Turning Customer Stories into an Engaging Podcast

How one cloud computing company repurposed customer video interviews into a narrative-style podcast series...and more.

Read on to discover why Linode chose us as their repurposing partner, and the epic results that followed.

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Meet the Client...

Linode is one of the largest independent open cloud providers in the world (they were acquired by Akamai in 2022). Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Linode was founded in 2003 to help developers build and host applications through cloud infrastructure.

In just a few short years, Linode went from having almost non-existent marketing to building a successful content marketing strategy and a YouTube channel with almost 50,000 subscribers.

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The Challenge

Creating a content marketing strategy from scratch is no easy feat. In 2019, Linode made a commitment to marketing after realizing that while the company was doing well, it wasn’t growing at the pace of the cloud computing industry as a whole.

Linode began to focus on traditional marketing functions such as demand gen, lead gen, events, product marketing, and so on. But traditional marketing alone didn’t cut it for Linode’s audience – primarily made up of developers who are naturally suspicious of paid marketing and advertising.

That’s why Linode turned to content marketing as well. After all, their audience is made up of developers, and they love consuming content!

But content marketing isn’t just about creating content, it’s also about distributing it to your audience at the right place, at the right time.

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Linode’s primary content marketing aim was to tell customer stories in their own words. They began conducting a series of video interviews with customers where they shared their stories and projects. The primary intention of these customer interviews was to develop case studies that could become printed materials for events and exhibitions. They were also turned into case studies on their website, as part of their Craft of Code series

Linode was looking for more ways to utilize these inspiring customer stories and extract value from the interviews
– they felt Craft of Code had so much more potential. And so, a solution appeared – turning the interviews into a podcast series!

There was just one problem… these interviews weren’t designed with podcasting in mind. As Rob Yoegel, Digital Marketing Director at Linode, quite rightly said:

“Launching our podcast wasn’t a straightforward or typical project!”

Linode needed specialist help to turn these interviews into a podcast packed full of valuable and sharable content.

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The Solution

After collecting all the different stories from customers and developers, unsurprisingly Linode decided to call their brand-new and first ever podcast series the Craft of Code podcast.

They turned to Content 10x to get help with turning a unique series of interviews into what would become an engaging, narrative-style podcast. Plus, lots of repurposed content for their website, social media and YouTube.

From the podcast, we created video teasers, YouTube videos, audiograms, quote graphics, blog posts, social media copy, and more to help Linode squeeze as much value out of these interviews as possible.

They were so impressed with the outcome they embarked on a second and third season. We have been able to work our repurposing magic on all of them!

What made us a good fit for Linode?

A bespoke service

No two content marketing strategies are alike, and Linode’s Craft of Code project was certainly unique. So, we devised an equally unique podcast publishing and content repurposing approach.

Help with content distribution

As Rob Yoegel said on the Content 10x podcast (episode 215), content marketing isn’t just about creation, it’s also about distribution. Our team created and distributed
different types of content from each customer interview, giving the podcast a much wider audience reach
and impact.

Full project management

For Linode, speed and a seamless onboarding process were key. We managed the entire process of launching the podcast, which helped to save valuable time
and resources.

Brand alignment

As a recognizable name in the cloud computing world, it was essential to create content that was on-brand. By working with Linode’s Creative Director, we ensured full brand consistency. We took Linode’s content style and tone on board to ensure a natural extension of their content marketing.

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The Results

Working closely with Linode, our repurposing experts transformed customer interviews into a wealth of on-brand marketing content useful to their growing audience. Plus, it inspired many other results:


Creating a series of customer interviews is one thing but piecing them all together into a narrative-style podcast series is another. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. To save all of that, Linode came to us – the podcast and content repurposing experts for tech companies. We helped Linode boost its content marketing efforts and step into the world of podcasting, without it costing them countless hours.

Saved Time


Linode were brand-new to podcasting when they came to us, so we offered guidance and helped them implement podcasting as a new marketing approach, without them having to hire an in-house team.

This marketing initiative helped to
propel Linode’s reach in the market, including on social media.



Rob explained, “prospects don’t want to hear from the brand. They want to hear from the users of the product.” So, launching a podcast that features customer voices and their brand front and center, was a simple yet effective choice.

The podcast helped to celebrate existing customers and
 to prospects exactly what it’s like working with Linode.


“Content 10x repurposed a series of video interviews that we initially used to create customer stories and turned them into a narrative podcast. Then, they repurposed the podcast into social media content, blog posts, and more. Thank you Content 10x, you’re amazing at what you do!”

Linode got to solidify the bond with their customers and continue to build that trusting relationship by elevating their voices and celebrating their work.

Here's what Linode had to say...

Rob Yoegel

“Content 10x is easy to work with, incredibly organized and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. They managed the entire process of launching our Craft of Code podcast. Everything was seamless – from the onboarding process to saving us valuable time by fully absorbing our brand guidelines and mastering our content’s style and tone.”

Digital Marketing Director at Linode

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