Becoming an Industry Trailblazer 

How launching and repurposing a weekly podcast helped a treasury recruitment company become a pioneer in their industry. Going on to impact a broad, international audience and solidifying their reputation as the ultimate authority on treasury recruitment…

TRC Case Study

OVER 130,000+ downloads after five years and 290 episodes

International industry trust and recognition

Increased engagement on social media, particularly LinkedIn

Meet the Client...

TRC Case Study

The Treasury Recruitment Company connects businesses with top treasury professionals, from Treasury Analysts to Global Treasurers. The company was founded in 2002 by Mike Richards and now manages a wide range of treasury positions across key markets worldwide, including Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Far East and Australasia. 

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The Challenge

In 2018, Mike Richards was looking for a way to grow his personal brand and position himself as the leading authority on treasury recruitment.

While The Treasury Recruitment Company was the recruitment partner of choice at the time, with many corporate clients, Mike knew that content marketing was an area they needed to develop in order to grow the business further.

Mike initially thought about a video series, but with a demographic of majority late adopters unlikely to be watching YouTube in their downtime, the idea of a podcast presented a better option.

This was a pioneering move. There were no other podcasts for treasury professionals at the time so the challenge Mike faced was appealing to his target audience enough to convert them to the medium of podcasts...and subscribe to his!

Mike focused on getting senior treasury professionals to share how they achieved success and overcame their greatest career challenges - appealing to those in the early stages of their treasury careers and also their peers. He recorded short, impactful episodes that could be consumed during a 30-minute commute – The Treasury Career Corner was born.

TRC Case Study

Once Mike had decided on a podcast as his anchor content, two questions arose. Did he have the time and expertise to launch it? And, once an episode was recorded, what about production, visuals, distribution and repurposing?  

After meeting our founder, Amy Woods, on a business mastermind program, Mike knew he'd found the solution. He finally launched his podcast with the help of Content 10x... 

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The Solution

We guided Mike and his team through the process of setting up and launching his weekly podcast, and repurposing it was a part of the strategy from day one.

His target audience wasn’t familiar with podcasts, although they were on LinkedIn, so reworking the podcast for a LinkedIn audience of treasury professionals was key. 

We worked together to repurpose The Treasury Career Corner episodes into engaging, on-brand visual content, social media videos, YouTube and LinkedIn video trailers, and other material for their website, LinkedIn, and Twitter (X).

We also made it available on all main podcast apps and ensured it was featured in his popular weekly newsletter.

While the main goal was to get people listening, if they gained value simply by engaging with the repurposed content it was still a great outcome. 

We also helped Mike repurpose other video content, including live footage from his keynote speeches at industry events into podcast episodes and videos.

TRC Case Study

What made us a good fit for the Treasury Recruitment Company?  

Trust in our expertise

Having built a good relationship with Mike and the team, we were perfectly positioned to create content that resonated with their audience. Mike trusted us to take his podcast and run with it – resulting in authentic content that attracted his ideal customers. 

Time and resources

As a focused and busy team, there wasn’t time, resources, or the necessary skill sets to do everything that was required to launch, produce, repurpose, and publish the podcast. Working with us freed up their time so they could focus more on what they do best.

Full project management

At the time, Mike and his team had no previous podcasting experience. So what they needed was a seamless, end-to-end process that went from launch to production, to the repurposing and distribution of each episode.

Filling their content library

The quality rather than the volume of content is key. The better the guidance they provide, the more likely they are to win clients. And, more importantly, the more candidates want to work with them because they trust they’ll find them not just a job, but their next career step.

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The Results


It’s fair to say that The Treasury Career Corner is a hit. This one-of-a-kind podcast created a buzz in the industry – suddenly Mike was ‘everywhere’, talking to industry leaders from around the world. Fast forward five years, with 130k+ downloads, he still is! In 2023 the show gained a sponsor and in 2024 Mike embarks on The Treasury Career Corner LIVE World Tour!


As download numbers have grown, so too has Mike’s personal brand. He found that even if people didn’t listen to the podcast, they certainly knew about it, which has helped build authority and trust – so vital in an industry where relationships are everything. He’s been invited to speak at industry events all over the world, he’s appeared as an expert on other podcasts, and he’s gained many engaged followers on LinkedIn. 

TRC Case Study


A huge business advantage arising from the podcast has been the opportunity for Mike to sit down and interview his dream clients who, in turn, through the power of relationship building (and Mike’s charm!), have become his long-term clients.

TRC Case Study

Here's what Mike has to say...

TRC Case Study

“Treasury professionals call us because they've heard the podcast and they want to work with us! They know we know everyone in the industry GLOBALLY. That’s exactly why I started the podcast in the first place – thanks Content 10x for helping me get there!”

Host of The Treasury Career Corner Podcast &
Founder / CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Company

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