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Boosting Content Velocity through Repurposing with Ashley Faus

content velocity

This is the first episode of our B2B expert mini-series featuring B2B marketing leaders talking in-depth about their content repurposing strategies, tips and advice.  

We devised a killer list of questions covering all angles of repurposing, from favorite types of content to repurpose, to biggest eye rolls, misconceptions and more, and we explore the answers shared by B2B marketing leaders in different types of organisations.  

Let’s see if they all have similar views, or if their thoughts, views and experiences are wide and varied! 

Here we feature Ashley Faus, Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Atlassian. Ashley appeared on our sister podcast, B2B Content Strategist and in that conversation they touched on content repurposing, so this time around it was an opportunity to dive much deeper into Ashley’s broad expertise on the topic.  

Listen to or watch the episode below, or keep reading for the key takeaways. 

Best type of content to repurpose? 

Many marketers would say the best type of content to repurpose is webinars, podcast episodes or perhaps a long cornerstone article. 

Ashely had a wonderfully different and unique answer to this question. 

Firstly, presentation slides have enormous repurposing potential, says Ashley. She likes to reuse them as LinkedIn carousel posts, for other presentations and to pull out key points and rewrite them into an article, to name a few.  

To successfully pull this off, it’s key to approach the original presentation with repurposing in mind. Ashley does this by creating modular content, which can be broken apart and built up in different ways.  

Secondly, leaving meaty LinkedIn comments on relevant posts and repurposing them. These comments not only help to build her brand, form relationships and boost engagement, but they also prime the algorithms to give more reach to your original posts.  

Plus, they provide a great opportunity to be repurposed into posts for your own page, starting a whole new conversation and inviting people from the original post to contribute, further building relationships.  

content velocity

What is content velocity?  

Ashley talks about her concept of ‘content velocity’. With AI, it’s easy to churn out a lot of content but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good or effective.  

So instead of focusing on producing more content, Ashley is looking at how quickly she and her team can create valuable assets. She’s thinking about efficiency and effectiveness. She is comparing the time it takes for a person to generate a certain amount of content from scratch, versus repurposing existing content into different formats.  

In essence, Ashley emphasizes the importance of not just creating content for the sake of it, but creating valuable content efficiently…  

Two misconceptions of content repurposing 

1. Content repurposing means breaking long-form content down

It’s not just this. It can be taking a bunch of short-form content and making it long, or putting short-form content in with long-form content to make it longer, or turning long-form content into even longer-form content, like a series of blog posts into an eBook for example.  

2. Repurposed content gets stale

If your repurposed content is stale it’s probably because it’s not being recycled and repackaged correctly. Because repurposing is not about doing the same thing on every platform. It’s about finding different, creative ways to rework an original piece into content that’s native to each platform.  

Unexpected results from content repurposing

The reality is you will grow tired of your own content before your audience does. If you come up with a new angle to an original piece of content that you’ve previously posted or spoken about then you will be surprised by the new conversations that it sparks.  

If you are repurposing properly, content that might seem old to you will be perceived as new to your audience and can go on to have unexpected results!  


Lean into AI

Ashley explains that she’s been experimenting with a lot of AI tools and workflows and there are any number of ways that it can help speed up the content creation process. You can get machine-generated scripts, blog drafts, and clips that can all help you with ideation and give you a starting point. Keep an open mind, lean into these tools and use the humans to refine and craft the results. You’ll reach a high-quality end result faster! 


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