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Content Repurposing

Whether you're a blogger, a podcaster or a video content creator, you're on a mission to create great original content and share it with the world.

BUT...getting your content out there and keeping up with the ever growing array of social media platforms can sap your time and energy! Don't let content creation and promotion become your arch enemy.


We take one piece of your content and repurpose it into several pieces of content, in different formats and for multiple uses across different platforms and locations.

We ensure all of the effort that you put into content creation is maximised. There's no automation. No rigid templates. We create new, fresh content whilst still retaining YOUR voice and YOUR brand!

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podcast content repurposing


We'll ensure that every minute you spend planning, recording and producing your podcast doesn't go to waste. Reinforce the key messages of every single episode into SEO focussed written content, multimedia content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, your blog and more. We're talking engaging and creative graphics, audio clips, video and the written word...be everywhere, get noticed, grow your audience!


You'll see your video content transformed into fun and engaging formats helping you to reach new audiences. Picture your video turned into a blog post (which always helps with SEO!), a podcast episode (fully produced), a suite of engaging images for Instagram, shareable Facebook posts, an explosion of Tweets...we'll even convert your live videos into quality YouTube videos and burn captions onto it to enhance it's view-ability!

Video content repurposing

Blog content repurposing


We take your blog. Turn it upside down. Shake it up. And KABOOM! It's ready to be taken to a whole new level. Banish the tumbleweed from your blog with a raft of content that draws people to your website and gets eyes on your message. Imagine fun and creative images for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...think shareable posts, or maybe you want more... infographics, eBooks, slideshows, content upgrades, email series', we can even create video content without you on camera...sure, we've got you covered!




Creating content with the intention of repurposing makes it a whole lot easier! We've created a FREE checklist to help you do exactly that

Content 10x How It Works

Tell us about you

Content 10x Content Repurposing

Once your bespoke service is all agreed you then go through a simple but effective on-boarding process which involves a call and providing us with your files and brand information. We learn ALL about you, your business and your brand

Go Create!

Content 10x Content Repurposing

Do you thang! Whether it's a weekly blog, a daily podcast, a bi-weekly YouTube video...you focus on creating original, quality content!

You relax. We repurpose!

Content 10x Content Repurposing

We explode your content every time, in the way that we have agreed! Getting your message in front of as many people as possible online - across multiple platforms and into different and engaging formats...we call this 10x-ing!

Our prices start from $200 USD per week/repurpose. This is simply an indication because all of our clients' needs are unique and our services are completely bespoke 

I simply adore being a customer of theirs

The team at Content 10x is second to none. They do exactly what they promise, to a high level of professionalism, on time and over deliver more often than not. There's no other service like it in my mind, and I simply adore being a customer of theirs!

Content 10x take your ideas and help them spread. Highly recommended!

Content 10x take your ideas and help them spread. They are fast, skilful, and hyper-organized. Highly recommended!

Since working with Content 10X, my podcast listenership has increased by 60 percent, my sales have increased, and everything is done for me

As a busy podcaster and online entrepreneur, I have always struggled with consistency of publishing my podcasts episodes because of the lack of time to create all of the content...the show notes, graphics, posting on my website, sending emails to my list, posting on Social Media, etc. Since working with Content 10X, my podcast listenership has increased by 60 percent, my sales have increased, and everything is done for me. Amy is SUPER responsive and helps me to save time to focus on other aspects of my business

If you want to build an INSTANT presence...then Content 10x is the service for you

When I launched my business Amy was there to make it all happen in a FLASH! Not only did she help me get up and running with easy to understand tips, tools and links, she also got my content out on every channel possible. If you want to build an INSTANT presence and have your social media content marketing on auto-pilot, then Content10X is the service for you. You will learn how to get started, setup and record your first video or podcast within a few days. If you don’t like writing, like me, you can even ask for your videos to be turned into a blog post, not to mention having it auto-magically sent out across all your channels! This allowed me to focus on my content and growing my business, knowing things were being taken care of. I can wholeheartedly recommend Amy’s service

The quality and service were top notch!

I was thrilled when I discovered Content 10x! Amy and the team have done a fantastic job of taking single pieces of content and turning them into several high quality assets that we can use to share and market our business in all of the places that count. The quality and service were top notch, and the team took measures to not only understand what we wanted to achieve but to also make sure they delivered to our high expectations. Which they did, and then some. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Content10x to anyone looking to really get the most out of their content marketing.

1 video was turned into a crazy amount of re-purposed content!

