywhere on Facebook or Twitter, or vice versa.

So Chris developed a consistent social media strategy that was platform specific.

How Creating a Variety of Multimedia Content Has Transformed a Fitness Business with Chris Knott

He also created video content. Although he can be somewhat introverted, he makes video work very well for him. If you’re also someone who’s used to blogging and you know you need to get into video, there are ways to convert blog posts into videos without lots of on-screen charisma needed.

With all of this multimedia content, Chris consistently fills his content pipeline by dividing his topics into nutrition, fitness, and "inner-game" or personal development. Then, he spaces out his posts to fall on the platforms.

This simple publishing structure allows Chris to stay focused on producing great content in as little time as possible without getting distracted by extra decisions like what the broader topic should be or when he should post things this week. This kind of consistency helps build trust and grow his audience.

How Creating a Variety of Multimedia Content Has Transformed a Fitness Business with Chris Knott

Why Multimedia Content Marketing Opens Wild & Interesting Opportunities

Chris never would have guessed that going down this road of multimedia content would lead to an offer he recently received… to train actors and stunt doubles for blockbuster movies!

Chris also delivers training seminars at one of the most prestigious strength gyms in the UK.

He has online coaching clients as well as his in-person coaching clients – so he has been able to create online income opportunities that are more passive – still require his time and attention but on his own time.

Chris is currently launching a new online fitness business as well so stay tuned for that!


It's not uncommon for content marketing to bring in amazing and unforeseeable opportunities. What I love so much about Chris’s story is how he used online content to develop what seemed like an unscalable brick-and-mortar business. As Chris explained, when you create content you have to be patient, and have blind faith in the beginning, but be consistent because you never know who's watching. It's not the number of likes that leads to this sort of serendipity. It's when the right person stumbles on your content at the right time and decides to reach out because they LOVE what they see.

If you'd like to find out more about Chris or reach out to him, you can find him on on Instagram, Facebook, his website, or check out his podcast by searching "The Chris Knott Podcast" in your usual podcast platform.

If you’re looking for a DIY option then check out The Content 10x Toolkit. It's packed full of tutorials and checklists to help you fast-track your plans to dominate your niche with awesome content and increase your reach.


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