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Content Repurposing & When Less is Not More!

Content Repurposing & When Less is Not More!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever suffered from content creators block?

I think we all have. Consistently creating quality content will help you to reach your target audience and ultimately grow your business. It’s not to be overlooked, but coming up with the topic for your next video, blog post, podcast episode…etc can sometimes be challenging, even for the most prolific of content creators!

A mistake that I see a lot of people make is that they share too much all at once, missing the opportunity to make their content go so much further.

You have heard the saying “less is more”, but in this case, I argue that “more is more”!

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Break your content ideas down

A useful technique to deploy in order to keep your content ideas flowing and focused on quality, is to recognize opportunities to break your content ideas down and not share everything at once.

By breaking your content down into bitesize pieces you create a win:win situation. As a result, you have more pieces of content to share, and you’re able to go into more depth with the topics that you are talking about.

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For example, instead of creating an epic piece of content, densely packed with information, you should break it down into not one podcast, video or blog post, but 2, 3, 4….what the hell….why not 10?!

Imagine if JK Rowling had written just one Harry Potter book instead of seven. Sharing the whole story, but in one ginormous book!! It’d either be REALLY long….too long…off-putting and no-one would read it all. 

Or, it would be a reasonable size but so much of the story wouldn’t be shared. Wonderful plots and storylines would be cut short and characters wouldn’t be fully explored. So many compromises would be made, ultimately affecting the overall quality.

The same goes for the Harry Potter films. It’d either be one 16 hour long film, which would make for an awful lot of toilet breaks! Or, it’d be one very confusing short film.

In fact, did you know that there were seven books but eight films. This is because the final book became two films in order to do it justice and not skim the surface of some real key ingredients to the epic finale!

I want to encourage you to do the same with your content. When you come up with new ideas, explore whether you can break them down and have more than one piece of content.

In fact, it may be possible to create a series. So that idea you had to write an epic blog post about launching a podcast is now going to be 5 posts as part of a series – each one focusing on different aspects e.g. the idea, the equipment, the technical side, marketing and growth.

Taking more inspiration from films, consider that when we watch trilogies and series’ they often end with a cliffhanger. I’m not saying you have to finish each of your blog post by killing off a major character (!), but if you can tease what’s coming next in your series it will leave your audience wanting more.

It’s important that you don’t share too much in one go as it’s too much for people to take in. By breaking things down you do your audience a favor, you do yourself a favor (having more pieces of content), and you do the topic a favor by going deep and not skimming the surface.

Content Repurposing & When Less is Not More!

Consistency is key

If you listen to my podcast or read my blog, you’ll hear me talk all the time about the importance of being consistent with your content and your messaging.

I’ve committed to never missing a week when it comes to publishing my Content 10x blog posts and podcast episodes, so I know first-hand that sometimes it can be tough to plan out your content, to work out what you want to share and talk about.

There are even times, despite me loving to chat about content repurposing at length, where I wonder what on Earth I’m going to talk about. But, the idea ALWAYS comes because it’s what I live and breathe with running Content 10x.

This is why I always have a keen eye for turning one idea into several, giving me more time to dive deeper into the subject matter.

Get more in depth over a longer period of time

Let’s break it down using an example involving wine, because, everyone loves wine, right? (well, I do anyway!).

Let’s say I wanted to create some content about 50 different wines that I’ve tried over the years that I love.

Instead of creating one monster video I could split it up into different categories: 

  • I could have a shorter episode about my top 10 favorites from Italy
  • Another episode about my favorites from Argentina
  •  I could even do a special episode about the wines I love to drink at Christmas

Each episode works as a standalone piece of content, but could end with what your audience can expect in the next. People are more likely to tune into shorter pieces and take a lot more information from them.

Remember, you can get into more depth and can create a month or months of content from one big idea versus one big piece of content from one idea.

 Sometimes, less is not more, more is more!


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