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Content 10x The Book – An Update and How to Repurpose Content into a Book

Content 10x The Book – An Update & How to Repurpose Content into a Book

It’s been a lot of hard work…early mornings, late nights, weekends…but I’m pleased to let you know that my first ever book is soon to be published! It’s called Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results.

My book is the ultimate guide to reaching more people online. It teaches readers all they need to know about content repurposing. And, provides hands-on, practical and implementable guidance on how to repurpose almost every type of content.

I’m so excited to unleash it on the world and for content creators to read it, learn from it, implement, and grow their business!

I’ve poured my heart, soul and all my content repurposing knowledge into this book, it’s certainly not one to miss. It will be available for pre-order in mid-August!

I’d like to share more about my first book and how I used content repurposing to help write it.

To listen to the podcast episode hit play below, or read on for more:

So, a little bit more about what my book is all about.

Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results is an essential guide for absolutely anyone in the business of blogging, vlogging, podcasting, live streaming, running events, membership site owners, you name it!

I cover everything you could ever need to know about content repurposing. And, why it’s so important for your business - including all of the many wonderful ways you can repurpose your content.

It’s a very practical book that explains the mindset, systems, processes and people you need in place in order to effectively repurpose your content.

My book foreword has been written by non-other than Chris Ducker. Chris is the founder of Youpreneur.com, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, blogger, best-selling author, and also my friend and mentor.

When can I read it?!

Now that I’ve got you all excited about my book (hopefully), I’m sure you’ll want to know when you can get your hands on it!

If everything goes to plan, my book will be available to pre-order on Amazon on the day that I speak at Podcast Movement which will be August 14th. Super exciting!

You can head to content10x.com/book to sign up for a notification when it becomes available.

I am speaking and exhibiting at Podcast Movement, so I’m planning on bringing the first ever batch of physical copies with me. That way, if you’re attending the event, you can even get your hands on it!

Side note: if you are coming to Podcast Movement please do come and say “hi”. I’m in the exhibition hall the whole time and also speaking on Friday, 10am in Gatlin E4 room. 

However, if you aren’t attending Podcast Movement – don't fear! I’ll be sharing on social media and the website to tell you how and when you can pre-order the book.

Let’s jump into how I created the book and incorporated content repurposing into the process.

Content 10x Book

The book in all of its glory!

Having enough content to write a book

When I decided to write a book, I wanted to get to a certain point where I had already created a lot of quality content that I could repurpose into book chapters.

This took around one year, at which point, I had over 52 podcast episodes and posts after publishing a weekly podcast episode and blog post (with no breaks).  I felt like this was enough content to rework and transform into content for my book.

This isn’t to say that I just lifted those blog posts from my website, put them into the book and ta-da! It’s done! It was more that I took the ideas and the core message from my existing content and expanded on it in order to create chapters for my book. Essentially, my existing content became the basis for many of the chapters, but required a lot of additional writing, research and new content.

Getting started

Once I had enough content to repurpose, I decided to move onto the planning stage of writing my book.

I devised all of the sections, and the chapters within each section.

It took me a while to plan out the sections and chapters within the book as there was so much I wanted to include. It took a lot of self-control not to include everything because I can always write another book!

In the end, planning was more what I didn’t need to include vs. deciding what I should include. This is the beauty of having a huge bank of content already there and ready to use.

I made sure that the book plan was based on the reader experience and what would make for an extremely useful book – I didn’t try to ‘fit’ existing content in just because I had it.

Repurposing my content

Once I knew exactly what I wanted in my book, the next stage was to assess the gaps in my content and where I could repurpose content. For example, some chapters would combine one or even ten blog posts. Or, some chapters would require completely new content because I hadn’t ever created content on that topic yet.

This was actually really helpful because it demonstrated to me what new content I could create. If the topic required expertise beyond my own, I identified experts to come onto my show to talk about the topic. All of this content could then go into the book.

It’s important to note that I planned the perfect book before looking at what content I had. So, I didn’t let the existing content I already had dictate the book. This is how I managed to identify gaps in my content.

With these gaps, I would either create a podcast episode/blog post and repurpose it for the book. Or, I would write the chapter and then repurpose that into a podcast. So, I really was making the most out of all of my content!

Content 10x The Book – An Update & How to Repurpose Content into a Book

Writing the book

Actually writing the book took so much longer than I had originally imagined! I know, writing a book certainly takes time but it took a lot of time. It was more than worth it though!

This is because, even though I had existing content, I still had to rewrite and wordsmith all of that content. For example, a blog post is structured and written very differently to a book chapter. For cohesiveness, a lot had to be changed.

I would also find myself getting a little carried away and going into a lot more detail than in the blog posts. I just had so much more to say.

Having said this, it was far easier than starting from a blank canvas. It would have taken double or triple the amount of time if I wasn’t repurposing some of my existing content.

My work isn’t over yet!

So, I’ve written the book, woohoo! Time to celebrate and have a glass of wine...of course…all milestones should be celebrated.

That said, the celebrations were only for a moment because even though I’d finished the first draft of my book, my work certainly wasn’t done!

In fact, it had only just begun!

After you’ve completed the first draft, you then have the editing and review process to look forward to! I really didn’t realize how much extra work still had to go into my book at this stage.

Once you are completely happy with the manuscript you’ve still got to work on the book cover/front page, title and subtitle, back page, Amazon description and so much more. I am self-publishing hence why all of these tasks are completed by me and my team and not a publishing house.

Maintaining a repurposing mindset

During the process of writing my book and working on all of the additional to-do's, I always made sure that my mindset was focused on repurposing.

This allowed me to make the most out of all the content that we produced and saved time. For example, the back page of the book also served as the Amazon description, so I wrote it with this in mind.

Furthermore, the front cover and all of the other graphics created made for brilliant marketing material to get people excited about the book. We are busy creating lots of social media content.

We asked for opinions on the design of the book front cover on social media which was a great advertisement for the book whilst helping us to engage and involve our audience.

Content 10x The Book – An Update & How to Repurpose Content into a Book

Always make sure that you think smart and consider how your content can be repurposed!


I still have a little way to go until the book is ready for pre-order, but the end is in sight! I am so glad that I wrote the book and I think that it’s going to be a game-changer for many content creators.

So, I want to leave you with the question: Do you have a book in you?

If I have done it, then I think you can do.  Would you take a similar approach to me and repurpose content for your book?

Follow my tips and plan your perfect book before looking at what content you can use. It’s the best way to investigate gaps in your content!

I will keep you updated on my book journey and I hope that I’ve inspired you to repurpose content for your next big project.



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