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5 Ways to Repurpose Content for Lead Generation

5 Ways to Repurpose Content for Lead Generation

If you spend time consistently creating quality content then you know just how time consuming it can be. It’s so important that we maximize our return and we do so by content repurposing.

However, all too often we look at repurposing by breaking long form content down (which is great to do)…but how about bringing long form content TOGETHER into even bigger masterpieces?!

Bonus if those big, masterpieces of content can be used for lead generation.

In last week’s podcast episode and blog post, I shared how you can break your content ideas down for a higher volume of in-depth content. This week I share how you can make your in-depth long form content even bigger, to gain new leads and grow your email list.

You can listen to the podcast below, or keep reading…

1. Create an eBook  

If you have lots of blog posts you may be able to combine them together into an eBook. Never fear, if you are a podcaster or video content creator, because in that case perhaps you could get your podcasts or videos transcribed, and then wordsmith them into an eBook.

You need to find content that would combine perfectly together, to form one piece of content.

The key is to decide what you want your eBook to teach people and what the promise is to your potential readers. What will they gain if they download your eBook? What problem will it solve?

eBooks can be a great lead magnet. Also, if you have created an eBook based off lots of different blog posts/podcast episodes/videos then you could include it as a content upgrade.

eBooks are the perfect way to repurpose content for lead generation and creating one isn’t as terrifying as you may think if you can repurpose content.

5 Ways to Repurpose Content for Lead Generation

2. Create print materials

Why not turn your online content into print media?

Yes – print media does still exist! Think about it, when you go to events for example, you’ll often get leaflets, brochures, booklets etc. This content is still alive and kicking, and if done well, it can be very effective.

As an example of how you can repurpose content to create print media, we recently worked with our friends at Rebel Base Media to do just that! They wanted to create something that they could put into swag bags at Podcast Movement (the biggest annual podcast industry event). We repurposed nine podcast episodes into short articles that went into a printed booklet - it looks and reads amazing!

5 Ways to Repurpose Content for Lead Generation

It’s been handed out to thousands of podcasters for lead generation, at Podcast Movement, Retain, Youpreneur Summit and Pods Up North. And, it will keep on going for potentially years because it’s really useful and evergreen.

Everyone loves a freebie after all! And people do love to get their hands on content too (literally).

Next time you are asked to/need to create a leaflet, booklet, brochure etc...don’t panic and wonder how you’ll do it. The answer may lie in repurposing your content.

3. Create a special series

When you look back at your content, you’ll be able to see themes throughout your episodes.

For example, you find that five episodes out of your video collection were about ‘creating a positive mindset’ and they could combine together nicely to really help people.

Why not repurpose these episodes by turning them into a five-part video series?

By taking your audience on a new journey and adding a little extra content to pad it out and add value, you’re not only upgrading your content but you’ll have a new way to attract your audience.

This 5-part video series on creating a positive mindset could be something that you offer on your website as a lead magnet, in exchange for an email address.

Could you do something similar with your content?

4. Create a challenge

Running a challenge can be a great way to grow your audience, help people, and generate leads. It’s often delivered by email and can be automated.

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Often you can build a community around your challenge too – everyone is trying to solve the same problem together and they help each other to complete the challenge.

You can repurpose content to create your challenge by working out exactly what problem your challenge will help people overcome, reviewing what content you already have that is relevant, and working out the journey/roadmap people need to go on to solve their problem. I.e. what order they should consume your content and what else they should they do.

Let’s say you want to create the ‘10-day challenge to Rock on Instagram Stories’:

  • On the first day, you could send your followers to a video and ask them to complete a task off the back of it 
  • The second day, you could direct them to a blog post, with yet another task on it, the third day a podcast episode and task… and so forth 
  •  The final aim being that your audience will have completed each task of the challenge and now understand how to rock on Instagram stories!

You’re the best person to teach your audience how to do this, so you’re able to choose the order in which they should complete their tasks.

The beauty of a challenge is once set-up, it can be delivered on autopilot by your email autoresponder, e.g. Active Campaign, AWeber and ConvertKit.

5. Create an online course or membership

In episode 109 of the Content 10x podcast, Creating Online Courses by Repurposing Content I spoke to Teresa Heath-Wareing. We talked all about how you can repurpose content for lead generation in the form of online courses.

Online courses provide a great way of sharing your knowledge with people. And, you can offer them for free for lead generation or as a paid product.

Teresa found that by tactically giving some of her online courses away for free she generated new business. She achieved this by new members joining her online membership after taking the free course.

Creating a membership based on all of your wonderful content is also something to consider, Teresa also shared plenty on how she does that too.

In Conclusion

I hope that you have been inspired with these five different ways to repurpose content by bringing amazing content together to create something even bigger.

Repurposing isn’t always about breaking long-form content down to bite-sized pieces. By taking long-form content and creating epic content, you can do so much, including generate new leads for your business.


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