Amy Woods

Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Amy speaks at marketing, podcasting, business and industry events all over the world.  She's the leading authority on content repurposing and delivers inspiring, actionable, and fun talks about maximizing the content you create.


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YouPreneur Summit

To say that Amy delivered for us would be an understatement. She knocked it out of the park. 

With a perfect balance of expertise, insightful content and engaging delivery it's clear why our audience ranked her as one of our highest rated speakers; and as an event organizer she was a dream to work with throughout.

Mike Morrison, Co-Founder of The Membership Guys

I'm Amy Woods, business owner, repurposing expert, and evangelical speaker on the power of content repurposing. I help your audience get more value from their content. I'm on a mission to open people's eyes and minds to the possibilities of content repurposing.

It breaks my heart when people create content but they don't get the most value from it. 

Content repurposing isn't just a process or a workflow - it's also a mindset. I love to teach the "what, why, and how" behind repurposing and inspire your audience to never let their content fail to achieve its maximum value. 

My talks are often described as "inspiring", "practical", and "actionable"...oh, and "memorable"!

Amy Woods - Retain Live 2019Retain Event 2019

I share my expertise, either in-person or virtual, at...

  • Marketing events
  • Podcasting events
  • Social media events
  • Business and entrepreneurship events
  • Small and large industry and corporate events
  • Private memberships and mastermind groups

My talks are always customized to the needs of each audience. 

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Watch Amy in Action!

Whether your event is in-person or online, selling out huge venues or a small and intimate gathering, Amy's talks add immense value

Amy's previous talk topics include:

Unleashing The Power of Content Repurposing 

How to Turn One Podcast Episode into an Entire Month of Content

How to 10x Your Live Videos By Repurposing

How to Repurpose Content to Connect with Your Audience

...and many more

"It was a pleasure to have Amy on stage at the Youpreneur Summit. Not only was she clearly well prepared... but, she also resonated with the audience brilliantly, getting them on 'her side' and then serving up the goods. She's a great speaker!"

Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker


"Amy spoke at Content Live - my annual content planning event for entrepreneurs and creatives - and delivered tremendous value. Her talk was practical, fun and packed with relatable examples and she kept the audience engaged throughout. Amy also took the time to answer delegates’ questions before and after her talk - adding value at every stage. Amy is so hot on repurposing, she even repurposed her talk into a comic book for delegates - how cool is that?"

Janet Murray

Janet Murray

Marketing Coach & Consultant

"Amy Woods is a no nonsense, high value speaker. Her talks are packed with actionable advice, quick wins and valuable long term strategy. She brings both clear instruction and excellent visuals to her talks which engages attendees of all learning styles. Her session was in the top 3 voted from our event in 2019 and we welcome the opportunity to work with her again really soon."

Lee Jackson

Agency Trailblazer

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