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Content Planning & Content Repurposing with Janet Murray

Content Planning & Content Repurposing with Janet Murray

Would you like to learn how you can build a content planning strategy and content repurposing plan for the whole year without spending hours sifting through the web for inspiration?

My special guest, Janet Murray, can help you do just that. And don’t worry, content planning for a year of content doesn’t take as long as you might think! It’s all about having a method behind the planning that helps you not only plan your content, but plan your business goals too.

Janet is a really good friend of mine. When we get together, whether it’s for a cup of coffee, at an event, or a podcast discussion, our mutual love for content repurposing usually comes up and great ideas emerge! In fact, we could ping-pong ideas back and forth for hours. But we managed to keep it under the 30-minute mark on this occasion!

Janet is, I would argue, the UK's leading content marketing expert. Her background is in journalism, but over the past 6 years she’s utilized her flair for storytelling and marketing to capture new audiences with her highly successful blog and podcast. She’s an international speaker, author, coach, consultant, and she has a huge social media following.

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It was nice to set aside time to catch up with Janet and talk about all the ways you can craft a killer content plan for your business. Janet recently launched her 2019 Media Diary, which helps small business owners build and sustain a content planning strategy for the year ahead.

I recently spoke at Janet’s Content Live event in London, and was gifted Janet’s Media Diary, and I love it! I decided to invite Janet back onto the podcast so that she can share all of her tips and strategies for content planning. Janet is the first ever returning guest to The Content 10x Podcast!

Why is Creating a Content Planning Strategy so Important?

What many people don’t know about Janet is that she is pretty disorganised! Janet shared this little secret of hers on the podcast and it may come as a surprise because she seems SO organised. As I type this she has created over 320 podcast episodes and hundreds of blog posts. She’s prolific at putting content out into the world and is super consistent with it. How does she do it?

When she was a schoolgirl she was very disorganised. However, when she entered the journalism sphere, organisational skills and acute attention to detail were a must. So, Janet got to work and developed systems and processes to help her become more organised and consistent. Similarly, she has developed systems and processes to help her create content for her business.

I’m sure Janet isn’t the only one who struggles with organisation and procrastination. Entrepreneurs and creative people tend to have a lot of ideas floating around in their minds. The problem is that there’s so much going on that it can be pretty overwhelming. We get easily distracted, or, as Janet put it, we can suffer from “shiny new object syndrome”.

Great ideas always seem to pop up while we’re in the middle of pursuing our last great idea. So, what do we do? We jump on it, leaving a trail of unfinished projects behind us!

How a Content Planning Strategy can help you Build an Audience

Content Planning & Content Repurposing with Janet Murray

If you want to build an audience and make sales online, you’ve got to publish high-quality content and do so consistently!

When you show up regularly, people start to trust you. They begin to see you as a dependable and reliable source of information in your field of expertise. But, if you’re not planning your content and publishing it consistently, you aren’t making that connection with your audience.

Whilst having a content planning strategy in place can save a lot of time, content repurposing is a helpful way to optimize it. You can produce content in batches and repurpose your content to maximize its impact. By mapping out your content, it helps ensure that your content creation takes place. This allows you to be much more consistent.

Publishing Relevant Content

Janet’s number one tip is to start thinking about yourself as the editor of a magazine. Every business is a media company. You should never publish something without having a good reason for posting it!

Before you post your content, ask yourself the following questions:

Why does my audience need to hear about this now?

Why is this content timely and relevant to my audience?

This is because your content needs to be timely and relevant to your audience. After all, we’re all in the business of selling. Whether you’re selling products or services, you’ve got to create content that aligns with your business and your goals.

Content Planning & Content Repurposing with Janet Murray

Janet’s Step-by-Step Content Planning Strategy

Step One: Develop a yearly content plan for your business

The very first thing that Janet asks people to do is to plot out what they will be doing from a business perspective during each quarter of the year. Split the year into four quarters. For each quarter, write down three or four key things that are happening in your business.

I’m in the process of writing a book (news flash!). I plan to publish it in March/April. So, I added that to my first quarter and continued to add any events or plans I have for my business throughout the year.

If you can’t think of what you’ll be doing in each quarter, the problem isn’t your content planning strategy. The problem lies in your business strategy. The more you can think and plan what’s going on in your own business, the better your content planning will be.

Struggling to come up with ideas?

Use Janet’s Media Diary to look at key dates coming up that you can use to build content around. Special occasions like Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day could be good dates to create fun content around that’ll help build brand awareness.

Think about what’s happening in the wider world and how key dates could align with your business. Then, put your thinking cap on and start planning content around it!

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Step Two: Planning your content based on your business’s quarterly plans

Now that you’ve looked at the year ahead as a wide shot, it’s time to zoom in a little bit. Janet suggests splitting the year into 90-day chunks. Doing this makes it easier to tackle each section as they come.

A great way to come up with content ideas is to think about the questions your customers are currently asking. Then, think about creating a series of content ideas that address those questions.

You also need to consider what content will be timely and relevant to your customers. What are they having problems with? Pinpoint their challenge or difficulty and provide the solution via your content. Whether that’s in the form of a written blog post, a podcast episode or a YouTube video, is up to you!

Janet advises that you come up with around 12 or 13 ideas for the first quarter before moving onto the second, third, and fourth quarter. Before you know it, you’ll have the best part of the year planned out!

Step Three: Planning and content repurposing on a weekly basis

Instead of generating tons of new content each week, create one piece of cornerstone content and think about all the ways you can repurpose it.

For example, If you start with a video, you can strip out the audio and turn it into a podcast. Then, take the transcript from the podcast and transform that into a written blog post. Next, pull out a few killer quotes and make them into creative graphics to share on your social media channels. You could also take a section of the audio or the main video and use them to make short teasers.

When you focus on creating one cornerstone piece of content each week, you’ll save yourself a lot of time planning and creating content.

By repurposing weekly cornerstone content, you potentially have 12 pieces of content for an entire week. Think about all the ways you can repurpose your existing content, and this will help make your content planning process much more manageable.

Janet’s 2019 Media Diary!

You can plan out your content repurposing strategy for the whole year with Janet’s 2019 Media Diary.

It’s a beautiful content planning A4 desk diary with over 160 pages. It includes hundreds of awareness days and key dates to help you plan your content for the year ahead. It also comes with a quick-start guide, a week-per-view content planner, check-lists, to-do lists, prompts and detailed instructions on how to use your planner to create shareable content with some incredible case studies.

You can grab your copy of Janet’s 2019 Media Diary here.

Content Planning & Content Repurposing with Janet Murray

If you want to buy the 2019 Media Diary, but you’re worried you’ll struggle to be consistent with your content, you can join the Media Diary Owners’ Club. This is an online community that Janet created to help support people who want to use the Media Diary to publish consistent, incredible content in 2019.

If you’d like to find out more about Janet or reach out to her then head on over to her website, where you’ll find links to all of her social media accounts.


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  1. Great podcast and fantastic ideas, but how can you stay on plan when you are reliant on other to provide the content you need? I have to work with people who’s “day job” has to take priority and no amount of preplanning, cajoling or just downright nagging will get me their draft on time!

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