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5 Content Marketing & Repurposing Predictions for 2023

5 Content Marketing & Repurposing Predictions for 2023

What’s going to happen in content marketing in 2023?

It’s time to get the Content 10x crystal ball out!

While we can’t be 100% certain we have five predictions that we’d like to share.

We’ve done this style of blog post and podcast episode each year since 2018 so it’s become a bit of a tradition and looking back, we’ve not been too far wrong in our predications, so let’s see whether we can nail it for a sixth year in a row!

Press play to listen to the podcast episode.

Here are the five Content 10x predictions for the content marketing industry this year.

Doing more with less

1. Doing more with less

Our founder, Amy Woods was asked to contribute to a predictions article on the Content Marketing Institute blog at the end of 2022, and this is what she said:

“I think there will be a growing realization that more, more, more isn’t the answer and the focus should be on doing more with less. Marketers will invest more time and resources into creating fewer but very high-quality differentiated content with video at the heart of it and a solid repurposing and distribution plan”. 

Doing more with less is always at the top of our agenda and it’s something we often cover in these blog posts. After all, content repurposing is all about doing more with less!

We interviewed CMI’s Chief Strategy Advisor Robert Rose and Amy spoke about this less is more concept with him – and knowing when enough is enough with regards to your content.

He likened content marketing to a game of golf – the whole point of golf is to hit the ball the least amount of times but have the maximum impact…  like with content, you want one piece of great content to have the maximum impact.

This is an important one, because budgets are going to be tight throughout 2023 as recession hits and many content marketing teams are going to feel the pinch… so having the mindset of doing more with less is going to be vital.

More short-form videos

2. Continued rise in short-form video

More businesses and creators are going to realize that this is the content that people want to consume.

It’s going to become really important to know your audience and create short and sweet content in video format. Especially if Gen Z is a part of your target audience.

Short-form videos are arguably easier to produce than many other forms of content unless you really go to town with the concept and editing. But on the short-form video platforms, it’s more about:

  • Authenticity
  • Participation

And less about high-end production. You can test more of your ideas with short-form video content too.

Deeper Platform Focus

3. Deeper platform focus

More businesses will adopt the mentality that being everywhere isn’t the goal of content marketing, and start to really focus their attention on specific channels and walk away from others.

For example, with the Elon Musk Twitter takeover, some businesses, brands, influencers / thought leaders have made the decision to leave completely and spend their time, energy and ad spend in other places where their audiences are spending their time.

This could lead people to consider the platforms they are on more carefully and start looking at whether they want to streamline their focus.

Continued Growth for B2B Podcasts

4. Increase in B2B podcasts

Edison Research’s Infinite Dial report in 2022 actually showed a decline in monthly podcast listeners in the US, from 41% to 38%, an estimated 109 million – and weekly listening down from 28% to 26%, an estimated 71 million.  It’s likely that’s a sign of a return to normalcy after the pandemic, and the 2021 numbers were inflated due to lockdowns, etc.

However, despite this reported drop by Edison Research, according to HubSpot, 18% of US based companies plan to leverage podcasts and audio content in their marketing strategies, this number is growing.

In 2023, we’ll see businesses embracing podcasts more and more and hopefully video podcasts, which are a brilliant form of multi-format content and the best form of content for repurposing.

This ties in with prediction number 1… if you have a less is more mentality, put video at the heart of it, and you can repurpose your video podcast in multiple pieces of content.

Audio content is becoming increasingly popular, so businesses will start to include it more in their strategy. We are certainly seeing this with the B2B businesses we work with and talk to every day.

More interest and focus on AI

5. More interest and focus on AI

We believe content marketing teams will increasingly start exploring and learning more about AI and how it can help us with our content.

There’ll be more AI tools becoming available – there are a lot already, but we’ll see more, and as they get better it’s inevitable that we’ll see more AI featuring in all aspects of the content marketing workflow.

From content development to video editing, graphic design and writing, and SEO and of course content repurposing – so watch this space with AI!

What do you think? Are there any predictions you strongly agree or disagree with? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Great article! Your insights on content marketing repurposing predictions for 2023 were spot on. The examples you provided really highlight the importance of making the most out of your content by repurposing it in new and innovative ways. Your discussion on the role of AI and automation in content repurposing was also very enlightening. Thanks for sharing your expertise with the content marketing community.

  2. Great insights on the future of content marketing and repurposing! I completely agree with your prediction on the increased use of AI and automation in creating and distributing content. It's exciting to see how technology can streamline the content creation process while still maintaining quality. Additionally, I found your point on the importance of short-video content and its potential to become the primary format for content consumption in the future to be very thought-provoking. Overall, a well-written and informative piece!

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