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3 Lessons Learned & 3 Mistakes to Avoid From 300 Episodes  

3 Lessons Learned & 3 Mistakes to Avoid From 300 Episodes

The Content 10x Podcast has hit episode 300 and we couldn’t be prouder. 

Together, we’ve explored content repurposing strategies every which way, heard from fascinating marketing leaders and we’re just getting started!  

To mark this milestone, we share three big lessons learned, three mistakes made (yep, even after 300 episodes you can make mistakes), and three top tips gained through experiences that have proven to be invaluable time and time again. 

Listen to the episode below, or keep reading for key takeaways.  

Three benefits of podcasting 

There are many of benefits to having a podcast. We could have listed 300 to mark our 300th episode, but instead we’ve hand selected three of the most stand out advantages that might not be obvious.  

1.  You learn as you create  

Embarking on a podcast helps you develop your expertise and point of view. Our host Amy Woods started a podcast on content repurposing wondering how long she could keep it going... there was always that thought that we’d run out of ideas about 20 episodes in. But we didn’t! We are 300 episodes in and still have loads to say!  

You become a deeper expert through the research, testing of ideas and interviewing experts, which all leads to learning. You never stop learning with a podcast or other similar forms of episodic content.  

Episode 300

2. You become a better communicator  

You become better at communicating your views and expressing yourself. Whether it’s to your audience, your team, or in your day-to-day marketing comms. Plus, if you video your podcast episodes, you get better at being in front of the camera.    

You develop how to express your views and become a better interviewer and listener. These skills extend beyond content into everyday life too 

2. It has huge repurposing potential

A podcast is not just a podcast. It’s a blog post, a YouTube video, a handful of social media videos, a LinkedIn carousel, an infographic... the list goes on.  

If you can be consistent with the top of the content waterfall - the podcast episodes - and you have the people, systems and processes in place, then the rest of the content consistently gets created too... 

If you are consistent with your podcast and all the repurposed content, you become known as an expert and that leads to more opportunities 

Three mistakes to avoid... 

Whether you’ve been podcasting for 300 episodes or three, mistakes can happen. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it happens to everyone, just be prepared each time you sit down behind the microphone. Here are a couple of mishaps that can be easily avoided. 

1. Don’t get complacent with your tech

If you don’t do the routine checks for every episode, whether you’re on episode 1 or 101, chances are something could go wrong and that oversight could cost you an awesome episode 

Check the right camera is on, and the mics are working and if you have a guest on your show, check that their tech is working properly too.  

If you decide to use different recording software, make sure you do dress rehearsals before using it for the first time.  Pre-empt every tech mishap and have a plan B! 

2. Brief guests properly  

If you have guests on your show, give them instructions and advice beforehand on having headphones, a mic, lighting and think about their background. 

These things don’t go without saying, some people just won’t think of it. It might be their first interview. In the early days of our podcast we had people turn up to interviews sat in their car, in busy offices with background noise, with no mic, no headphones 

This can be avoided by being clear and briefing them properly from the outset. A slick guest briefing process can save you lots of time. Although, don’t assume that they will read your briefing in full and do all that you suggest! Double-check everything beforehand.   

Don’t proceed with an interview if the guest isn’t set up properly. Reschedule. It’s not worth progressing forward with a sub-optimal set-up. 

3. Don’t be afraid to promote your brand   

If you have a B2B podcast, one of it’s main purposes is brand awareness. It’s a way of building your audience, and getting new leads and sales.  

You can’t have a podcast where you’re selling all the time, no one would listen! But you can tell people what you do and find subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways to promote your business or service.  

Finally, three tips... 

1. Stay niche, focused and don’t deviate 

Stick with what your audience subscribed to... these days the more niche the better. Have your unique angle, and know the audience you want to build.  

2. Don’t try to be everywhere with your repurposing 

Facebook, X, Threads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Medium... looking into Quora, Reddit.... it’s tempting, but it pays to always go back to where your audience is, and make platform-specific content that resonates.

3. Focus on the right metrics 

With a B2B podcast, downloads aren’t going to be your most important metric. You (most likely!) aren’t trying to be the next Joe Rogan or Stephen Bartlett!   

Yes, podcast downloads are a good metric, but you have metrics for your repurposed content too. So there is a lot you can measure 

When you track and measure your content by looking at a campaign view – getting the data from core and repurposed content, and pulling it all together, you will be amazed at the results!    


Don’t forget the less quantifiable metrics too. Like getting invited to speak at events, being invited onto other people’s podcasts, being asked to comment as an expert for an article or industry publication, or being asked to be an expert on a panel.

To sum up, creating a podcast will feel like a rollercoaster at times, but if you stick at it and continue to put out content that you believe in, on a regular cadence, your audience will grow and you’ll start to see it positively impact other areas of your marketing too 


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