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How To Plan & Create Your Content For Repurposing

How To Plan & Create Your Content For Repurposing

This week on the podcast I share how you can create content with repurposing in mind.

How can you reverse engineer the content creation process so that you have content that is perfect for repurposing?

In other words, you give your content a high repurpose-ability factor (…just made that word up…it’s good isn’t it!).

I truly believe that most content can be repurposed in some way shape or form. Even if repurposing was the last thing on your mind when you created it...even if you hadn’t a clue what repurposing was when you created it…there’s most likely still some repurposing opportunities to be explored (trust me…I will always find them!).

BUT, if you start creating your content with repurposing in mind, then you are making the whole task of repurposing a lot easier.

EP 18 - How To Plan & Create Your Content For Repurposing

If you step back and think about it, it seems obvious.  For example, if you plan out what you are going to eat for the week, write out a shopping list with the ingredients you’ll need, then head to the food shop to buy it, you're more likely to be able to cook the meals that you want through the week.

Alternatively, you could take my husband’s approach....turn up at the grocery store with good intentions but no plan, buy anything at all, then every day wonder what you’re going to make with your (usually pretty random) collection of food! Both will work in that you will eat, but one is somewhat smoother than the other!

Here are some key things that I think you should consider when creating content so that it will repurpose like a dream.

Make your content timeless

Try and create timeless content. Often referred to as ‘evergreen’.

Some minor tweaks to the things that your write or say can help make your content stand the test of time. For example, don’t reference current affairs unless it’s really relevant – don’t include in your video a talk about the “news just in today regarding xyz…”.

Don’t use terminology like ‘today’, ‘tomorrow’ if it isn’t required or if in doing so your content is no longer timeless.

How-to guides and problem-solving content are great examples of timeless content.

Ask yourself - does this topic stand the test of time?  Can and should I make this piece of content timeless?

Focus, focus, focus!  

Keep your content focused on one specific topic.

Make one clear point and always address the ‘so what’, the ‘because’, and the ‘who cares’ of your point.

It's much easier to repurpose focused content that avoids going off on tangents.

Tip: Keep your key point at the front of your mind the whole way through. If you are recording a podcast or a video have it written on a whiteboard, or a post-it note...don't allow yourself to forget and lose focus.


Does your content have a beginning, middle and an end? Can your content be divided into sections?

Bringing structure to your content can often really help with repurposing.

For example, when we are repurposing Facebook Live videos into podcast episodes or shorter videos suitable for YouTube, we always ask our clients to try and structure them in such a way that the core topic is sandwiched in-between live audience interaction, so that we can remove what we don't need and work with repurposing just the core topic.

Similarly, you may be recording a video where you answer FAQs. In that case it’s a really good idea to have a structure whereby you introduce each question individually and clearly. You will then have lots of short videos that you can go onto repurpose onto, for example, Instagram videos.

Keep you sentences short and punchy

Whether written (for a blog) or spoken (for a podcast or video), keep your sentences short and clear.

This is a good habit to get into. Believe me, repurposing is a whole lot easier if you can do this.

It’s easier to create short videos, or quote graphics, or short teaser clips etc, if you are not short and succinct and not rambling on!

Quotes, facts and statistics

Do you have any powerful, impactful quotes that you would like to share?  If you’re creating a podcast or a video have them to hand.  They could be quotes of your own, and/or quotes made by others.

Similarly are there any facts or statistics that you want to share? They add credibility to your content AND they always make good visual content! They are perfect for infographics and slides/presentations. If you are aware of any facts or statistics that are relevant, include them!

Lists and Step-by-Step Guides

Can you create a list, or a step-by-step guide? Breaking content down in this way is perfect for repurposing!

10 Reasons why, 5 ways to do...

This is something to consider as it makes for great repurposing. For example your 10 points can be ten visuals, ten videos, ten podcast episodes, a great infographic…there's lots that you can do. 

In conclusion

EP 18 - How To Plan & Create Your Content For Repurposing

Don’t let content repurposing be an afterthought. Content repurposing starts at the content planning phase.

Always consider what you would like to do with your content once you have created it. How are you going to repurpose it? What could you do when you create it to make it easier to repurpose?

Create content that has a high repurpose-ability factor!

If you’d like a checklist that summarizes everything that I’ve just covered (and more…) then please get yourself a copy of ‘Repurposable Content: The Ultimate Checklist’ by filling out the form below.

 If you’re looking to learn more about repurposing, then check out my book Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results. If you're ready to implement then The Content 10x Toolkit has simple step-by-step guides, checklists and templates to get you started. 


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