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Beyond Remixing: Strategic Content Repurposing for B2B with Chris Hutchins
Creating high-quality content in the constantly rotating hamster-wheel of B2B marketing is just the first step. To truly maximize the[...]
Repurposing from Long to Short with Erica Schneider
How do you repurpose long-form written content into short, engaging social media posts?This is a question that Erica Schneider realized[...]
How to Maximize Content with a Small Team with Jess Cook
Welcome to the second installment of our mini-series featuring B2B marketing experts spilling the beans on their content repurposing strategies,[...]
Boosting Content Velocity through Repurposing with Ashley Faus
This is the first episode of our B2B expert mini-series featuring B2B marketing leaders talking in-depth about their content repurposing[...]
How to Repurpose A Year of LinkedIn Posts into an eBook with Liz Elfman
Have you ever experienced the frustration of seeing your brand’s most engaging social media content disappear far too quickly at[...]
7 Steps to Transform your B2B Report with Daniel Plume
Editing and finding repurposing opportunities in a long, complex B2B marketing report could be an excruciating process, but it doesn’t[...]
Why You Should Create Content WITH vs FOR Your Audience
The key to a good marketing campaign is consistently producing content that your audience can relate to, identify with, and[...]
How to Create a Content Brand with John Bonini
All brands publish content, but there are those brands that publish content that’s so good and so helpful that it[...]
How Your Employees Can Amplify Your Content with Bradley Keenan
More and more, employee advocacy is becoming a niche marketing tool that businesses are utilizing to extend the reach of[...]
The Profound Influence of Time…and Tequila with Jay Baer 
What makes someone choose one of your competitors over you and your product or service?  The truth is, more often than[...]
Winning Link Building Strategies with Alan Silvestri
Sound link building strategies are an important part of SEO. Backlinks let search engines know that your page or site[...]
How to Repurpose Content for Paid Social with Jonathan Bland
How often do you repurpose content for paid social? It’s an interesting one, because although it seems like the obvious[...]
How to Optimize your Content with Michael Brenner
Did you know that on average, 60-70% of the content we create goes completely unused?  If you’re shocked, you’re not[...]
How to improve your interview skills with Sarah Goff-Dupont
Interviews often play a really important role in the content creation process, but how do you prepare and conduct really[...]
Exploring Zero Click Content with Amanda Natividad
It’s tough out there for content creators and marketers. It’s getting harder and harder to convince audiences to click on[...]
Content Marketing: Knowing when Enough is Enough with Robert Rose
If you’ve never thought about approaching content creation like you would a game of golf, then, according to our podcast[...]
How to Repurpose an Award-Winning Podcast into a Thriving Community with Kate Cocker
It’s every content marketers dream to have an active, engaged community. Not only does it help to entrench you as[...]
How to Create Powerful LinkedIn Video Content with Alicia Henderson
Here’s why you need to start repurposing your client case studies: Because they are a holy grail piece of content[...]
How to Scale Your Business with Content with Daniel Priestley
We all know how vital content is in building a successful brand. It’s key to connecting with your audience and[...]
How to Repurpose Content for Pinterest with Kate Ahl
Have you ever considered repurposing content for Pinterest?With a whopping 433 million monthly users, there’s clearly a ton of potential[...]
How to Incorporate Animation in Your Repurposing Plan with Christine MacKay
We’re all looking for something unique to add to our marketing strategy and incorporating animated content can be an innovative[...]
The 4 Rs of Repurposing Research with Michele Linn
Original research can be a gold-mine for content marketers. But only if you get the results you need – and[...]
Earned Media and Content Repurposing with Lisa Simone Richards
Every brand wants to be more visible online, and while there are some paid options out there which can help[...]
How to Develop a Dynamic Content Marketing Strategy with Kathryn Strachan
Are you thinking like a thought leader? A thought leader is someone seen to be at the forefront of their[...]
How to Repurpose a Virtual Event with Mark Huber
Virtual events: full of value, awesome content, and lots of work to execute. Putting all that effort into a one-time[...]
How to Win Audience Attention with a Multi-Platform Content Approach with Matt Deegan
Are you thinking like a thought leader? A thought leader is someone seen to be at the forefront of their[...]
How to Repurpose and Deliver Compelling Customer Stories with Rob Yoegel
Customer stories let you showcase your customers’ experiences as examples of what to expect from your product or service. They’re[...]
How to Create a Winning Thought Leadership Strategy with Jason Van Orden
Are you thinking like a thought leader? A thought leader is someone seen to be at the forefront of their[...]
How to Unlock Overlooked Content Distribution Channels with Ross Simmonds
How do you create high-quality content for 500 podcast episodes? The incredible Jay Baer has been working for 9+ years[...]
Becoming a Social Pro: 500 Podcast Episodes and Counting with Jay Baer
How do you create high-quality content for 500 podcast episodes? The incredible Jay Baer has been working for 9+ years[...]
