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The Best of Content Repurposing in 2018: Top 5 Podcast Episodes

The Best of Content Repurposing in 2018 - Top 5 Podcast Episodes - Content 10x Podcast

As 2018 draws to a close I decided to wrap up the year by sharing with you the 5 most popular Content 10x podcast episodes of 2018 (based on downloads).

Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support of the show.

I already have some wonderful podcast episodes lined up for 2019, but in the meantime here’s the top 5 from 2018…

To listen to the podcast hit play on the player below. Otherwise, read on!

A Simple Way to Post Horizontal Videos on IGTV and Instagram Stories - Content 10x Podcast

This podcast episode came out fairly soon after Instagram launched IGTV. I had quite a lot of people, from clients to podcast listeners, asking me how to repurpose horizontal videos onto the vertical/portrait video platform, IGTV.

I guess we’d had vertical video for a while with Snapchat and Instagram Stories, but both of those are all about short, snackable video content lasting up to 10 or 15 seconds.

The difference with IGTV is that it’s longer form vertical video content. Not really long. Most of us have 10 minutes max duration, verified accounts have up to an hour (let's face it, with our short attention spans these days, 10 minutes is long-form!).

But because IGTV is vertical, long-form content, and most people if they do have existing long form video content, it tends to be in landscape format suitable for YouTube, Vimeo, our websites etc, the repurposing question arose almost immediately. How can I get my landscape videos onto IGTV? Or, if I shoot videos in the future how can I get them suitable for both horizontal AND vertical video platforms?

In podcast episode 44 I talk you through the ways that you can get horizontal videos onto vertical platforms without them looking either really zoomed in, or with the ugly black lines left and right of the video footage. In the blog post there is a video tutorial where I walk you through exactly how to do this.

In the podcast episode I also pose the question, just because you can do this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should!

The tips that I share are not just for long-form video content, you can also use the same video editing technique to turn horizontal video into short, bite-sized vertical videos for Instagram Stories, Snapchat and FB Stories – this is something that we often do for our clients by way of a teasers/promotion of their longer form video elsewhere – and it works really well!!

So, please do go check out this episode if you want to learn more on this topic.

Episode 40: How to Create Audiograms for your Podcast: Wavve vs Headliner

How to Create Audiograms for your Podcast

I am really not surprised that this is a popular podcast episode.

I’m a member of quite a few Facebook Groups for podcasters, the Podcast Movement Group, Podfest Group and She Podcasts Group, and I’d say that almost on a weekly basis someone asks in the group “how do you create those things where it’s an image, with some of your audio playing”…or a question along those lines!

In this podcast episode, which I guess is mainly for podcasters, I explain what an audiogram is and how to create them – sharing the two main tools that I’m aware of – Headliner and Wavve.

Audiograms are short audio files that have been converted into a video file.

They are created by pairing together a section of audio with an image.

When you hit play on the file you hear the audio snippet, which is usually taken from a podcast episode. Quite often hitting pay also triggers an animation of a moving audio wave. You can create some really awesome designs and audiograms are such a great way to share audio content on social media.

For this podcast episode I also provide a really useful step-by-step video tutorial and a blog post too.

Go check it out if you haven’t already and you have a podcast.

Episode 48: How to Repurpose Your Content on Instagram with Jenn Herman

How to Repurpose Your Content on Instagram with Jenn Herman - Content 10x Podcast

I LOVED this episode and I’m not surprised that you did too!

Jenn Herman provided so many great tips on Instagram and in particular on how to repurpose content onto Instagram and from Instagram.

Instagram is my favorite social media platform, and it’s really growing in popularity – in fact it features in my first podcast episode of 2019 where I share my content marketing predictions for the year ahead. My prediction is about the rise in popularity of Instagram Stories.

In this podcast episode Jenn and I talked about:

  • The 5 elements of Instagram – posts, live, stories, hashtags and IGTV
  • The basics of promoting content on Instagram
  • How to write great captions/post copy
  • Hashtag guidelines
  • How to use Stories to promote your content
  • What to do with IGTV
  • …and much more

If you already create content on Instagram then I really recommend listening to this episode. If you are thinking of getting started on Instagram this would be a great help to you.

Episode 50: How To Use Analytics To Decide What Content To Repurpose

How To Use Analytics To Decide What Content To Repurpose - Content 10x Podcast

This episode really helps people to work out what content they should be repurposing.  If you have a ton of content in your archives, and you’re trying to work out what to repurpose, then the answer may lay the data available to you.

In this podcast episode I talk about the benefits of repurposing older content, and how to spot the winners in your back catalogue.

I provide some practical advice on the analytics tools that you can use – from website analytics, social media data, email analytics, and analytics for podcasters and vloggers too.

Episode 52: Lessons Learned After 1 Year Hosting The Content 10x Podcast

Lessons Learned After 1 Year Hosting - Content 10x Podcast

I was so pleased that this episode featured in the top 5 downloaded episodes of 2018.

This episode, as you can tell from the Title, marked my 1 year anniversary as a podcast host and the 1st birthday of The Content 10x Podcast.

I share background as to why I started the podcast, and I share my biggest lessons learned.

Check out the podcast episode to find out what they are (I know…I’m a tease!).

If you are a podcast listener, I have a little favor to ask please, I would absolutely love it if you could subscribe to the podcast and leave a review and a rating. Most podcast apps accept reviews and ratings (e.g. iTunes/Apple Podcasts, acast, Stitcher etc) and it really does make a huge difference if you leave a review – for one it means there is more chance of other people finding the podcast.

Thank You

It was fun looking back through the podcast episodes over the past year.

At Content 10x we created LOTS of content….not just the podcast episodes, but all the blog posts, lots of social media content, videos, infographics, masterclasses, talks, comic books…I want to say a bit THANK YOU to everyone who has listened, watched, read and generally consumed our content in any way you prefer!

We put lots of effort into everything we create, for ourselves, and of course for our clients too. If we’re not repurposing for you through our service, then we’re happy to teach the world how to repurpose.

We have lots of great content in store for you in 2019!


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