Book Resources

This page accompanies the book, Content 10x - More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results. The book references lots of great tools and websites throughout.

Resources for Podcast Recording, Publishing and Repurposing

Microphones and Recording Equipment

Audio Recording and Editing Software

Podcast Hosting, Apps and Publishing

Repurposing Tools

Music Intros, Voiceovers & Support

Case Studies

Anissa Holmes

Mike Richards

Tara Walsh

Jay Baer

Resources for Video Recording, Publishing and Repurposing

Video Recording and Editing Software

Recording Live Video

Screen Capture



Video SEO & Analytics

Content 10x Services

Weekly Repurposing Service

For Speakers

Resources for Social Media

Link Building

Messenger Tools

Scheduling and Analytics Tools

Other Useful Resources 

Membership Sites

Online Team Management


Resources for Graphic Design

Royalty Free Image Sourcing Sites

Graphic Design Tools

Slide Presentation Software

Resources for Blog Publishing and Repurposing


SEO and Publishing Tools

Blog to Video

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