How to Use Social Media to Build Great Influence with Ash Jones
A personal brand is a powerful thing. It can get your name out there, establish you as an influential authority,[...]
How to Create Content That Generates More Sales and Better Clients with Nikki Rausch
Does your content marketing actively help you sell your products and services? Does it attract ideal clients? If you need[...]
How to Understand Your Audience Better with Rand Fishkin
What steps do you take to really understand your audience? A struggle that a lot of businesses have is not[...]
How to Write Better Content with Joanna Wiebe
Whether you’re a writer or not, learning how to write better content is crucial to a great content marketing strategy.Writing[...]
How to Repurpose Digital Content into Physical Products with Nicola Semple
If you think repurposing content is limited to the online world only…think again. You might be surprised at just how[...]
Why You Should Repurpose Your Livestream Videos with Matt Pierce
One type of content sits at the very top of the content pyramid. It gives you the most repurposing opportunities,[...]
The Winning Content Strategy for Business Success with James Schramko
What’s more crucial to a winning content strategy, quantity or quality?In an ideal world, of course you’d have both! You’d[...]
How to Build Your Personal Brand with Chris Ducker
How can you build your personal brand to grow your business? It takes a lot of hard work to build[...]
Investing in a Long-term Video Content Strategy with Tamer Shahin
How do you invest in your content?If you’re a content creator, I really want you to think about this question.[...]
How to Create Captivating Video Content with Mike Ganino
What’s holding you back from creating video content? If you’re nervous about being in front of the camera or worried[...]
How Content Can Attract Your Ideal Clients with Martin Huntbach and Lyndsay Cambridge
What if you could create content to attract the clients that best suit your business, and – here's the kicker[...]
How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas with Melanie Deziel
Generating content ideas is tough. Whether you’ve just started on your content marketing journey, and aren’t sure where to draw[...]
How to Use Influencer Marketing Effectively with Neal Schaffer
If hearing the term “influencer” makes you roll your eyes, you’re not alone. The PR debacle of the Fyre Festival, and[...]
How to Create Winning Content on LinkedIn with Mark Williams
If LinkedIn isn’t at the top of your mind and content strategy, you might be surprised to learn what a[...]
How Professionals Can Create Great Content for Social Media with Mitch Jackson
Social media is great if you’re a zany creative, an adventurer, or a makeup guru… but what about accountants, lawyers,[...]
How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile with Louise Brogan
Creating a great LinkedIn profile is about more than just filling out your job history and uploading your corporate headshot[...]
Why Content is the Best Tool for Business Growth with Mark Wright
Growing a business takes blood, sweat, tears, luck, time, passion, intelligence, and all manner of other variables.There aren’t any shortcuts,[...]
Repurposing a Keynote into a Course with Erin King
We will be living in the changed world caused by coronavirus for a long time, so many people are having[...]
Exactly What to Say with Phil M Jones
If you’ve been worried about your content, how to talk to your audience, and how to approach selling in the[...]
How to Repurpose YouTube Videos on Social Media with Amy Landino
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (second to Google), with over 30 million visitors per day,[...]
Reasons to Not Give Up on Facebook with Gavin Bell
We’re experiencing what feels like a groundswell of uncertainty around Facebook at the moment.The company has not been without its[...]
How to Grow Your Business on Instagram with Sue B. Zimmerman
Do you use Instagram? I do, I’d say it’s my favorite social media platform.As content creators, marketers and business owners,[...]
How to Repurpose An Epic Livestream into a Book with David Bain
Writing a book is hard. No doubt – anyone who tells you otherwise is lying! It takes hours of brainstorming,[...]
Creating Online Courses by Repurposing Content with Teresa Heath-Wareing
Creating and selling online courses can be a great way to monetize your expertise. Often portrayed as the ‘holy grail’[...]
Book Repurposing: How Quality Content Can Lead to Publishing a Book with Mike Morrison
How does a busy business owner, entrepreneur and content creator make the dream of publishing a book happen?I know! I[...]
Unlocking Secrets of Facebook Ads and Repurposing with Zach Hesterberg
Facebook advertising can be viewed as the behemoth of content marketing for many business owners. But after listening to this[...]
YouTube Publishing Tips & Repurposing A Video Into a Blog Post with Natalie Hailey
Creating and repurposing content is a commitment. If you want to reap the rewards that repurposing your content can bring,[...]
The Best Way to Repurpose Content on Twitter with Dan Knowlton
Twitter is and always has been a fantastic platform to engage with people. You can use it to build connections,[...]
How Effective Podcast Repurposing Has Helped a Niche Offline Business Grow with Mike Richards
Have you ever wondered whether having a podcast may be more suited for online businesses vs. traditional brick and mortar[...]
How to Get Started with LinkedIn Live with Ian Anderson Gray
Guess who’s back on the podcast? None other than Ian Anderson Gray, who returns to share more of his infinite[...]
