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How to Boost Your Content Marketing ROI

Like with any business investment, you need to know your content marketing efforts will pay off. But it’s not always easy to work out your content marketing ROI.

Content marketing ROI is essentially the return on investment from your content marketing efforts, minus the cost of that investment. It’s important to know whether the time and expense that you've invested in content marketing will pay off.

The last thing you want to do is spend all that time and effort creating content that doesn’t drive engagement, leads, or sales.

Content marketing can be very time-intensive, and it requires multiple skilled people, which is why many businesses outsource it. On top of the content creation, you also need to dedicate time to reviewing your metrics and other less quantifiable measures, to make sure there’s an acceptable ROI. 

If you find that your content isn’t giving you the returns that you’d like, that doesn’t mean content marketing isn’t worth it. It just means you may need to work on your strategy.

But the good news is we’re here to help!

How to increase your content marketing ROI in 4 simple steps

1. Measure your content marketing ROI

First things first, you need to measure your existing content marketing ROI. You won’t know whether you’ve improved if you’ve never measured it before. So, take a baseline on your current content marketing efforts. This will give you something to compare all of your improvements with to ensure you’re on the right track.

Take a look at all the metrics you want to focus on, such as website traffic, leads, and engagement on social media. Set targets for each of them.

When you get the ball rolling with your content improvements, come back to these numbers and see how your changes are affecting ROI. If things aren’t looking up, rethink your strategy.

Check out our blog and podcast episode on How to Track & Measure Your Content Repurposing for more.

2. Improve content quality

Quality is the most important factor in boosting your content marketing ROI. While it may sound obvious, any content you put out into the world needs to be top-quality. With so much content out there, the standards of your audience are at an all-time high.

Spend some time doing an honest evaluation of your current content. What’s working? What could be improved?

Remember, your content needs to be informative, engaging, and valuable to your audience. Ask yourself – what is your audience gaining from this piece of content?

Some brands spend a lot of time churning out tons of content in the hope of gaining traction online. But it’s much better to produce fewer high-quality pieces than lots of content of average quality.

Less is more! A lot of average, mass-produced content is not going to stand out when your audience is scrolling through LinkedIn or reading up on industry blogs.

Hear more about doing more with less in our blog post and podcast episode, Content Marketing: Knowing when Enough is Enough with Robert Rose.

3. Optimize your content for search engines

Another way to boost your ROI is by ensuring your content is optimized for search engines or the platform it’s posted on.

For website content such as blogs and show notes/video descriptions, you should try to include researched keywords relevant to the topic in the content. This will help you get your content in front of more people searching for the information you offer.

For social media, while you’re not able to optimize your content in the same way for search engines, make sure any media you post is optimized for the platform.

Each platform has different requirements for images and videos, so make sure you’re not just posting the exact same images and video sizes across platforms. Always test your graphics and videos on each platform and read up on platform guidance to make sure your content looks great wherever it is.

4. Repurpose and distribute content

Instead of creating original content every time and finding yourself on a content hamster-wheel, you should produce repurposed content from each piece to maximize the ROI.

If you have a podcast episode, don’t just consider the job done once you post it, and move onto the next...and the next. Turn it into audiograms or videos to post on social media. Pull quotes from it and create quote graphics to share. Repurpose the episode into a blog post. Just ensure your repurposed content covers different angles from the main content.

Content repurposing lets you squeeze more value out of each piece of content. This means you won’t have to create so much original content all the time to try to gain traction. You can fill your content calendar with a mixture of original content, repurposed images, videos, quotes, threads, and blogs to appeal to a wide range of people.

Not everyone likes to consume content the same way. Some people love podcasts, but not everyone’s a fan. Other people prefer to watch TikTok videos, while some prefer blog posts.

The beauty of content repurposing is that it expands the reach of each piece of content, so more potential leads are hearing the value you have to offer. 

Once you repurpose your content, distribute it far and wide!

With social media, make sure you’re posting on platforms that your potential buyers are most active on. For B2B brands, LinkedIn is the obvious choice. But do some digging and focus on where your content will have the most impact.

At Content 10x, we love all things repurposing. We believe that you can do more with less and boost the reach, impact, and ROI of your content by repurposing it.

New to content repurposing? Start with The Ultimate Guide to Content Repurposing.

Get help with your content marketing ROI

If this sounds like a lot, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that!

But if you do want to stand out in your industry, content marketing is the way to go. It builds brand awareness, captures leads, and places you as an authority – and this all goes a long way in building trust. Trust is the key ingredient when it comes to a B2B buying decision.

So, with a great content marketing strategy, you can enjoy the extra engagement, leads, and sales.

Need help with your content marketing? Some people turn to freelancers to help produce content, others enlist B2B content marketing agencies. But if you are interested in repurposing your content, why not team up with us - the number one content repurposing specialists for B2B businesses?

We work with a range of B2B brands on repurposing videos, webinars, podcasts, blogs, reports, talks and more, into high-value content that you can distribute far and wide. (We even distribute the content for you, if you want us to!)

Learn more about our bespoke content repurposing services to get started.


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  1. The key to getting a good ROI for content marketing is adjusting your campaign and goals as you go along. Don’t expect the same results for every content marketing initiative. Be patient and flexible, and monitor your analytics closely to see what works best for your company.

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