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B2B LinkedIn Content for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is ideal for B2B lead generation because it offers an express route direct to your target audience. It gets you closer to the business leaders and decision-makers you want to reach while also giving you access to a community of like-minded people in the B2B space. It’s a no-brainer! That’s why creating B2B LinkedIn content for lead generation and marketing is so important

LinkedIn also offers lead generation tools that help you find high-quality leads: 

  • Lead generation ads: Ads that let you target specific business types with relevant content. 

  • Sponsored content: This can be used to promote content that’s relevant to your target audience. 

  • Sales Navigator: This provides a variety of data about LinkedIn users you want to target to help you generate leads more effectively. 

Because all social media platforms are super saturated (LinkedIn has over 930 million members!) you want to be producing content that’s highly relevant and targeted to your audience. The type of content they can’t ignore!  

How to Maximize Lead Generation in 2023 

So how can you make your content really pop? The best way is to build a lead generation strategy for LinkedIn.  

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Before you even think about content and your audience, you need a well-optimized LinkedIn profile. First impressions are everything; a few small tweaks could make your profile more relevant and targeted. 

  • Fill in all the sections in your profile, including the About and Featured sections  

  • Include a clear headshot/logo for the profile picture and a banner  

  • Incorporate relevant keywords in your copy and headings to attract your target audience 

  • Use a strong call-to-action in your profile description. Let potential leads know who you are, what you can do, and how they can find out more. 

  • Ask others in your community for recommendations on your profile 

2. Create compelling content 

If you want your target audience to take notice, you have to produce and promote compelling content that speaks directly to them. But what makes compelling content on LinkedIn? 

Relevant content:

Create content that is relevant to your audience’s wants, challenges and pain points, and questions.  

Visual content:

Post a mixture of text-only posts with images such as infographics and videos to keep your feed fresh and full of variety. Images and videos can catch the eye more, so make sure your branding is on-point, consistent and recognizable for you.  

Thought leadership content:

Create articles to share your expertise on a particular topic. This helps to establish you as an expert in your field, so people are more likely to trust your advice (and seek out more). 

Questions and polls:

A simple question like “what’s your advice on X?” or a multiple-choice poll encourages engagement like comments and shares – which widens your content’s reach to others.  

Repurposed content:

Any content that you create for your own website or other social media channels can be repurposed for LinkedIn to boost your reach and ROI on that content.  

Here are a couple of ways you can repurpose content for LinkedIn:  

  • Repurpose blogs into LinkedIn posts and articles 

  • Repurpose webinars into short videos for LinkedIn 

  • Turn infographics into carousels  

  • Turn quotes from podcast guests into quote graphics 

B2B LinkedIn Content How to Maximise Lead Generation

Learn more about content repurposing with our The Ultimate Guide to Content Repurposing. 

3. Build and nurture a targeted network 

Creating brilliant B2B content is only half the work, however. You need to be proactive about furthering your reach and building relationships. 

That doesn’t mean you should connect with every single person in your industry. And it definitely doesn’t mean you should spam people’s DMs either. That’s a big no-no! 

Instead, be targeted. Pull together a list of the people you want to engage with and those you regularly engage with. Set time aside to comment on their posts or offer help and advice when they ask. 

Above all, be genuine, and don’t view every interaction as transactional. The aim is to be helpful, knowledgeable, and consistent.  

4. Leverage LinkedIn groups and communities 

LinkedIn groups and communities are a goldmine where like-minded professionals share industry insights, spark discussions, and explore opportunities.  

Be targeted about the groups you join and actively participate in discussions by offering helpful advice and insights.  

Don’t use these spaces to promote your products or services! Aim instead to build meaningful connections and position yourself as an authority on your topic.   

5. Measure and analyze your lead generation efforts 

LinkedIn offers a variety of tools to help you measure and analyze the results of your efforts. You can use Campaign Manager to see lead metrics such as: 

  • Conversions  

  • Click-through rate 

  • Return on ad spend 

  • Leads, lead form opens, lead form completion rates  

  • Cost per lead  

And many more – the metrics you should focus on will depend on whether you’re actively pursuing paid ads or are using lead gen forms.  

Any leads you collect through LinkedIn should be evaluated according to quality and relevance. Not all leads are created equally.  

Quality leads are people who are likely to convert, so not people just browsing randomly. You may need to adjust your content or lead gen efforts if you’re not getting leads or are getting poor-quality ones.  

Build B2B Content for Lead Generation into Your Strategy  

Your B2B LinkedIn content should be highly targeted and strategic to get the most out of the platform. However, like with any social media platform, you should approach how you post content and engage with others not just from a sales perspective.  

No one wants to be bombarded with the hard sell all the time! Your content, above all else, should be valuable and contribute to insightful discussion.  

Finally, it’s important to consistently analyze any lead gen efforts to see if they’re getting you the results you want – and adjust them if they don’t appear to be working.  

If you already create great content, the perfect way to increase its potential reach and effectiveness is to repurpose that content. We can help you become a leading authority in your industry and propel your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn with our LinkedIn 10x service 


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