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11 Ways to Repurpose your Guest Appearances  

11 Ways to Repurpose your Guest Appearances

You’ve been invited to appear as an expert guest on someone’s podcast. It’s a popular podcast and you know that your appearance is going to open you and your product up to a whole new audience – it’s an exciting prospect, but it’s also daunting, because you’re busy 

Researching and preparing answers, finding a mutually agreeable time in your diaries and then actually doing the interview takes time.  

So how can you make sure that this guest appearance is actually going to be worth that time?  

Simple. You need to head into it, ready and prepared to repurpose it once it’s done.  

You want to turn that one guest appearance into multiple pieces of content and this blog will help you do that.  

Hit play on the player below to have a listen, or read on to discover top tips for repurposing guest interviews.  

Before your guest appearance 

When you’re asked to contribute to content, there are often some really useful questions that you should ask the requestor. 

After all, it’s always best to ask for things before you commit vs. after, to avoid any disappointment or misunderstandings.  

It’s important to approach your guest appearance with repurposing in mind, so the questions that you should ask are related to:  

1. The assets 

You’ll need a copy of the video and if possible, a separate audio recording as well, once the recording is complete. Your host is likely to be more than happy to provide you with the content. However, it’s good to ask just in case!  

Also ask if they will be repurposing the interview themselves and if so, will they provide you with any of the assets for personal use?  

2. The permissions 

You want to be clear on the permissions of use. If the host has design requirements (e.g. only have their logo on the content) or they don’t want you releasing anything before a certain date, it’s good to get it all cleared and agreed upon upfront.  

If you’d like some guidance, we’ve got a super helpful, downloadable guide called the Ultimate Guide to Impactful Video Interviews. It has information, tips and checklists on how to prepare for a good interview – including environmental checks, how to deliver a clear message and tech set up as well. 

11 Ways to Repurpose Your Guest Appearances

How to repurpose your guest appearance 

Once you’ve completed your appearance, whether it’s a podcast interview, YouTube video, webinar, livestream, presentation into a membership community...whatever it may be...once you have the video and/or audio recording of the content, here are 11 repurposing ideas. 

1. Videos for social media 

Take the best bits, edit them down and add captions, titles and any branding that you are allowed to use. All videos should look native for each platform and add value.  

This is the kind of content that you might be provided by the content owner, but if not then create them yourself 

2. Audiograms 

If you’re not familiar, an audiogram is audio paired with an image, quite often with an animated waveform and captions too – so it’s a short video but only playing audio and a static image. Ideal if you’ve only got an audio file of your contribution. And perfect for those in your audience that don’t like videos.  

 3. Podcast episode 

If you have the audio, and youve got your own podcast, you might want to share your interview, or parts of it as an episode on your show. This depends on your permissions, as the host may not want you to 

However, if you are allowed then we recommend you introduce the episode by setting the context -  e.g. “In this episode I’m actually going to share my interview on <enter name of podcast or webinar series etc>...”  

Or, instead of sharing the whole interview/talk, you could share a section and then add your own commentary and additional thoughts.  

4. Highlights video trailer  

Edit together key sections into a video trailer. If you’ve recorded other guest appearances, you can create a showreel too – where you compile a few clips from different videos 

This is great for YouTube or your personal brand website, as well as for social media. If you want to get booked to appear on more shows, then the CTA can be how to book you and the topics you talk about. 

11 Ways to Repurpose Your Guest Appearances

5. Quote images

Everyone loves an impactful quote image. They stop the scroll in crowded timelines, so choose your favorite learning points and surprising or shocking stats, facts and quotes. This is definitely the kind of content that you often get provided with by the content owner.  If not, why not create them yourself! 

6. Image carousel

There is the opportunity to create an image carousel for Instagram or LinkedIn – use some of those quote graphics and include other great learning points and impactful moments.  

Carousels are great because you can create a cohesive story that ends with a CTA.  An inventive and eye-catching way to repurpose guest interviews!

7. Twitter thread

Write a thread on Twitter about your interview, webinar, virtual presentation, etc.

If you created an image carousel then you can turn it into an engaging Twitter thread, that hooks readers with the first tweet and keeps them interested right until the last one. You may be able to get more than one thread from your interview. Don't limit yourself!

8. Text only posts

Never under estimate the power of a well constructed text-only post! They are so impactful. Use learning points and solutions to pain points from your interview… and remember the odd emoji doesn’t hurt!

9. Blog post or article 

Transcribe the interview and rework it into a helpful blog post or article. This can be for your own website, as well as other sites such as Medium.  

Alternatively, a best-of blog post is a great idea for anyone who regularly appears on other people’s podcasts so wait until you’ve done a few and write a summary of all of your conversations in a round-up post.  

10. Online course module or membership 

If you regularly appear on other people’s content as an expert, it’s possible to repurpose these assets into part of an online course or membership. For example, if you have a membership some of your best interviews, talks and other guest contributions can be included as extra/bonus content. 

11. Create new content 

Film a few Instagram stories or Tiktoks – good old behind-the-scenes content always gets views. You could also write up a few tweets and LinkedIn posts about your appearance to get people interested and point them in the direction of your content  

That’s 11 ways to repurpose your guest appearance on someone else’s content. Get that brilliant content in front of your audience in multiple different ways and don’t forget to download our Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Your Guest Appearance, to help get you there!  


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