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How to Create Powerful LinkedIn Video Content with Alicia Henderson

How to Create Powerful LinkedIn Video Content with Alicia Henderson

Have you embraced creating video content for LinkedIn?

97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing – how do you cut through all of that noise?

It’s crucial you stand out and what better way than by letting your personality shine on camera?

Alicia Henderson, LinkedIn Video and Business Strategist, joined The Content 10x Podcast to share how marketers can create powerful and binge-worthy LinkedIn video content.

Alicia revealed why video works so well on the platform, what types of video are best suited to it and her favorite ways to repurpose LinkedIn videos.

Listen to the podcast episode here…

Watch the highlights video down below or head over to our YouTube channel for the full episode.

Or read on for the key takeaways from the podcast episode with Alicia.

Why create LinkedIn video content?

In December 2021, Wyzowl found that 68% of video marketers planned to use LinkedIn as part of their video marketing strategy in 2022 – that was up 5% from the previous year.

Despite LinkedIn videos already proving popular, they are still not a common component of every B2B marketer’s arsenal.

Alicia says that this leaves the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd. She suggested that many marketers are focused on creating video content for TikTok, Instagram and Instagram Reels, but neglect video content for LinkedIn.

Videos provide a great way to earn ‘rapid visibility’ and stand out amongst your peers and colleagues in what Alicia calls “a blue ocean”. Even if you are brand new to the world of LinkedIn video, making that step could put you ahead of your peers.

If LinkedIn is a place where you find clients, then it’s a no-brainer to use one of the most engaging visual mediums to get your point across!

How to make your LinkedIn videos ‘binge-worthy’

Creating LinkedIn video is one thing – but how do you make that content irresistible to your audience?

Showing your true personality is invaluable and allows you to really connect well with your audience.

Previous guest Daniel Priestley pointed out in Episode 249, How to Scale Your Business with Content, that the human brain doesn’t truly know if it’s having a digital or analog interaction.

This means you can form meaningful relationships via social media with audience members who you’ve never met in person. It gives your audience the opportunity to know, like and trust you.

How to Create Powerful LinkedIn Video Content with Alicia Henderson

Identifying what your audience needs is also a great way to generate die-hard fans of your LinkedIn videos. The next step would be providing solutions to their questions. This will help you establish a reputation as someone who answers questions, provides solutions AND follows through on promises.

To put it succinctly, Alicia says successful LinkedIn content should:

  • Hit the audience’s pain points
  • Provide a quick solution to their problems
  • Show off your personality

What types of video content work?

LinkedIn provides marketers with opportunities to create compelling video content. Short videos, longer-form video content and livestreams are all possible on the platform – it’s come a long way in the past few years.

But what purpose do each of those types of videos serve?

Short videos have a similar purpose as they would on TikTok or Instagram Reels. They give you the ability to draw the audience in with a snappy caption accompanied by a piece of meaningful and helpful content without beating around the bush.

These could be short videos to promote your core content, standalone promotional videos, narrated animations or anything else that’s to the point and provides the audience with valuable nuggets of information.

Longer videos allow you to go into more depth.

These could be long-form YouTube videos, video podcasts or video content from a webinar or event.

Our long form videos are often thought leadership style videos like this:

Livestreams are possible on LinkedIn - they provide an efficient way of getting to know your audience and answering their questions the moment they’re asked. They help you to build a community.

If someone misses your livestream, they can always watch a replay version later.

LinkedIn video: The repurposing opportunities

We’re forever curious about how we can repurpose all types of content here at Content 10x and LinkedIn videos are teeming with repurposing potential.

In fact, we are so passionate about repurposing LinkedIn video content that we created a whole service dedicated to just that – LinkedIn 10x. We work with businesses to repurpose their LinkedIn video content. Find out why we started our unique LinkedIn video repurposing service here!

Alicia explained that when it comes to her repurposing she finds it useful to create smaller videos from the longer form content she creates on LinkedIn. She also creates Canva graphics with quotes or takeaways from the core piece to reinforce her message.

You can resize and reformat your LinkedIn videos to make them appropriate for other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

How to be confident on camera

If it’s not something you’ve ventured into before, the prospect of creating video content can be intimidating.

Stepping in front of the camera can fill you with self-doubt and anxiety. But – good news – the first step is the hardest!

How to Create Powerful LinkedIn Video Content with Alicia Henderson

You don’t need 20+ years of TV or YouTube experience to show your personality.

It’s a safe bet that some of your favorite performers even suffer from stage fright. Adele, Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga are just a few of the names who have spoken publicly about how nervous they get on stage so you are definitely not alone!

Everybody has to start somewhere, and no-one expects your first ever piece of video content to be flawless.

Alicia left one final tip – relax, try not to overthink it and trust the process!

Another guest who spoke about confidence on camera was Mike Ganino on How to Create Captivating Video Content with Mike Ganino. Why not check out that podcast episode or read the blog post.

In conclusion

LinkedIn videos can really pack a punch on the platform – helping you to stand-out and build trust. They also boast many repurposing opportunities.

Will you be adding LinkedIn videos to your content marketing strategy? Or, if you already create them, will you be tweaking your approach?

For more from Alicia Henderson connect with her on LinkedIn or visit her website.

And as already mentioned, check out our tailored LinkedIn content repurposing service, LinkedIn 10x. We’ll handle the production, repurposing and distribution for your LinkedIn videos so you can focus on making your core content the best it can be.


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