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The Gift of Repurposing: 5 Giveaway Ideas from your Existing Content

The Gift of Repurposing: 5 Giveaway Ideas from your Existing Content

Do you find yourself thinking of ways that you can take part in holiday giveaways, and subsequently find yourself pondering appropriate giveaway ideas?

Whatever the holidays/occasions that you celebrate are, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Diwali, Eid….they all often come with gifting and generosity.

Whilst we’re in a sharing and giving mood with our friends and family, as business owners we often feel the need to show generosity and ‘gifts’ to our audience and clients from a business perspective too.

As I write this, we have just recovered from Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness! Did you take part?

Whilst you’re searching for giveaway ideas, have you considered that you can repurpose your existing content into gifts and giveaways for your audience?

{In this week’s podcast episode I talk you through 5 ways to repurpose your existing content into content gifts, hit play on the player below to have a listen.}

Holiday Giveaway Ideas – Repurposing is your Friend

When I talk about repurposing, holiday seasons and gifts, I know what you may be thinking…’repurposing’ those unwanted gifts of yours as fresh new gifts for your friends and family. I’m sure we’ve all been there, or at least considered it!

But no, here I’m talking about repurposing your existing content, to take part in holiday season generosity and gifting, and create a bit of a buzz.

I’m sure you may also have promotions etc in relation to your products and services, but here specifically I’m talking about content giveaways. I’m talking about content giveaway ideas that will help to grow your email subscriber list, and also add lots of value to your existing audience.

The thing is, whilst we want to talk part in the holiday giveaways, it’s also usually a very busy time for us. We may have team members taking time off work, and we may even want a bit of a break ourselves.

Planning in advance is really important.  You know what holidays are coming up, so make sure you plan plenty in advance.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch, there’s plenty of things you can do to make the most of the content that you already have and repurpose it into something valuable for your audience. Let’s call it a content gift!

Here’s 5 content repurposing giveaway ideas:

Giveaway idea #1: Create content bundles or ‘hampers’ for your audience

The Gift of Repurposing: 5 Giveaway Ideas from your Existing Content

You know when it’s holiday season and all the big stores start to sell bundled gift sets. For example, they’ll bundle together shampoo, deodorant and soap, and charge you a nice little mark up for the fact that it’s put together in a gift box. I’m sure we’ve all seen this…with clothes, with food, with wine.

What about those Christmas hampers of food and drink! If you get the shop right, they can often be a real feast for the eyes and treat for the taste-buds!

Well…why not bundle together your content and create a ‘content hamper’!

Why not bundle together existing lead magnets, content upgrades, freebies and other content you’ve created throughout the year and deliver to your audience all in one go?

Don’t underestimate how much people will appreciate being handed a ton of free, value-lead content on a plate. Especially if you can put highly relevant content together and deliver with a promise of an end result, e.g. download my 5 most popular checklists and guides for applying for a mortgage and you will find the mortgage application process a breeze.

Giveaway idea #2: Re-deliver your existing content in a new and interesting way

A great way to repurpose your content into something special at holiday season is to re-deliver in it different way.

Consider this to be re-packaging or re-gifting I guess!

To provide a great example, last year one of my clients who runs a home organisation business and has a very popular podcast, decided to re-release 12 of her podcast epsides for 12 consecutive days leading up to Christmas.

She looked at the most relevant podcast episodes asking herself “what will people really need my help with during Christmas time, especially in the 12 days leading up to it?”.

She hand-selected the 12 episodes that she thought would be most useful, then she released “The 12 Days of Home Organisation”.

Although they were already existing podcast episodes, people who has listened to them before benefitted from listening again at a really appropriate time.  People who had never listened before got to benefit from them for the first time too. She also sent an email every day, communicating with her audience which episode was being released, what it was about and where to find it.

She created a real buzz around her existing content and brought it back to life again! What a great thing to do and excellent example of repurposing.

Have a think, is there anything that you could do to repurpose your existing content in such a great way?

Giveaway idea #3: Create new content to complement an existing popular piece of content

Giveaway idea: Review your most popular pieces of content – maybe from this year, or of all time, and consider creating something to complement it.  Think ‘what would my audience love to receive right now?”

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For example, you could use your most popular video from the year to create a quick guide, workbook or checklist. You’ve already spent the time and effort creating that first piece of original content, so repurposing it in a different format won’t take too much time.

You could also consider hiring someone to help you with this e.g. a graphic designer or copywriter, depending on what you want to create.

The Gift of Repurposing: 5 Giveaway Ideas from your Existing Content

Giveaway idea #4: Repurpose content into live experiences

What your audience often want from you is more access to you. Repurposing content into live experiences is a great way to give them exactly that!

For example, you could run a festive live event where every day, in-between Christmas and New Year, you go-live at a specific time and you speak on a different topic every day -giving your audience the opportunity to ask questions. Even though Christmas is a busy time of year, during that week people will be off work and generally feeling more relaxed and eager to spend some time with you (of course, this example wouldn’t be for everyone, you may not want to commit to this when it’s holiday season).

In terms of coming up with ideas for what to talk about on your live streams, go back to your existing content for inspiration! Pick out the most popular blog posts from the year and use those topics as the inspiration on what to speak on.

Giveaway idea #5: Create a challenge

People love a good online challenge!

Challenges are a great way to achieve a goal with motivation, accountability, and instructions on what to do.

The end of the year/start of the new year can be a great time to run a challenge. It’s a time of reflection and of goal setting.

You could consider taking people through a 10 or 12 day challenge, for example (whatever duration you want) as a way of repurposing existing content you already have at Christmas.

A great way of doing this is by creating an email campaign that tells your audience what you want them to do every day. So, for example, on Day 1 they have to read a certain blog post or listen to a podcast episode, and then join you on a live stream at a certain time that day where you will give them an actionable takeaway for the challenge. Learn more about this here.

What’s really important with challenges is giving people a promised result at the end – what’s in it for them? Why should they take part? What will make them EXCITED to take part? Make this clear.

To Conclude 

When you are struggling for content giveaway idea during the holiday seasons, think about how you can repurpose you existing content.

It’s all about taking what you already have, and gift wrapping it in a new and fancy way!

If you give this a try please do let me know. Comment below or reach out on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


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