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Amy Woods

Hey there, I'm Amy Woods. I'm the founder of Content 10x!  When it comes to rescuing great content from oblivion and sharing it with the world, you can count on me and my awesome team to save the day!  There is, however, more to me than just being your content superhero... read on if you'd like to find out a little more.

First a little background...prior to founding Content 10x I was fortunate to have some wonderful experiences. I spent over a decade working for an international management consulting firm where I got to help some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world.

After having a family, and going through a challenging time with my health - so much so that I'm very lucky to be alive today, I decided it was time for a change.  My time in consulting was a terrific foundation and has helped propel me forward toward my dream of setting up my own successful business.  

In 2016 I set-up a digital training business helping small businesses, in particular with social media and online business...and I loved it!

I learned first-hand that whatever your niche, it's really important to create and share high quality, original content. Sharing your knowledge and expertise in such a way that you truly serve your audience is how you gain long-term, loyal followers and clients...but it's not easy!

I found that so many people were creating great content yet not making the most of it. Their blog posts, videos or podcast episodes weren't getting noticed...and...they were struggling with social media content.

Meeting Pat Flynn (of the Smart Passive Income podcast and blog) in San Diego when I was attending Social Media Marketing World. He's the first online business expert I came across and I'm a huge fan

I realized that the answer lay in content repurposing. In developing a strategy for creating high quality content and processes for sharing it everywhere in an imaginative and creative way. 

In this photo I'm with my business mentor Chris Ducker (founder of the YouPreneur Academy, podcast host, author and successful entrepreneur) 

So...I unleashed the power of content repurposing for my business! I became obsessed with content repurposing! But, I could spend as long repurposing and sharing my content across social media platforms as I did creating it. I felt there was a gap and quickly discovered others agreed - with many lacking the time and/or skill to really get the most value out of every piece of content they'd created.

Yes, you can pay someone to do this for you, maybe hire a VA...BUT... I found a slight issue here. Repurposing your content into many different formats requires a multitude of different skill-sets...graphic design, video editing, audio editing, copywriting...to name a few (I had 5 different freelancers helping me!), and A LOT of management time.

The Content Repurposing Mindset

Speaking at Youpreneur Summit 2019

And so the idea came to me...a high quality c´╗┐ontent repurposing service´╗┐ for busy business owners!

At Content 10x we focus on quality. There's no automation or 'cookie cutter' approach here. The uniqueness of your business and your brand is important to us.

I don't operate alone. I have a highly skilled team of trusty sidekicks and together we deliver a service that will make you say 'WOW!'. We operate as an extension to your business.

We are so proud to work with some of the world's leading experts in their industry, helping them to amplify their message.

Amy Woods - Agency Transformation Live

Speaking at Agency Transformation Live

Amy Woods - Retain Live 2019

Speaking at the inaugural Retain Live event

I have become known as the leading expert in content repurposing - having spoken on stages around the world about this important topic - including Podcast Movement, Podfest, Content Live, Retain Live, Agency Transformation Live, Youpreneur Summit...and more. I've been a guest on many podcast and video shows, sharing my knowledge and passion for the subject. And, in 2019, I only went and wrote a book about content repurposing!

About me personally (when the Content 10x cape comes off!)

I was born in Canada but brought up (and currently living) in the UK. I'm half-Irish, and I also spent a short while living in Sydney, Australia!

I have two young boys who keep me on my toes!

I LOVE to travel. I've travelled throughout South-East Asia, Europe, South America and North America. The next fun and exciting trip is always in the pipeline! 

My boys!

Amy Woods About

Skiing in the French Alps

I love skiing. I wouldn't say I'm amazing at it, but nonetheless I love it - the mountains, the snow, the fresh alpine air, and let's not forget the apres-ski food and drink!

I love to exercise and I'm currently big into strength and conditioning. I never knew getting strong could be so much fun!

I also LOVE wine and I'm a real foodie. I love cooking.

If you'd like to connect with me you can fill out my contact form and I'll get back to you ASAP. Or, let's connect on social media!  The best way to do that would be to send me a message on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (and please give me a follow whilst you're there too :-).