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The Content 10x Podcast is now LIVE! - Content 10x Podcast

The Content 10x Podcast is LIVE!

It’s here… I’m really excited to share that the Content 10x podcast is now live! Woo-hoo!  In my first introductory episode I explain what the podcast is about, who it’s for and a bit about me too. What is the podcast about?  Well, content repurposing of course!  Fundamentally, I believe content repurposing is about getting the maximum return from […]

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An Open Letter From Your Content

In the run up to launching my podcast, which focusses on the wonderful world of content repurposing, I received quite a concerning letter from a piece of content. The piece of content is very annoyed at their creator, and wished to remain anonymous. I cannot confirm whether it was a blog post, a video, a podcast […]

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Let’s Get The Content Party Started!

So here it is…the first blog post on the Content 10x website. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a long time coming. It’s funny because creating content is hardly something that I should find difficult. I’m in the content business and spend all of my days, working with my team, planning and creating awesome content for my […]

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