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Can You Improve Your Content Distribution?

Can You Improve Your Content Distribution?

Do you ever stop and think about whether your content is published in as many relevant places as possible?

You go to so much effort to create your content…your podcast episodes, video content, blog posts, etc, so how widely distributed is your content when you hit the ‘publish’ button?

Also, do you take action to help ensure that your content will get found by search engines?

When I was at Podfest in Orlando I found that there are a couple of simple, yet important things that many content creators are neglecting to do that could really improve their overall content distribution. Let me explain further…

Podfest 2019

I had a wonderful time both speaking and exhibiting at Podfest 2019 in Orlando.

Can You Improve Your Content Distribution?

The event focused on bringing together and supporting content creators. Obviously, the main focus was on podcasters and those who work in the podcast industry, but there was also a focus on video creators too. In fact, I met lots of live-streamers in particular.

Unsurprisingly, my talk was all about podcast repurposing! I focused on how important it is to connect with your audience through creating content that lends itself to different learning styles.

Exhibiting also went well, it was a pleasure to meet literally hundreds of podcasters over 3 days – if you came to my talk or you came to visit my booth then a big thank you, it was wonderful to meet you!

Can You Improve Your Content Distribution?

So much work went into making our booth look great and provide valuable information

When meeting so many podcasters I had the opportunity to have some really valuable conversations about the challenges people are facing and the experiences they are having. I spoke to veteran podcasters who have been podcasting for years, and I spoke to brand new podcasters with just a few episodes so far, and many people who are still in the pre-launch phase.

Whilst it was inspiring to talk to so many people, there were a couple of things that came up time and time again that really frustrated me.

  • People were missing opportunities to distribute their content to multiple locations
  • People were missing opportunities to get found by search engines because they were not complimenting their video or audio content with written content

Hit play on the player below to hear me talk all about this and my tips and advice to overcome these challengers. Or you can simply read on…

Why is content distribution so important?

So many podcasters whom I met at Podfest told me they were only posting their podcast on one, or a small handful of platforms.

More often than I had expected the conversation would go something like…

Me: “Great so you have a podcast, where is it distributed?”

Podcaster:  “It’s only on SoundCloud”, or  “It’s just on Apple Podcasts”, or worse, “it’s only on my podcast host's site”.

This frustrated me because it’s so important to review your content distribution and ensure it’s in as many places as possible.

If you have a podcast and you only put it on Apple Podcasts / iTunes and nowhere else, then sure, lots of people use Apple Podcasts, BUT what about all the people who don’t even have Apple devices? They do not use Apple Podcasts.

You’re immediately restricting your potential audience. Alternatively, if you published your podcast across several podcasting apps you are instantly opening up your content to a much broader audience.

Can You Improve Your Content Distribution?

Mark Asquith from Rebel Base Media leading a panel on the main stage at Podfest

How can you improve your content distribution?

Content distribution for your podcast

It’s really important to ensure that your podcast is on all the main podcast listening apps. This article by Podnews lists many of the sites you could be uploading your podcast to, and how as well!

At the very least, the main places you want your podcast to be on are:

It doesn’t cost you anything to get your podcast on the various apps. Your podcast host creates and RSS feed for you and all you need to do is submit your feed to each app (many hosts do this for you).

If you have a podcast, check out where it’s currently available and see if you can improve on that. It really doesn’t take much time at all and it’s a one-off piece of work.

Content distribution for your blog

My advice with regards to content distribution doesn’t just apply to podcasters! Do you have a blog? Just think about if there is  anything that you could do to improve distribution of your written content to make it available to a much broader audience?

In episode 6 of The Content 10x Podcast I had a great discussion with Yva Yorston about blog syndication.

Blog syndication is the process of republishing a blog post that you have already published on your own website, onto other 3rd party websites.

Platforms you could syndicate your blog across include:

You don’t need to worry about being penalized by Google for ‘duplicate content’ (which isn’t a thing by the way…) but do check out my interview with Yva for tips on best practice blog syndication.

Content distribution for your video content 

If you create video content, whether pre-recorded or live, there are lots of opportunities to widely distribute your video content to get more eyes onto it.

Your video doesn’t only need to be on your website, or only on Facebook.

Places that you can publish your videos include:

  • Youtube – the second biggest search engine in the world, second only to Google, and hold on…YouTube is owned by Google
  • Vimeo – did you know vimeo is an anagram of movie?!
  • Linkedin – video is hot on LinkedIn right now
  • Facebook  - Facebook prioritize video content over all other forms of content
  • And....your own website! If you are posting videos on YouTube are you also streaming them to your blog?

The second big observation that I made when talking to hundreds of content creators at Podfest was so many people were missing opportunities to get found by search engines because they were not complimenting their video or audio content with written content

Can You Improve Your Content Distribution?

Our happy competition winner at Podfest, Ben Hedgspeth

The benefits of having written content alongside your audio and video content

I met so many creators who didn’t write even the shortest of show notes for their podcasts and videos.

In my personal opinion, it’s so important to accompany your audio and video content with written content. Why?

  • Written copy is important for SEO and getting your content found by search engines – the fatal flaw of search engines is their lack of ability to effectively crawl video and audio content…so give them a helping hand
  • Show notes/a description may be all your reader / viewer needs to decide whether to hit the play button or move on. Help them to understand why your content is useful and valuable to them
  • Written content can be repurposed into content-boosting blog posts, articles and social media posts

So many people told me they created their video or podcast episode, uploaded it, then moved onto the next…rather than thinking about how they could complement their content with written content.

Check out my blog post and podcast 3 Smart Ways to Repurpose Video and Audio Content to Written Content for tips and advice on how to do this. Good news, it doesn’t have to be really time consuming and you don’t have to be the next J.K. Rowling!


I was inspired no end by how many people were creating awesome content at Podfest 2019. 

However, there were a lot of people putting so much time into creating their content, but not much time into working out how they were going to get it in front of as many people as possible, and entice them to consume it!

Before we even think about repurposing, I recommend looking at your core content and its current distribution channels, and assess if there are simple steps that you can take to improve distribution. It’s free and not time consuming.

If you have a podcast, make sure you’re on all the apps. If you create video content, where are you posting your videos - could you look further?  If you write articles - where do you post them and could they be syndicated further?

Remember too, that written copy can help you get found by search engines AND encourage people to see the value in your content…help them go from skipping on by to hitting play (or even subscribe).

Take action today to get more eyes and ears on your content. Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

For more information on how to do all the tips mentioned in this post, then check out The Content 10x Toolkit. It's got lots of step-by-step guides on everything from repurposing podcast episodes into written content, to creating video content, to SEO checklists. Don’t miss out on this amazing resource to 10x your content strategy.


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