25 Days of Content 10Xmas

25 Days of Content-XMas

We're getting into the festive spirit here at Content 10x!

And it's just in time too... because we've had word from the North Pole that Santa needs some help this year!

With everything going on in the world, it's no surprise that Christmas cheer is at an all time low.

Join us through til the 25th December as we take you on a magical ADVENTure, to help Santa save Christmas through the power of content repurposing!

Every day, a picture will be revealed and the tale unfolds (check out the story as it unravels beneath the calendar)

Happy content 10xmas
25 Days of Content 10Xmas
25 Days of Content-XMas
25 Days of Content-XMas
25 Days of Content- 10 XMas
25 Days of Content-XMas
25 Days of Content- 10 XMas
25 Days of Content 10Xmas
25 Days of Content 10Xmas
25 Days of Content-XMas
25 Days of Content- 10 XMas
25 Days of Content-XMas
25 Days of Content-XMas
25 Days of Content 10Xmas
25 Days of Content-XMas
25 Days of Content 10Xmas
25 Days of Content 10xmas
25 Days of Content 10xmas
25 Days of Content 10Xmas25 Days of Content 10Xmas
25 Days of Content-XMas

The story so far...

Day 1: 

We launch our Christmas advent tale. A tale of repurposing Christmas cheer for all to hear!

Day 2:

Twas 3 weeks before Christmas and Santa is concerned.

Christmas cheer is at an all-time low and the tables must be turned!

He brings all the elves together to share the terrible news.

Something must be done to change these negative views.

He put together a fair few slides for his live event and presentation.

Santa hopes all the elves will soon understand his frustration!

Day 3:

The elves quickly caught on that Santa needed their assistance

The dip in Christmas cheer was a threat to their existence

As Santa spoke with passion the crowd began to chatter

THIS was the kind of content that really truly mattered

A clever elf whipped out his phone, more traffic he would drive

He’d show the world what was going on by recording a Facebook Live

Day 4:

It was time for Mrs Claus to get in on the action

It would take the whole North Pole for this campaign to gain traction

As she listened to her husband’s speech, Mrs Claus picked out a hashtag

Immediately she started typing, she couldn’t risk a time lag

Followers from around the globe could read her hasty greeting

The event was then discussed in depth with a little Live Tweeting

Day 5:

Now going live on Facebook is all very well and good.

But what about the peeps out there that are a little more “hood”

One bright young elf who knows the score was there to save the day

He knew just the thing to make sure that Santa would slay!

Short clips were filmed for Insta Stories, less than 15 seconds each

What better way to spread the message than by improving their outreach

Day 6: 

To ensure Santa’s words traveled across all the time zones

North Pole podcaster Teddy grabbed his mic and headphones

Recording the audio would mean wherever folks were sleeping

Santa’s message would be heard for the Holiday’s safekeeping

Some people like to read, for others Youtube is the way

But for podcast listeners this episode would make them hit play!

See it here

Day 7: 

Santa’s little helpers know their way around a computer

They can teach you all about Final Cut Pro if you ever need a tutor

The footage from the Facebook Live was edited down

To appeal to their viewers through the Christmas countdown

A custom thumbnail was added plus a groovy soundtrack 

 To be repurposed on YouTube and generate feedback

Day 8: 

Once a long form video was published online

The elves used their magic to work the grapevine 

They cut smaller clips, less than 60 seconds long

Then added captions to a template to keep their brand strong

For social media there’s not much more engaging than a teaser

To turn the world more like Buddy and less Ebenezer

Day 9: 

Now it’s no secret that if content makes you laugh

It goes further online, you can check any graph

Dogs falling off sofas, cats scared of cucumbers!

These clips never fail to up the view numbers

So to join in the fun and ensure their survival

A gif was created, let’s hope it goes viral!

