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How to Create Audiograms for your Podcast

How to Create Audiograms for your Podcast: Wavve vs Headliner

If you have a podcast, how can you share your audio content on social media? Unlike photos and videos, getting audio content onto social media is not easy. Or is it…! Creating audiograms presents a perfect way to share audio content on social media. To listen to the podcast hit play below, read on for a detailed overview of […]

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My Dad Wrote... Something That I Repurposed The Hell Out Of! - Content 10x Podcast

My Dad Wrote… Something That I Repurposed The Hell Out Of!

Repurposing has no limits. You can repurpose almost any piece of content into something much greater and more influential than the original. This is a subject I touched on in one of my previous podcast episodes, “Your Finest Content Hour May be Yet To Come”, where I talked about how your original piece of content […]

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Epic Podcast Repurposing - Content 10x Podcast

Epic Podcast Repurposing

Our Podcast 10x service is one of our most popular services, and with more and more people tuning into podcasts each week, it’s no surprise that so many podcasters want to expand their outreach. The average podcast listener spends 3.6 hours per week listening to their favourite podcasts – how amazing is that? Speaking of podcasts, if […]

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Repurposing Your Video By Launching A Brand New Podcast - Content 10x Podcast

Repurposing your Video by Launching a (Brand New) Podcast

I get a lot of questions from people who want to repurpose video content into podcast episodes. But the thing is, they don’t already have an established podcast. Starting a podcast for the first time can seem intimidating. Even in that case, when you have the audio recorded and ready to go, there are still a […]

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Content Stacking with Colin Gray - Content 10x Podcast

Content Stacking with Colin Gray

This week on the Content 10x Podcast I speak with Colin Gray about content stacking. Colin is the founder of ThePodcastHost.com – a website all about podcasting covering podcasting skills, resources, equipment (and podcast ‘shiny objects’!), and pretty much all things podcasting! Colin also has a coaching membership for podcasters, and a podcasting app called Alitu. When […]

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Repurpose your podcast into video - Content 10x

5 Ways To Repurpose Your Podcast Into Video

If you have a podcast, then I think that repurposing your podcast into video format is a really good idea.  In this blog post and podcast episode, I share a few reasons why I believe video is a medium no one should ignore, then I share 5 ways to repurpose your podcast.  The first reason is […]

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