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Repurposing Long-Form Content: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead
Creating long-form B2B content and want to get the maximum ROI from it?  You’re in the right place! Because in this[...]
How to Repurpose Blog Posts into a White Paper
White papers are excellent marketing tools for B2B businesses. They exist to inform, explain and educate, and there are a[...]
How to Repurpose Blog Posts into Tutorial Videos
Marketers: how can your content help more of your audience more effectively AND perform better on search engines? The answer:[...]
How to Repurpose a Blog Post into a Podcast Episode
Whether you want more content ideas for your podcast, you’re thinking about starting a podcast (but don’t think you’ll have[...]
The Best Content Repurposing Tips
How has your content repurposing strategy changed in the last 12 months? This year I’ve had some incredible guests on[...]
How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts on Quora
Imagine having the opportunity to connect with millions of potential clients and customers who are actively searching for information relevant[...]
How To Turn Your Blog Post Into A Multimedia Experience!
Is blogging dead? Video, podcasts, live-casting, graphics…all of these different mediums are growing so popular, does anyone really want to[...]
Simple Ways to Repurpose Blog Content onto Instagram
Repurposing a blog post on Instagram requires a little more imagination and creativity than other social media platforms. With Facebook[...]
How to Repurpose your Blog Post into a Video
Do you know that you can repurpose your blog posts into a video using an awesome online tool? You don’t[...]
Convert Your Blog Post Into A PDF: The Best Tool Ever!
Here you're going to learn a simple and quick way to convert a blog post into a PDF. But first,[...]
How to Repurpose Your Content Using SlideShare with Ana Hoffman
Have you ever considered creating presentations to communicate with your audience? Did you know that creating SlideShare presentations can be[...]
Blog Syndication Explained with Yva Yorston
This week on The Content 10x Podcast I conducted my first guest interview – I invited Yva Yorston and we[...]
How To Repurpose Your Blog Post Into An Infographic
As content creators, we always want to ensure that the message we’re trying to get across to our audience is[...]
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