Amy blew us away with her Content 10X service, the process was super smooth with very little effort on our part and she turned 1 video into a crazy amount of re-purposed content we could use all over the web. Would highly recommend you talk to Amy

The Content 10x service is what I have been looking for in my business for the past three years and was never able to find

The Content 10x service is what I have been looking for in my business for the past three years and was never able to find. Now I am able to focus more energy into producing my podcast, and leave the show notes, blog post, social media shares, and image creation to the pros. My social media engagement has increased, my schedule is more free and I am able to pursue more opportunities that only I can pursue since Amy and her team are taking care of my content repurposing. If you are the bottleneck in your business, I highly suggest hiring Amy and her team.

C10X gave me the professional podcast makeover I needed

Before Amy and her C10X crew, as a new podcaster, I was single handily doing everything to bring my podcast to life. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you should delegate a task but you don’t want to hand your newborn baby over to just anyone. Somehow I stumbled across Amy’s podcast and eventually reached out to her. She was super easy to work with and I had no regrets. When I stopped trying to do it all, I got my life back. I stopped writing show notes. Every Facebook and Instagram image told its own story. Guests were impressed by how professional their images looked. As far as they were concerned, I over-delivered because I told them they could use the images on their website and their own social platforms. It was a win-win! I even noticed my downloads increased with each image. C10X gave me the professional podcast makeover I needed. Thanks Amy and team!

It's given me loads more powerful content in hardly any time!

I was really impressed at Amy's attention to detail and how easy the process was. As a busy marketer, time is so precious, but not only was the Content 10x process so easy and quick, it's given me loads more powerful content in hardly any time!

Content 10X is the way to go if you're serious about consistently producing a quality podcast and making the most of your content

Hiring Content 10x was the best decision I have made towards making sure my podcast is sustainable. When I started I hadn’t realised the time it would take to edit each episode and everything else that goes along with podcasting. Finding and hiring Amy and Content 10x and having the podcast edited professionally not only means it sounds a 1000% better but most importantly enables me to focus my time on finding quality guests. The consistently high-quality social media visuals Content 10x produce have also proved to be much more engaging to my audience. My podcast is also repurposed into a blog which I have used as the basis for a personal blog which is helping me build my brand in my niche. Amy and her team have also been very useful in offering advice on how to improve the audio quality of my interviews and even rescued me a couple of times when the audio wasn’t as good as it could have been. I would say Content 10X is the way to go if you're serious about consistently producing a quality podcast and making the most of your content.

Amy and the team are incredible to work with

I've loved working with Amy and the team, it's such a weight off my mind on a weekly basis to be able to just send over my live video and know that I will have a fully edited video created and published on Facebook and Youtube, and have a podcast episode created and published for me - without having to do anything myself! Having the done for you element of the service was an absolute godsend. Amy and the team are incredible to work with too. Amy really held my hand through the process and I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

I can’t even wrap my head around the enormity of the high-quality production volume

I used to struggle mightily to get out even 1 blog post per quarter. Yuck! My life, business and income are completely different now because of the magical support from Amy and her Content 10x team. I can’t even wrap my head around the enormity of the high-quality production volume, now looking back at 6 months of Content 10X transformations of my weekly Facebook lives. They truly are 10X’ing my output...with very little effort on my part. So easy! I wish I had found them earlier!

Working with Content 10x is like having an editorial and creative department in-house

Working with Content 10x is like having an editorial and creative department in-house. They integrate seamlessly and develop a system of collaboration that works for them and you. I am so impressed by their keen editorial eye, creative flair, social media knowledge and drive to make their clients shine online. They helped me scale my content and extend its longevity for internal and external use

As a producer of quality content, there's no-one better

Amy and the Content 10x team not only know how to repurpose content, but they know why it's important to not simply repurpose it, but to give it enhanced purpose overall - as a strategic partner, Amy is invaluable and as a producer of quality content, there's no-one better.

The service the content 10x team run is incredible it saves so much time and adds consistency.

The service the content 10x team run is incredible it saves so much time and adds consistency - I put off doing a podcast due to the tech and the hassle. Amy and her team helped me set up and launch my podcast and keep it running to a high standard - all I had to do was record send it to the team and they did the rest. Invaluable if you're a busy business owner and want to save time and improve consistency

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Hi there, I'm Amy Woods. I'm the person behind all of the action here at Content 10x!

I have a background in management consultancy and working with big, global organisations...but I now spend all of my time and attention working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. I love to help them stand out and reach their desired audience in the busy online world. I believe that businesses need to provide new and rich multimedia experiences for their audience...and I help them do it!

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