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The ultimate guide to reaching more people online by the power of content repurposing. A no-nonsense, implementable guide to repurposing every type of content.

Your Secret Weapon for Content Repurposing


Chris Ducker

Foreword by Chris Ducker

"If you’re in the business of creating content you need to read this book. Doing so will help you to never again fail to achieve the full value from your content"


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If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, content creator (of all types) or marketing professional, this is the book for you if you want to master the art and science of content repurposing

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This is an excellent and detailed guide to help you in your content marketing strategy. It's focused on repurposing to help more people understand your message whilst making efficient use of your time. Amy Woods knows her stuff on this subject and will help you to start multiplying your content too. A recommended read/ listen.

Ollie B

"Whether you're a solopreneur trying to DIY the content repurposing process or a seasoned business owner with a large team (or somewhere inbetween!) Amy's has suggestions, not only about WHAT to do but  HOW to make it happen....It's like magic and I cannot recommend this book highly enough!"


"Amy is masterful at what she does and this book makes that knowledge and talent accessible to anyone - a must-read for the solopreneur and small business owner!"


"I can't recommend this content repurposing book highly enough. It's jam packed full of tips for making the most out of your content...a must have guide for every content creator"


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The Toolkit equips you with templates, tools, videos, processes, swipe files and that you can repurpose your content, reach more people, and grow your business. Implement what you learn in the book, immediately.

Your Secret Weapon for Content Repurposing
Content 10x