How to Do More With Less

How to do more with less

Content repurposing is about doing more with less, but how do you avoid falling into the trap of creating and distributing mediocre repurposed content from an average piece of core content, because… well… that’s just what you do every Tuesday?

In this podcast episode and blog post we look at how to do more with less, while ensuring that the ‘more’ part of that equation is of the very highest quality.

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As mentioned, repurposing is about doing more with less. But the truth is if the original content is not of a high quality, then it follows on that the repurposed content will not be of a high quality either.

With great content comes great content repurposing!

How to do more with less

So, the higher the quality of the original content, the higher the quality of the repurposed content.

A common mistake when it comes to content creation 

However, a mistake we often make as content marketers, is that we try to do everything.

We understand repurposing is important and that it needs to be done, but there are only so many hours in the day or week for content creation, repurposing and distribution – that is of course, if you are not working with a content repurposing agency like us – so ultimately, you find that you are trying to do too much.

If you’re sticking to a weekly rhythm for example – so every week you are creating an original piece of content and repurposing it – maybe you should look at making it every two weeks.

Week 1 

Create your piece of original content. Spend time on making sure it is absolutely of the very best quality.

Week 2

Spend the same amount of time repurposing that epic piece of content you made the week before.

Perhaps you feel that you could go a step further and make it monthly? So, for example, instead of writing 52 blog posts a year, create 12 excellently researched and written cornerstone pieces that you then repurpose into lots of high-quality content.

How can you do more with less? 

The challenge is to think about how you can do more with less. As mentioned, this might mean creating less core content in the beginning so you can spend more time on making it of the highest quality, therefore ensuring the repurposed content is of the highest quality.

Imagine you are in the food court of a shopping mall and someone is handing out samples of a new product or recipe. If what they are handing out is average, all that’s going to happen is that more people are going to know it’s average!

You don’t want that to happen with your content – you want excellent core content, which is the foundation for your excellent repurposed content.

A real-life example of doing more with less cropped up in the podcast episode How to Scale Your Business with Content with Daniel Priestley – it might be more for our older readers, but Daniel referenced the fact that there were only ever 12 episodes of the UK smash comedy hit Fawlty Towers, which was first broadcast in 1975.

People probably think there are a lot more because it’s become such an important part of British comedy culture. We’ve all seen it so many times, or it’s been referenced so often and shown in so many countries over the years. But there were only ever 12...

Another example could be the “Wild West”. This period of American history was officially only from 1865 to 1895 – a tiny blip in the world’s timeline – and yet how many decades, even centuries, of myths, folklore, heroes, villains, movies, shows, and film stars have emerged, and will continue to emerge, from that period?

Talk about doing more with less! 

In conclusion

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of content you are creating and repurposing in a short amount of time – then instead of thinking about what new content you can create – look at what you already have. Could you do more with that?

Challenge yourself to look at what you have first.

Then, when you are creating new content, create the best quality content possible and do more with it!

However, if you are sick to death of trying to manage all the content creation and repurposing that’s on your plate, we can help! We offer fully done-for-you content repurposing services for video and audio content.


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