Day 10: 

By the youngsters out there this might not be believed

But many on Earth still like to read

Santa’s words were written into a long form blog post

With keywords and tags and a green score on Yoast

From website to website, shared like stories long ago

The articles spread Christmas cheer AND improve SEO

Day 11: 

A blog post can be repurposed in numerous ways

To send out the news with no further delays

With some changes to the words and links running through

Plus, a catchy subject line and an emoji or two

The elves used Active Campaign to send an email blast

The subscribers list would get the word out fast

Day 12: 

As time was ticking with Christmas on its way

Serious action was needed, there was no time to play

The elves edited their blog into a punchy press release

With facts and statistics on the state of World peace

They approached the North Pole’s number 1 reporter

With an exclusive statement for every Santa supporter

See it here

Day 13: 

We know Christmas is a time when we share

Not just presents but graphics on planning software

From their blog post the elves selected key quotes

And made infographics highlighting Santa’s Key note

They were shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Reformatted for each based on size, shape and look

Day 14: 

With a repurposing strategy discussed and outlined

The elves wanted Santa to stay front of mind

Combining a headshot with a clip from his podcast

An audiogram was created, published and broadcast

There was an argument whether they should use Headliner or Wavve

But Mrs Claus was on hand to tell them all to behave

See it here

Day 15: 

The North Pole tried something new this year

And used modern technology to boost Christmas cheer

With a little help from those curious elves

Who make mischief, and inhabit your shelves

A flash briefing was cut to go out on Alexa

The house elves turned up the volume that little bit extra

Day 16: 

It would be wrong to let Santa’s slides go to waste

So, the elves delivered a webinar, post haste  

The Powerpoint presentation was uploaded to Slideshare

But the clever repurposing didn’t stop there

With a little advice from Content 10x

 They made graphics and comics and all sorts of projects

Day 17: 

We all know Santa is a big fan of a list

He always checks twice, you get the gist

He broke down the blog post into 4 key sections

To increase Christmas cheer and make more connections

This content upgrade would inform and engage

A free gift to drive traffic to Santa’s web page

Day 18: 

By this time Santa was truly onboard,

With repurposing his speech, he would not be ignored!

The elves gathered the reindeer and made sure Santa looked smart

Then they told him what to say and when to start

They recorded the video live on IGTV

 With links to the blog post for all to see

Day 19: 

Who better to help Santa than his famous best friend?

With a red nose on which he can always depend

On Rudolph’s Round-up Santa appeared as a guest

He spoke very clearly, Mrs Claus was impressed

Now Rudolph's audience would help spread magic with gusto

And his show notes improved Santa's reach and SEO 

See it here

Day 20: 

Santa decided to hold a quick Q&A

With a live Twitter chat while he sat in his sleigh

He answered all queries about Christmas cheer

With appropriate hashtags for the Twittersphere

The elves watched Santa light up with glee

 When he discovered he has a special emoji

Day 21: 

The elves saw Santa enjoy Twitter so much

They came up with ways to make him seem more in touch

In an effort to get Santa ‘down with the kids’

They downloaded Snapchat to take photos and vids

Before long Santa was thrown a bit off kilter

 When he found he didn’t need the Christmas themed filter

Day 22: 

Now Santa was beginning to find the limelight rewarding

And decided to film a short video trailer recording

It is like an advert for content with many a perk

Like for posting on LinkedIn and the social network

If placed on your website in the correct location

It can improve your average session duration

Day 23: 

It’s been over three weeks since Santa’s first speech

Repurposing was now something the North Pole could teach

And it seems all that hard work was causing things to change

For Santa was making the charts rearrange

With a little help from his friends Snoop Dogg and Elton John

His speech was sampled and made Christmas number one!

See it here!

Day 24: 

‘Twas the night before Christmas and everything was ready,

All the presents were wrapped, every doll and teddy

After all that repurposing there was one final play

To spread Christmas cheer the old fashioned way

With Rudolph up front the reindeer took flight

 And Santa was off, into the night


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