Maximizing Content ROI for a Leading Multinational FS Company

How partnering with Content 10x has helped a leading multinational financial services company streamline content production and repurposing across multiple departments

Increased audience engagement

streamlined content operations

compliant content repurposing

Meet the Client...

Our client is a diversified, market-leading FS organization dedicated to strengthening the financial well-being of their 50+ million global investors. With over 75,000 associates, their international presence spans 11 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  

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The Challenge

This financial powerhouse knew that much of its content had considerable unlocked potential. And, while they have talented teams creating high-quality content, time restrictions made repurposing a challenge. They needed a partner who understood the market, could work with their brand aesthetic and ToV, and negotiate their complicated legal and compliance processes when creating content 

At Content 10x we were uniquely positioned to address these challenges.  

“I cannot thank Content 10x enough. The assets they created all look great and they received compliance and brand approval incredibly quickly. Which doesn't normally happen! The team is easy to collaborate with, respond quickly and their partnership is highly valued across each of the departments they support." - Head of Marketing

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The Solution

The client initially contacted us for help with repurposing a virtual summit. This blossomed into an ongoing, long-term partnership where we support multiple marketing teams and projects across the organization.

Our support centers around seamless and bespoke content services. By becoming a trusted supplier, and working alongside marketing, legal and compliance teams, we’ve streamlined the collaboration process.  

Examples of our work include 

Repurposing a virtual summit about benefits into social media content...and we managed the end-to-end launch of a brand-new podcast! 

We work alongside several webinar series' repurposing them into videos and content for social media. 

Turned live videos of engaging talks from an event into video clips, transcripts, and social media content.  

Transformed a roadshow on retirement benefits into an event video showreel and engaging videos for social media and their website. 

Transformed a global survey into LinkedIn videos, thought leadership-style posts, and engaging graphics.

Rebranded, and repurposed client-facing PDFs on student debt policy, giving them a far longer shelf life.  

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The Results

Working closely with our client, repurposing their content across the board, we have seen a steady increase in audience engagement, streamlined content operations, successfully navigated the stringent legal compliance processes and helped to boost brand authority. 

Increased audience engagement 

Through our personalized approach to content repurposing, we helped to amplify compelling narratives that resonate with our client’s diverse audience, from debt management to retirement planning. 

The result? A significant uplift in engagement metrics, including website traffic, social media interactions, and lead generation.

Content marketing for investment services

Streamlined content operations 

Our client faced challenges in maintaining consistent quality content and distribution across multiple teams. 

By integrating our services into their existing workflows, we helped to streamline their operations, ensuring a cohesive brand voice and content delivery.  

Content marketing for investment services

Compliance and legal adherence 

Navigating the stringent legal and compliance processes involved in the financial sector is no small feat. 

However, with our team’s understanding of industry regulations and internal regulatory protocols this means all content that we produce meets the highest standards of compliance, mitigating potential risks and fostering trust among stakeholders.

Content marketing for investment services

Increased brand authority   

By consistently delivering high-quality, engaging and compliant content, our partnership with this FS company has contributed to solidifying their brand authority.

Their audience continue to view them as thought leaders, trusted advisors, and experts in all their respective sectors.  

Content marketing for investment services

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