Metadata’s Journey from Virtual Event to Podcast Powerhouse

Discover how the marketing team for a SaaS platform used repurposed content and clever distribution to maximize the ROI of their first ever virtual B2B event

Max ROI from Event Content 

Grew & Nurtured their Audience 

Launched an Industry Leading B2B Podcast

Meet the Client...

Metadata is a SaaS marketing platform utilized by B2B marketers to drive more revenue while removing a lot of manual and repetitive work. From running paid campaigns to personalizing web experiences to optimizing everything to achieve revenue – Metadata automates all of this.

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The Challenge

In the fall of 2021, Metadata were preparing for their first virtual event, DEMAND. The goal was to provide an industry-leading experience for attendees, breaking free from the snooze-fest of many typical B2B virtual events!

Recognizing all the hard work that goes into a virtual event, they wanted to walk away from it with content that would generate results over time – and repurposing was their plan from day one. But they were a marketing team of three. To achieve their goals they looked to partner with an agency that could support them by maximizing, repurposing, and distributing the content for many months after the event.

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The Solution

Metadata approached us with the task of repurposing the content generated from their DEMAND event. We created YouTube videos, social media videos, and blog posts from 11 videos. We distributed the content to their audience over the following six months, to keep the conversation going and stay top of mind.

“This was unheard of for a team of our size,” said Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Marketing. “The content allowed us to continue to stay in front of the audience that we had built through the event.”

They then turned their attention to the next big move – launching the
Demand Gen U podcast.

Similar to the DEMAND event, their podcast strategy followed a video-first approach with repurposing at its core – more big goals for a small and busy team!

The repurposed event content had nurtured and grown the DEMAND audience over six months. They had built trust and established themselves as major players in the B2B marketing space – so they were ready to take their content to the next level, with us by their side.

“For anyone who’s looking to do their first virtual event, it can be daunting and overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. The Content 10x team helped us ease a lot of that stress by way of the content production behind the scenes and making sure that every session we had put together was repurposed long after the event and created way more content than we ever thought we would get our hands on. They were instrumental in the first year of DEMAND and, without them, I can confidently say the event would not have been nearly as successful.”

Mark Huber
Head of Brand & Product Marketing, Metadata

We continued to partner with Metadata - we launched, produced and repurposed their weekly podcast Demand Gen U, into videos and content for social media and YouTube, blog posts, and more.

freed the team up to continue to produce and distribute awesome original content, and have more time to work on other projects and their next big event!

What made us a good fit for Metadata?  


Because of our varied skill sets and versatility, Metadata could work with us throughout their journey from event hosts to podcasters. We don’t just repurpose events and we don’t just repurpose podcasts - we were able to provide seamless consistency that saved time and money, and lowered stress levels!  


With a small and busy marketing team, Metadata wasn’t able to give the event and podcast content the attention they knew it required. By working with us, they freed up time to focus on what they needed to focus on 


We had previously worked with Metadata’s content manager at another company, and he reached out to us the minute he saw a need. Having already proven our expertise and reliability, he knew we were more than able to meet the objectives for their DEMAND event and Demand Gen U podcast


Metadata had a fixed, weekly podcasting schedule so they needed a partner that was reliable and efficient enough to create, repurpose and distribute content, on time, every time. We were that partner! 

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The Results


The Metadata marketing team was aware of how important it was to repurpose the content from their groundbreaking DEMAND event. Maximizing the event content not only gave them a higher ROI on their time invested, it also meant they had a solid foundation on which to build the audience for their podcast 


DEMAND itself gathered a considerable fanbase, but the key result was the nurturing of that audience, keeping Metadata top of mind. Through repurposing and a longer distribution period, they not only achieved this objective but grew their audience considerably – as demonstrated by the successful launch of the Demand Gen U podcast.  


An industry leading podcast was the ultimate goal and repurposing was the ultimate tool! Metadata was able to launch the Demand Gen U podcast with a bank of content from the event already in place. The result was an enormously influential podcast series that ran for 64 episodes 

Here's what Metadata had to say...

The entire Content 10x team were instrumental in running and managing our podcast that went to 64 episodes. Without them, we would’ve fallen flat on our faces. They helped stretch this content further than we could have on our own. I can’t speak highly enough of the team

Mark Huber
Head of Brand & Product Marketing

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