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Content Repurposing and The Importance of Consistent Messaging

Content Repurposing & The Importance of Consistent Messaging

If you’re a business owner and you’re growing your personal brand, it’s essential that you share your expertise with the world to become known, build trust and enhance your reputation. Your potential customers must know who you are, what you do and what problem you can solve for them. You need to be the first person they think of should they ever encounter said problem, and you can achieve this through consistent messaging.

However, if you are not consistent with your messaging, you could end up confusing potential customers by burying the reason they should come to you in the first place.

Content repurposing can help you keep your message consistent. And, consistency is the name of the game for growing a strong personal brand!

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Communicate what you do and how you can help people 

It's so important that we’re not just creating content for content’s sake. We need to make sure that it’s clear exactly what we do and be consistent with our messaging.

As business owners and content creators we need to be clear on the problem that we solve for people. You need to make that so clear, in all of your messaging, that when people have that problem they come to you.

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What I see quite often is people having a scatter gun approach with their messaging. One minute they are talking about one thing, the next it’s something else.

One minute their talking about entrepreneurship, the next minute it’s miracle mornings and getting up early, then it’s productivity… people don’t really associate you with one thing.

You’re not growing a strong personal brand if people cannot really say, in one sentence what you do – what it is you help people with.

I see this quite a lot in the marketing world, where someone is a Facebook ads expert, but then they're an Instagram growth hacker, and then they're a specialist in sales copy, then it’s…. you get the gist. So, you might assume that this person knows a lot about marketing. Therefore, they’re perfect if you need general marketing help. But how often do people want general help if specialists are out there?

If you are a specialist, make that clear. Stand proud and be loud about your specialization…people will thank you for it!

Content repurposing helps with consistent messaging

My recommendation is that you focus on one type of long form content – whether that’s a blog, podcast, or video content. And focus on posting quality content regularly, so let’s say weekly.

Then what you need to do is be really clear on what you want to be known for and what your overall message is. Then share your message every week in your core long form content, look at it from different angles, but always be true to your message.

Then take that message and repurpose it across other platforms. You could turn your podcast into a blog, like I’ve done here, plus lots of social media content. You’ve already created a piece of really insightful content, so make sure you make the most of it.

Focus on one message a week, repurpose, and repeat. Spend the week repurposing on the different social media platforms and in different formats, but always keep the core message.

This keeps you consistent. In addition, this prevents the scatter gun approach and helps you to become known for what you want and need to be known for.

Content Repurposing and The Importance of Consistent Messaging

What do you want to be known for?

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘sharing is caring’, and sometimes when we know so much, it’s hard not to share what we know. We want to help everyone out because we’re all such lovely people, right?

Unfortunately, this makes it SO hard to stay consistent with our messaging.

I’m a prime example… I have always posted consistent messaging about content repurposing. I want to be known as the world’s leading expert on content repurposing and be the first person that comes to mind when they need help with…you guessed it… content repurposing.

Here are my aims with my messaging:

  • I want event organizers to think about me as soon as they need a keynote speaker on content repurposing 
  • I want podcasters to invite me on their show to talk about content repurposing
  • Just like whenever someone saw a ghost in the Ghostbusters movies, they’d know who to call. GHOSTBUSTERS!  For me, it’s content repurposing, who ya gonna call? Amy Woods and Content 10x!!

I always ensure my podcast and blog content is about repurposing, it always has to have that angle.

For example, in episode 105 of the podcast, Unlocking Secrets of Facebook Ads & Repurposing, I had guest Zach Hesterberg on and we spoke about Facebook ads. But, I was specifically talking to him about the content repurposing angle of running ads. I always find the angle.

There are so many marketing podcasts out there, I don’t want to be just another. I’m all about making your content go further and work harder for you. Always about smart tips and tricks for your content.

If I started posting random bits of content about leadership, people development or the intricacies of origami, people wouldn't know if I’m an expert in repurposing content or making paper cranes, and they’d leave feeling very confused indeed.

That wouldn’t be great for my business.

What I think is so good about content repurposing is it helps you retain a core and consistent message across all the platforms. It helps you to show people that you can communicate your message in different formats too.

Reputation X Reach = Results

I heard someone say recently on a podcast (sorry can’t remember who….!) that reputation X reach = results… I love this so much.

Consistent messaging helps build your reputation, reach helps more people know about you, and only by more people knowing about your good reputation will they get in touch and trust you.

As an example, take my friend Mark Asquith, who is the CEO of Rebel Base Media. Rebel Base Media is a Podcasting Tech and Education company, we run our podcast on their hosting platform, Captivate (Mark was on the podcast in episode 87 where we spoke about his TEDx and how he repurposed that).  Mark used to have a personal brand under the name Excellence Expected. His content was varied and generally all about entrepreneurship, start-ups, personal branding, and personal development.

All very good content and there wasn’t anything wrong with this in that Mark provided business coaching to a small number of people aside from his Rebel Base Media responsibilities, so this content was a funnel to his coaching under his Excellence Expected brand.

But he decided that he wanted to be known for podcasting. He wanted to go all in on podcasting. He wanted to be “That British Podcast Guy” – how did he achieve this? By becoming totally consistent with his messaging (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

All of his content strategy now is based around podcasting. He creates three short podcasts a week on The Podcast Accelerator, and he talks on stages around the world about podcasting. He calls himself ‘That British Podcast Guy’ on his website and social media…and guess what…now, so do other people too!

Content Repurposing and The Importance of Consistent Messaging

Don’t forget to be yourself

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t share content on social media that’s not about you – you need to be human too.

I share some of the things I get up to – I share things I enjoy doing like going to the gym, cooking, drinking margaritas that are as big as my head!!! But that’s different to the business content you share, that should be consistent in messaging.

My point is to become known you need to have consistent messaging. Repurpose your content to ensure you are consistent across platforms and formats. Solve that problem for people and they will know and trust you.

Reputation X reach will lead to results.

In Conclusion

Take the time to remember the reason you started your business and the solution that you can offer your customers.

Once you’ve found your specialism, stick to talking about that. Chances are, you’ve got plenty to say on the matter and can post endless content about it – whether that’s podcasts, blogs, livestreams…etc. I’d recommend starting with one message a week and repurposing it to retain consistent messaging across each platform.


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