How to Create Content that Sells with Jess Lorimer
Generating quality content is a great way to position yourself as a leader in your niche, enhance brand awareness and[...]
How to Repurpose a Podcast into a Cartoon Video Animation
If you have a podcast, repurposing your episodes into an avalanche of new content is one of the best ways[...]
How to Repurpose a TEDx Talk with Mark Asquith
Delivering a TEDx Talk is a highly sought-after accolade for many speakers.Giving a TEDx Talk can have far reaching, positive outcomes. If[...]
What’s working on LinkedIn with Sam Rathling
Let's talk repurposing content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an extremely popular social media and content platform. I’m seeing more and more people using it and getting[...]
The Importance of Branding When You Repurpose Content with Phil Pallen
We all know that branding is important for your business. Being able to instantly recognise a brand by strong visual content or a simple[...]
How to Repurpose Content on Facebook: What’s Working in 2019? with Liz Melville
Despite the bad press that Mark Zuckerberg and his team have received of late at the all mighty social media[...]
How to Effectively Repurpose your Content into a Press Release with Sally Falkow
Do you know how to create press releases in order to get your content in front or your desired audience[...]
How to Repurpose a Podcast into a Book with Emily Prokop
Have you ever thought the unthinkable? No, I’m not talking about eating cereal at night, more: what if I could[...]
How to Repurpose a Podcast into an Alexa Flash Briefing with Sigrun
Smart speakers, for example Amazon Alexa and Google Home, are an electronic ‘gadget’ that seem to have gone from something[...]
Importance of Video Marketing with Jason Hsiao
Video dominates the internet. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look – there’s video content.Video is the public’s #1 favorite type[...]
How Creating a Variety of Multimedia Content Has Transformed a Fitness Business with Chris Knott
I'd like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Chris Knott. Chris has completely changed his personal training[...]
Content Planning & Content Repurposing with Janet Murray
Would you like to learn how you can build a content planning strategy and content repurposing plan for the whole[...]
Repurposing Twitter Chats with Madalyn Sklar
Have you ever taken part in a Twitter Chat?When it comes to repurposing content, we spend a lot of time[...]
Automation of Podcast and Facebook Live Repurposing with Hani Mourra
How much of your repurposing process can be hands-off?At Content 10x we provide a custom personalised service where we repurpose[...]
7 Essentials of High Converting Websites with Matt Eldridge
Do you feel like your website is leaking a lot of potential customers and losing you money? If you do,[...]
Chatbots and Content Repurposing with Kelly Noble Mirabella
Chatbots are a rising force in digital content marketing. Join me and chatbot-expert Kelly Noble Mirabella as we talk about[...]
How to Repurpose Your Content on Instagram with Jenn Herman
I love Instagram. Anyone who follows me on social media would notice that I’m most prevalent on Instagram. I love[...]
How to Incorporate Content Repurposing into your FB Ad Strategy with Julia Bramble
Get ready to lose all fear of Facebook’s complicated Ads Manager and find out how it’s possible to get eyes[...]
How Content Repurposing can Improve SEO with Andy Crestodina
We all know and understand that SEO is crucial because it makes our content more visible, in turn resulting in[...]
Repurposing Webinars with Louise Brogan
In this podcast episode, I’m thrilled to welcome Louise Brogan to the show. We had a fantastic discussion about repurposing[...]
Repurposing on Pinterest with Kate Ahl
On this week’s podcast, I discuss the power of Pinterest with Kate Ahl.Kate is the proud owner of Simple Pin[...]
How to Repurpose Content on LinkedIn with Cathy Wassell
This week on the podcast I talk about LinkedIn with Cathy Wassell.Cathy is a marketing strategist with 20 years' experience[...]
How to Repurpose Live Events with Janet Murray
This week on the podcast I’m really pleased to introduce you to Janet Murray, and we talk all about how[...]
Converting Your Content Into A Best Selling Book With Chris Ducker
This week’s podcast episode is a really special one for me, and a real treat for you!I interview my mentor[...]
How to Repurpose Your Content Using SlideShare with Ana Hoffman
Have you ever considered creating presentations to communicate with your audience? Did you know that creating SlideShare presentations can be[...]
Content Stacking with Colin Gray
This week on the Content 10x Podcast I speak with Colin Gray about content stacking. Colin is the founder of[...]
How To Repurpose Membership Site Content with Mike Morrison
Allowing membership to your website or brand is an excellent way to retain your audience, target your content and enhance[...]
How To Repurpose Facebook Live Videos With Ian Anderson Gray
This week’s podcast episode is all about how you can repurpose Facebook Live videos and I have the pleasure of[...]
How To Repurpose Content Using GIFs with Andrew & Pete
Would you like to learn how to repurpose content using GIFs?Do you use GIFs already in your content creation endeavours?Are[...]
Blog Syndication Explained with Yva Yorston
This week on The Content 10x Podcast I conducted my first guest interview – I invited Yva Yorston and we[...]
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