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How repurposing a weekly livestream helped one software company create volumes of highly valuable content that engages and expands their audience.

Read on to discover why TechSmith chose us as their external repurposing partner, and the epic results that followed.




Meet the Client...

TechSmith Corporation is the industry leader for screen recording and screen capture software. Headquartered in Okemos, Michigan, they have more than 250 employees and a large online following, with more than 80,000 YouTube subscribers.

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The Challenge

Communicating remotely can be a big challenge. One of TechSmith’s aims has always been to help people overcome problems and fears about this. When the global pandemic struck and a large portion of the world had to switch to virtual communication, TechSmith stepped up to help.

They wanted to publish information quickly and make a connection with those who were struggling with the transition to remote communication. Previously, TechSmith were able to reach the masses by participating in many live events every year, but in March 2020 we said a temporary goodbye to in-person events. So, using tools and knowledge already well within their wheelhouse, TechSmith launched a weekly video livestream.

TechSmith’s specialty is helpful content. They create tutorials, courses, webinars, blog posts, and more. Their weekly livestream was performing well and so, to increase their ROI, they wanted to repurpose it into blog posts, social media videos, graphics, and...they decided to repurpose it into the missing piece of their content puzzle – a podcast!

But adding livestream repurposing and podcast production to their in-house content experts’ responsibilities was a challenge with so many other competing priorities. Matt Pierce, Host of The Visual Lounge and TechSmith Learning and Video Ambassador, said:

“Repurposing is a lot of work. We already have our priorities within our organization, and while we know it’s valuable, it takes time away from our experts who could be focusing on the things they’re really good at.”

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The Solution

After three months of weekly livestreams, TechSmith fully committed to their content. They named the show The Visual Lounge, then they approached us to help support their efforts with our end-to-end video repurposing service.

What made us a good fit for TechSmith?

Experts helping experts.

Our expert content repurposing team was the perfect match for TechSmith’s internal content experts, allowing a harmonious and powerful blend of skillsets to optimize hitting their every possible content requirement.

Trusted partners.

As with all clients, we took on board their brand identity. We chose key topics and moments to repurpose into new content, ensuring it delivered their key messages and aligned with their goals.

Regular, reliable turnaround.

With TechSmith’s fixed weekly livestream schedule, they needed a reliable partner to create, repurpose, and distribute content, on time, every week, meeting their high quality standards (our bread and butter!).

Exploding their content library.

A wealth of content is beneficial for any organization, but for TechSmith, the more helpful content they can share, in a variety of learning styles and formats, the better for their overall business strategy.

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The Results

After working with us and our Video 10x service, TechSmith quickly saw a vast range of benefits that went beyond their initial goal of increasing their ROI through content repurposing.


The biggest problem TechSmith faced with realizing their livestream repurposing dream was balancing it with existing priorities.

By working with us, TechSmith’s experts are free to focus on what they’re good at while squeezing every drop of value out of each livestream.


TechSmith made a big commitment to creating an hour-long weekly livestream video show.

Having us repurpose The Visual Lounge into multi-format, long-form and short-form content, to suit their audiences various needs and content consumption behaviors, makes it all the more worthwhile.


TechSmith now have so much content, they can draw from a wide range of resources to empower their customers across many different platforms.

They can easily select on-brand images, videos, text, and more from an extensive content library to share at any time.


By creating different types of content accessible on a number of platforms (video, podcasts, blogs, etc.), TechSmith’s content can now capture audiences for longer.

It gives them another way to stay connected with their customers and engage with them across multiple platforms.

Longer customer retention

“Content 10x increase the value of what we're already doing. To take one livestream and turn it into multiple pieces of content is amazing.”

These amazing outcomes of working with us are already shaping TechSmith’s future approach to content. Now, they’re focusing on exploring new content opportunities, figuring out which content areas they can double-down on, and if they can “Content 10x” any of their other content.

“We use Content 10x as a verb, like ‘We’ve got this campaign, let's Content 10x it!’. It’s a way of us saying – this is such a good idea, we need to figure out how we can make more out of it.”

For TechSmith, working with us to repurpose their content has become more than just a way to make more out of an initial investment in content. It’s a vital part of a process leading to increased engagementaudience growth, and more content that helps their customers succeed.

Here's what Techsmith had to say...

“We love working with Content 10x. They understand our brand and turn the most valuable pieces of our weekly livestream into our blog posts, social media, video clips and much, much more. Thank you Content 10x for the great work that you do!”

Matt Pierce
Host of The Visual Lounge and Learning & Video Ambassador, TechSmith Corporation

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