Smashing Business Goals Against All Odds

How Content 10x helped a wealth management company move fast and overtake their competition by going all-in with content.

Read on to find out why Peace of Mind Wealth Management partnered with us, and what we helped them achieve.

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Meet the Client...

Peace of Mind Wealth Managemennt

Peace of Mind Wealth Management is a retirement planning firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company helps pre-retirees and retirees transition into their next phase of life with financial confidence and ease.

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The Challenge

After a brand redevelopment, the Peace of Mind Wealth Management team set a goal to generate $20m in new assets by the end of the year. Then the pandemic hit.

For 20 years, the company had heavily relied on live events to connect with potential new clients. But with all live events canceled, Founder Radon Stancil decided not to hold them to big stretch targets and simply focus on getting the business through the year.

At the same time, the company saw this as an opportunity to pursue a content marketing strategy different from anyone else in their industry. One that would break the “cookie-cutter” mold by providing unique, quality content that people could trust.

They launched Secure Your Retirement – a twice-weekly video podcast providing informative retirement, legacy, and lifestyle content for existing and potential clients.

Peace of Mind Wealth Management website

They were acutely aware that people prefer to consume content differently. Some like to watch videos, others listen to podcasts, others read blog posts. Some people like to delve into the detail, some only want bite-sized content. 

The team decided that if they were going to dedicate time and resources to their video podcast, they would go all-in, creating content in various formats for multiple platforms and cross-referencing them. Founder, Radon, said:

“The biggest issue to me was, how do I take this podcast, get it into a blog, put it on YouTube, etc.? At the time, navigating all of those moving parts was overwhelming”

They tried working with several suppliers, but this was time-consuming, confusing, and slowing the process down. So, the team looked for a more streamlined solution that they could trust to help them produce more content faster and of the highest quality. (Hint - Content 10x!)

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The Solution

After an initial consultation call with Radon, we knew that our LinkedIn 10x service was the perfect solution. Why?

You create. We repurpose.

We transformed their raw video footage into a YouTube video, podcast episode, long-form blog post, social media videos, graphics and posts – helping their content reach and connect with people in their preferred format.

One supplier. One solution.

Our team of experts (video and podcast editors, designers, content writers, content distributors...and more) are accessible through one point of contact. Streamlining the process, reducing confusion and saving time.    

Leave the entire process with us.

We repurposed AND published the content, saving precious time and taking the stress out of the content management process - meaning Peace of Mind Wealth Management could focus on what they do best. 

Raise your profile.

We create engaging and shareable social media videos, graphics and posts to promote the video podcast and get the word out about Peace of Mind Wealth Management. Elevating them within their industry and building trust.  

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The Results

Peace of Mind Wealth Management started working with us shortly after launching the Secure Your Retirement podcast. After only six months of our partnership, the benefits were clear.


Peace of Mind Wealth Management finds many new clients via referrals – but conversations about money are often tricky. Now, their quality content has made Peace of Mind Wealth Management easy to refer, as existing clients find so much value in the content that they’re sharing it with their friends, family, neighbors, and more.


Trust is everything when it comes to winning clients in the wealth management industry. One big benefit that Peace of Mind Wealth Management started to see was that content established trust. People who’d consumed their Secure Your Retirement content were far more likely to trust the team, even if they’d never met them before – making conversions faster and smoother.


With everything except for recording the video taken care of by us, Peace of Mind Wealth Management could focus their time and energy on what they do best – serving their clients. This saved the team so much time and allowed them to make the greatest use of their skills.


Using online content to reach people rather than in-person events meant that the firm was far less restricted by physical location. In fact, Peace of Mind Wealth Management started running paid social campaigns on Facebook using their content to attract clients from a much broader geographical area than ever before.


Peace of Mind Wealth Management is leading the way in an industry that’s yet to fully embrace content marketing. The team’s consistent, high-quality, non-cookie-cutter content is putting them leagues ahead of their competition, and they’re producing it at such a high speed, nobody else can keep up!

We’ve seen such huge results from our content that there's no way we would ever quit.”

It’s no surprise that the team is more invested in their content strategy now than ever. Remember that ambitious goal? They not only reached it – they’d smashed it!

We hit our goal, and we can attribute at least 60% of that business to our content alone.”

Here's what they had to say...

“Working with Content 10x has been a wonderful experience. The service has been unbelievable. Now we've created almost 60 podcast episodes and it has been an easy process because of all the work of Content 10x!”

Radon Stancil, Co-Founder, Peace of Mind Wealth Management

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